Thursday, May 24, 2012

Putting a Minion in His Place

EU Skull Dragon

Here’s another piece from today’s SOS-Österreich. This brief vignette describes the treatment of the president of the only popularly-elected body in the EU by the VIPs who make the real decisions in the European totalitarian superstate.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

EU Socialist Schulz as an “Appetizer” at the EU Summit
May 24, 2012

The following report comes courtesy of a French blogger. It is a little anecdote about the EU summit of 27 heads of states and governments that took place yesterday. It concerns the full-blooded Socialist, Martin Schulz, who was present as EU parliamentary president:

Martin, Schulz, chair of the European parliament, does not like to be demeaned. But that is what happened yesterday evening in Brussels. At the opening of the informal council of heads of states and governments, Martin Schulz (SPD) was given the opportunity to greet the powers-that-be in Europe, and then asked by the chair, Herman Van Rompuy, to leave the working meeting.

EU Stalin“I am happy to be the appetizer to dinner, but I think it is a mistake to remove the parliamentary president who, after all, represents the people,” he declared and indicated with annoyance the different treatment accorded the European Central Bank, president Maria Draghi, who was allowed to stay. It seems that the bosses of Europe had things to talk about that were not for parliamentary ears.

So… should we chuckle about the understanding of democracy of these EU bureaucrats, or about the fact that SPD general secretary Martin Schulz is calling himself a representative of the people?

We will not conceal our schadenfreude.