Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Immigration Ponzi Scheme

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a fascinating article about the inevitable failure of Norway’s immigration policies, despite the enormous reserves of oil money which are expected to keep the national welfare system afloat.

The translator includes this note:

This article is interesting not because of any ground-breaking content, but because the SSB has finally admitted that the current immigration/asylum system is unsustainable.

One of the first posts I published at my old blog dealt with a study published by NHO (Norwegian business organization) which warned the government that the country’s oil fortune could disappear if current immigration policies weren’t drastically overhauled.

That was six years ago, and the government didn’t heed that advice. Maybe they will this time?

But then again maybe not — after all we’re talking about the Norwegian authorities here.

The translated article from Dagens Næringsliv:

Compares immigration with a pyramid schemes

The head of research at SSB [Statistisk sentralbyrå, Norwegian Bureau of Statistics], Erling Holmøy, punches a hole in the myth that immigration can save Norwegian government finances when oil revenues begin to dwindle and the aging population means that more people are living on the pensions and in need of care, Dagens Næringsliv writes.

Together with senior advisor Birger Strøm, he has studied how immigration affects government budgets.

“Immigration bears certain similarities to a pyramid scheme,” Holmøy tells Dagens Næringsliv.

It generates increased revenues for the public coffers in the early years, but eventually the budget goes into the red, according to his calculations.

The research shows that immigrants from low-income countries receive more than they contribute both in the short and the long term. The main reason is that they have a lower rate of participation in the labor force, lower taxable income, and receive more public assistance than the rest of the population.

“They are pushing the problem in front of them”

More surprising is the fact that neither the traditional skilled immigrants from Western countries are not profitable in the long run, according to the researchers’ calculations.

The reason for this is that over time they become just like Norwegians.

If the politicians don’t do anything they’ll be forced to use the Oil Fund to pay for social security and welfare benefits in a few years, energy consultant, Hans Henrik Ramm says. In that case the oil fund will be depleted within fifty years.

“They push the problem in front of them when they constantly keep adding more people. In the short term the immigrant doesn’t pose a burden with childhood and old age costs, and therefore it appears that the immigrant can provide us with some more flexibility. But the immigrant will eventually have children and grow old. That means that the picture changes over time,” Holmøy tells Dagens Næringsliv.

Holmøy also points out that the average citizen in Norway contributes less than he or she receives in the form of welfare services and assistance. Oil revenues make it possible for the national budget to operate with higher outlays than what is generated in taxes and fees.

When the population increases as a result of immigration, the oil wealth will have to be shared among more people. Consequently immigration becomes an unsustainable enterprise in the long run.


Columnist said...

Muslim countries keep oil welfare only for their own population, not even fellow Muslims are allowed a share.

But immigration can also be used to stop Islamization. If one imports more Christians from Africa, South America, and Asia, it will become far harder to be accused of racism.

Nevertheless, if you want absolutely no Muslims in Europe, you should declare Europe to be Sacred Ground, in which no mosques can be tolerated. The stick: eternal damnation. The proof is prophecy:Islam will destroy itself in the Syrian Civil War.

Passer by said...

"When the population increases as a result of immigration, the oil wealth will have to be shared among more people.."

As the popular saying goes - You can have Open Borders, or you can have a Welfare State, but you can't have both.

Hythloday said...

"It will become far harder to be accused of racism."

[Meanwhile, in Oslo.]

-Mr Prime Minister, sir! I've completed the plan to stop the genocide of ethnic Norwegians, sir!
-Good! What does it entail?
-Well, sir, first there would be a moratorium on immigration, then there would be deportations of unassimilables.
-Excellent! Put in motion post-haste! What...what is wrong?
-Well, it's the UN, sir. They say our plan is racist.
-Bah! Racism is one of those indefinable terms they toss out to suppress dissent. Even if we accept it, wouldn't the destruction of our people by foreigners be a form of racism?
-Yes, that is what I told them, sir. But then...well...David Cameron, sir...he...he said that that was the logic of a...
[The aide whispers in the PM's ear. The PM sinks in his chair, astonied.}
-Really, white supremacist logic?
-I'm afraid so, sir. choice but to...
[The PM goes to lean out the window}
-You there, Gatekeeper! Open the gates! Because they said we're bloody racists, that's why! I know, but apparently that's white supremacist logic!
[He walks back to his aide.]
-Well, the gates are open.
-Good, sir. Now, per UN orders, we must provide these people with housing and welfare. To cut costs, I recommend evicting ethnic Norwegians and confiscating their goods.
-Yes, yes, very well.
-And you see that mass moving towards the gate? That's Sudan, sir.
-You mean those are Sudanese.
-No, Sudan, sir. Our bureau issued visas to everyone in Sudan.
-When did this happen?
-Since the gates were opened.
-That was two minutes ago!
-Our bureau is very efficient, sir.
-We've also held emergency elections, sir, to ensure our new citizens are adequately represented. They've voted you out in favor of one of their own. cannot stand in the way of progress, I suppose. But, tell me, if Sudan is now empty, might the ethnic Norwegians be relocated there?
-Why, of course not, sir! That's the Sudanese homeland. It belongs to the Sudanese!

Col. Bunny said...

Witness the Iron Laws of Arithmetic.

Alternatively, the conclusive refutation of "down = up."

Anonymous said...

The Norwegian system was calibrated for a total of known elements

- hospitals
- doctors
- police
- justice
- schools
- etc

in a stable society where people in general were literate and socially adjusted to the rest of the elements.

Knowing, for instance, how many were born in a year you could plan how many teachers and schools you would have to have ready well in advance.

With uncontrolled immigration everything has been destabilized.

Anonymous said...

Please notice that there are no comments to this article in "Today's business", Dagens Næringsliv.


Closed since 22 July 2011.

Anonymous said...

Investmenst in Tanzania(...)

Masai Rafael ole Moono, guest teaching strategic communication at BI Business School, Oslo, prefers Norwegian to Chinese investors in Tanzania

- Investments..?
Or, rather - prefers Norwegian gifts and corruption financing to Chinese investments?

Anonymous said...

AUF leader Eskil Pedersen has not read the report yet, but is clear about his conclusion

He thinks the whole question whether immigrants give a plus or a minus in the accounting is irrelevant and uninteresting

- Norway shall comply with our obligations to refugees no matter the costs.

Martin Baldan said...

Social security itself is a Ponzi scheme. Trying to fix it through immigration is a doble-down on the Ponzi scheme.

In other words, social security is like burning the furniture to heat the house; the immigration solution is like your furniture wont burn fast enough, so you borrow your neighbor's furniture and burn it instead.

Anonymous said...

The Nordic countries were too successful, so they must be destroyed first, with the rest of Europe to follow

If it works, why destroy it? Because lebensraum must be given to the adherents of "the new world order" aka a totalitarian desert ideology.

How to stop this madness?

laine said...

Even if you grant the leaders of Scandinavia their false belief that immigration is needed to keep up the tax base and staff to support elderly non-workers, we're left with the question: what kind of mental midget and/or ignoramus looks around the world and decides to import the culture with the worst work and education ethic that is unassimilable due to a supremacist colonist ideology in tandem with a unique legal system sharia that contradicts Western law? And why does the average Scandinavian keep re-electing such suicidal fools after noticing that the newcomers are not emptying bedpans in nursing homes but lolling about on Welfare making mischief such as rape and vandalism and more parasites hostile to education?

The only explanation is that the trenchant satire in Hythloday's comment is actually truth. Scandinavians have been brainwashed into white guilt without ever having colonized the 3rd world. They'd rather their culture die than be called racist by a non-white world and their lib enablers that both seethe with racism themselves. Along with cultural (spiritual) death comes physical degradation as in rape and then bodily death when Muslim numbers permit. This is a sickness found only among whites who are socialist. Neither factor alone is sufficient. Black socialists don't develop race shame about their much greater failures and lack of achievement. And white conservatives do not prostrate themselves to inferior cultures or political systems. It's only in white socialists that one sees the full effect of brain rot and resultant masochism.