Sunday, May 27, 2012

“Sharia is the Only Solution to Topple Democracy”

The spokesman for Sharia4Holland in this video speaks very crude, barely understandable Dutch.

To him, the monument on the Dam — honoring the Canadian veterans who freed The Netherlands — is the axis of evil, a monument that all filth of The Netherlands gathers around.

After the Dutch section, the notorious Ilford firebrand Anjem Choudary steps up to hold forth for a while in English. A counter-protestor is arrested in this clip, and I’m told that one of the Sharia4Belgium people was also arrested.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading “Sharia on the Dam”:

A full transcript of the translated portion is below the jump:

0:00 Press conference by Sharia4Belgium on the Dam. (Town Centre) etc. by AT5 (local TV station)
0:07 Look around you, in what kind of a society do we live in?
0:10 What is this for a kind of society?
0:12 Behind us is prostitution, the red light district.
0:16 On the right are the gambling hall and the gambling junkies.
0:20 On the left we find the fashion industry and the cosmetics junkies.
0:26 This government and Europe is exploiting you
0:30 in the name of the European Union and in the name of democracy
0:32 in order to keep financing the war against Muslims.
0:38 That is the core and essence of the economic crisis.
0:42 and those Dutch who do not notice, as you see here around us,
0:47 who are drinking (alcohol) their heads full
0:51 and undress and prostitute themselves
0:55 just because of a few days of sunshine.
0:56 This is the axis of evil, where we stand right now.
0:58 This is the so called Monument for Freedom.
1:02 This is nothing other than a monument around which all perversity is collected.
1:08 This is the best example of democracy.
1:11 No norms, no values, no boundaries.
1:14 Whatever you want, its the majority who decides, then it also happens.
1:22 And those Dutch whose natural disposition is still pure and not corrupted
1:27 are sick and tired of this lifestyle,
1:30 this disbelief and emptiness, more than sick of it.
1:34 Why? No wonder that the majority of the converts,
1:38 the highest concentration of converts, is in Amsterdam itself.
1:44 Whatever happens, better times will come as promised
1:50 The Muslims will [confront] this cancer of manmade laws called democracy and eradicate it.
1:59 [From bystander:] Bastards!
2:00 Destroy it root and branch,
2:02 as far as Islam allows us,
2:04 or Islam orders us to.
2:05 Sharia is by far the only solution, it is the only rival left
2:10 to topple democracy.
2:13 The sharia shall deal with this economic exploitation, slavery, prostitution and the wars against Islam.
2:22 and a harmonious and divine society will replace it.
2:27 A divine society which also ruled Europe for 1300 years,
2:31 as we saw in Spain, the whole of Spain was ruled by sharia.
2:36 Parts of Switzerland, parts of Austria, all were under the sharia,
2:40 and Europe, eh, how you call it, Enlightenment,
2:44 it was only able to realise it through the coming of Muslims to Europe.
2:50 through establishing sharia.
2:54 Now, the Westerners and the Dutch around us and who do not know their history
3:02 they think that sharia is something foreign, the Khalifa is something foreign,
3:06 but the Dutch and Europe know reality very well.
3:10 The power of the Muslims and the divine law,
3:14 this Golden Period shall return as is promised by Allah's Messenger in the Koran.
3:19 The Messenger of Allah says,
3:21 [Arabic]
3:29 has Mohammed sent with the true faith and the true message
3:33 to let it dominate over all other ways of life, all other systems.
3:37 Even if the disbelievers hate it, even if the pagans hate it.
3:42 Even if democrats or secularists hate it.
3:44 So, sharia for Holland is a given, it’s a given fact.
3:50 And for those who made it their job to insult Allah and Mohammed,
3:58 like the dog of the Romans, Geert Wilders.
4:00 As the Khalifa takes over the Netherlands, then we shall deal with you, as the Khalifas have dealt with those kinds of people in the past.
4:10 So learn from it, also from the case of Theo van Gogh.
4:14 Yes, then I adjust to it, I adjust to it.


Anonymous said...

Why are you putting up with these vermin, Nederlanders? They carry the plague, and it's going to wipe you out!

Are you all eunuchs? If you aren't already, you will be when they take over, and they're taking Holland over as I write this. ACT!

Yorkshire Miner said...

Anonymous it might seem that these animals are getting away with abusing the Dutch but our good friend Geert was straight round too the police station registering a complaint. Complains have to be taken seriously her in Holland and the powers that be here in Holland take what Geert has to say very very seriously the have made fools of themselfs too many times. The Police reaction was exceedingly quick here is my translation from the headlines in De Telegaaf from Yesterday

AMSTERDAM - The police Sunday arrested the spokesman Sharia4Holland. The man is accused of threating Geert Wilders.

A couple of MPs from the PVV have also been making a few sharpe comments too the press, these arrogant clowns have shot themselves in the foot good and proper and if it goes to court which hopefully it will it will only be good propaganda for the PVV who if there was an election today would have 3 extra seats in Parliament. At present there are 618 comments about the article concerning the Wilders death threat, none may I say particularly complimentary for this crowd of clowns,but most of the spleen is reserved mainly for the left wing Politicians, followed by and I know who I am going to vote for in September This is one of the milder comments by the way, there are some real humdingers, but it shows the level of frustration and anger by the Dutch population

As a woman I feel seriously threatened by this kind of idiots, what a frustrated losers. arrest and imprison.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Yorkshire Miner. I am absolutely terrified that Islam will take over (I am English and female). I can't see how anyone would think chopping women's limbs off or stoning them to death constitutes a Golden Age as the nutter in the video puts it. Unless we hold back the tide of immigration from Muslim countries then we are doomed. It seems none of the anti-immigration parties in Britain are particularly popular and with Muslims cheating the voting system (see Vlad Tepes' blog), I can see Respect or another looney left party getting in. If George Galloway is really benign then why has he hidden his conversion to Islam from public view? I think there is more to it that our Governments are letting in all these Muslim immigrants and oppressing the opposition so vehemently. Hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but with all the cover ups that have been going on, one can only wonder.

Yorkshire Miner said...

Anonymous, I am surprised that you only think there is a conspiracy theory. I would have thought Theresa May coming out with laws to stop the Greeks migrating too Britain when they go bankrupt would be proof enough. If they can stop the Greeks why couldn't they have stopped the flood of migrants 10 years ago when they knew it was a vote loser. What most people don't understand or refuse to understand is that the vote of the electorate can be safely ignored because all the parties are virtually identical the difference is only cosmetic. With first past the post system as we have in Britain you have to have at least 20% of the vote before you can get even one MP into parliament. It becomes almost impossible for any new party with a genuine appeal to get elected because the MSM and the powers that be will simple demonize them The way the BNP was during the last election. Here in Holland we have a proportional voting system and it allows a wider spectrum of views to be expressed in Parliament. The Swedish Democrats were just as vilified as the BNP in Sweden where the ruling coalition is even now more ideologically in self destruct mode than any party in Britain but the proportional voting system has allowed the Swedish Democrats to have at least a voice in Parliament. That voice will only get stronger. Geert here in Holland is in a very fortunate position, I wont go into the details why but there is a very good chance that he will be our next prime minister, come the September election. Britain unfortunately is doomed. When I said that the first past the post system needed 20% of the votes to get a MP it is true if the dissenting party followers are evenly spread across the whole country. It can have a very pernicious effect if they are clustered in ghettos. The Muslim population have the ability, by block voting to control about 80 parliamentary seats and therefore which party gets in, expect more dimmitude pandering at the next election. I feel very sorry for you, you have every right to be terrified especially being a women. When I was last in Yorkshire for my brothers funeral I went back too the old town where I spent a lot of my youth, I could have been in Baghdad. I swore I would never go back. My advice to you is to get out into the countryside especially areas that are not heavily colonised such as east Anglia the North East and down towards Cornwall, because when the ballon goes up it is going to be very nasty indeed. I am sorry this is so depressing, but there is no other way to put it

Deep Regards

Yorkshire Miner

Anestis Canelidis said...

If Islam is so wonderful then why don't they go back to the hell holes they came from. Looks like the man who wanted to stand up to them was quickly subdued and led away.