Monday, May 21, 2012

A David Littman Retrospective

David LittmanAs mentioned in last night’s news feed, the redoubtable Counterjihad activist David Littman died yesterday in Switzerland after a long battle with leukemia.

Mr. Littman has been eloquently eulogized by Jerry Gordon at The New English Review, and by Andy Bostom at his own website. I’m sure many more remembrances will be published in the next few days.

Vlad Tepes has compiled two video retrospectives to illustrate the enormous efforts that David Littman made at the United Nations in the thankless task of resisting the Islamization of that body.

The first video shows selected clips from Mr. Littman’s presentations in Geneva:

The second video shows the almost superhuman persistence exhibited by Mr. Littman in the face of continuous interruption during his various attempts to speak at UN meetings. You will see the servants of the OIC sandbag him over and over again in these clips, yet he never gives up:

We won’t see the likes of David Littman again anytime soon. But we who must continue without him will always remember him.

Photo © Snaphanen


Joe Daniels said...

May he rest in peace.

wheatington said...

David has left a wonderful legacy in his work for the dignity of the individual. We would honour him by continuing the battle against Islam.

I never had the chance to meet David, but through his writing and speeches felt he was a mentor and friend.

God bless his family and many, many friends.

bewick said...

A dear friend died from leukemia. It came upon him quickly with no notice and he died quite quickly. To the end he still joked about it in our many emails and phone calls.
He sadly decreed that he wanted no fuss so I wasn't informed of the funeral or even his death so never had the chance to travel the 350 miles which I would have gladly done. I WANTED to do that and repeatedly told him that.

RIP Bob Hamilton and David Littman.

I am hopeful that David nominated someone to take over. Silly thought. He will have. Just hope that his successor has the same fire but same silly thought - David will have done exactly that.