Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/29/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/29/2012A tribal council in eastern Afghanistan has condemned four women and two men to death for immoral behavior. Their crime was to dance together at a wedding, violating a law requiring segregation of the sexes. The council ruling says that their behavior constitutes “fornication”, and they may thus be killed at any time. The four women are in custody, but the men escaped and ran away.

In other news, hundreds of Sikhs have gathered in protest outside the police station in the English town of Luton. They are angry at the way police handled the rape and beating of a teenage Sikh girl by a Muslim man. The protestors have staged a sit-down outside the station, and the police say they are negotiating with them to try to resolve the situation. Members of the English Defence League are reportedly participating in the protest.

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Anonymous said...

The once awesome, presently gormless Brit police should probably reflect on why the Sikhs have more right than most "Asians" to be in the country. Not only do they owe them big-time--they do not really want to see them in action.

Anonymous said...

"Serbian footballer dropped from national team fornot singing anthem"

Since Adem Ljajic is a muslim, it was impossible for him to sing the Serbian anthem, due to "personal reasons".