Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Global Shakedown

CAIR and other Muslim lobby groups’ eternal bleating about “Islamophobia” is in inverse proportion to any examples of it. Meanwhile, “moderate Muslims” in London warn the government: “I’m a peaceful fellow myself, but I can’t speak for my excitable friends. Nice little G7 advanced western democracy you got here. Shame if anything were to happen to it.”

— Mark Steyn, from “The ‘Oldest Hatred’”

We’ve seen Anjem Choudary do these shakedowns. We’ve heard Mullah Krekar issue his veiled threats.

The same type of thing occurs in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany. We’re even starting to hear it in Australia. It only exists in a larval stage in the U.S.A., but its mature form will emerge here eventually, too, once the urban concentrations of Muslims become dense enough.

The routine is always the same, as if scripted by a common source: “We Muslims are peaceful. The believers who live in this country would never cause any violence. But your infidel countrymen in Muslim lands may experience unfortunate consequences if you do not stop this provocative behavior that insults all Muslims everywhere.”

That’s the protection racket: If you want your safety to be guaranteed, you must conform to our behavioral demands.

Pay close attention to the following video message from Germany, because we will be discussing its nuances later on in this post.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this warning from the Salafist Abu Abdullah to the German interior minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel to stop the cartoon initiative by Pro-NRW and other “provocations” against Muslims — or else:

There’s a lot of rich, useful material in this video, more than can be adequately covered in one post. But we’ll touch a few of the high points, and see what we can learn.

The Muslims in Germany were provoked, and they were humiliated, and they were attacked.

This is the primary message that is always communicated by these warnings: Muslims feel humiliated; they are being provoked, and even attacked.

These attacks are not generally physical, of course. But any perceived insult to the prophet is considered to be the same as a physical attack on all Muslims. It is the moral equivalent of an act of war, and must be responded to as such.

Unfortunately, many Western political leaders and media writers share the same sentiments: to make a Muslim feel insulted or humiliated is equivalent to attacking him, and at least partially justifies his violent response. The blame for the violence thus lies with those who insult Islam, rather than with the Muslims who stab, shoot, bomb, throw rocks, or set fires.

This craven Western solicitude towards the injured dignity of Muslims is part of the reason why these shakedowns are becoming bolder and more frequent.

I’m not allowed to insult Jews in the streets.

The speaker is playing on the common assertion that Muslims “are being treated the way German Jews were in the time of the Third Reich.” This false equivalence is a popular ploy, particularly among German Muslims. This Salafist knows his audience.

As if humiliated Jews burned cars in the streets of Berlin in 1938. As if the Völkischer Beobachter were so offensive in its insults that Jews took to the streets of Hamburg, stabbing policemen and throwing rocks at passers-by.

We would never insult Jesus.

This is particularly disingenuous. When a Muslim refers to “Jesus”, he means Isa, the Muslim prophet. He does not consider Isa to have been the son of God. Nor did Isa die on the Cross. The Muslim Isa is not part of any Trinity, nor co-equal with God the Father.

If Christians were as thin-skinned as Muslims, they would consider these sentiments grievously insulting. But of course they aren’t and they don’t, which is why Muslims can say they are not “insulting Jesus”. If the tables were turned, there would be blood in the streets — Christian blood.

I consider him [the judge or politician] to be responsible for this escalation.

Muslims are not responsible for their violent actions: those who insult Allah or Mohammed are.

Once again, this causative analysis is at least partially accepted by the numerous Western enablers of Muslim ferocity. Muslim “humiliation” would not so huge an issue if the ruling class did not accept the basic premises of this argument, as they are understood by Islam.

Islam will in any case seize power over everything.

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty. Everything else is just temporary, a holding pattern until Allah’s will is finally carried out and the infidel is converted, subdued, or exterminated.

Make this people abandon what they are doing, and… we will remain peaceful.

Could the message be more explicit than this?

It is not allowed to insult and degrade us, and this [is] by no means a threat, this is simply reality.

This “simple reality” contradicts the earlier assertion that “we also find that freedom of expression must not be restricted, and according to this one can insult, one can insult me.”

So which is it? Can we insult you or not?

As soon as other Muslims in other countries, in Muslim countries hear about this, German citizens will be in danger... This is not a threat; this is a plea and a request for peaceful coexistence in this land.

“This is not a threat.” No, it never is.

The speaker is simply stating the plain facts about what will happen to those who insult Islam. It’s always left up to Muslims somewhere else, those in majority-Muslim countries, to will carry out the violence. The shakedown artist hastens to remind his listeners that under Islamic law he is bound by a covenant of peace with non-Muslims while he lives in their country.

Until the Muslims become strong enough, that is. Then they can take action. Then they can teach the infidel a painful lesson, and it will all be in complete accord with the Koran and the will of Allah.

Muslims have no agency. When certain actions take place, Muslims feel humiliated. Then people get burned, tortured, maimed, and killed. This is essentially the same as a natural disaster, like a tornado or an earthquake. These consequences can be avoided, of course, and if the non-believer has any sense, he will mend his ways and stay safe.

If he doesn’t, he may wind up dead. But that’s nobody’s fault — it’s simply the will of Allah.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Finally, here is a full transcript of the video in article format:

This is a plea to every politician, to every politician in this country. This is a plea and a request to all politicians here in Germany, and I speak especially to Federal Minister Friedrich, to Chancellor Merkel, and also to the Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia.

I have seen what happened some days ago, I have seen this escalation, and none of us wanted this escalation, none of us wanted blood to be spilled, none of us wanted stones flying, but we were provoked, the Muslims in Germany were provoked, and they were humiliated, and they were attacked. And this is something unacceptable even according to German laws and the constitution.

I’m not allowed to insult Jews in the streets, I’m not allowed to insult police officers or anybody else in the streets, and as usual, I’m brought to account, denounced, and punished. One is not allowed to humiliate us. and also not in this way.

It is neither permissible nor acceptable that one is humiliated, and one is insulted on grounds of background or religion, and we will not accept this. Just as we in this country have obligations, and we have to comply with the laws, we must be peaceful, we must comply with lots of things, just as we have obligations, we have also rights. And these rights dictate first of all that our dignity is not to be trampled, that we are not to be degraded.

And this is one of the most important points which lies consistently in the constitution. The dignity of people is inviolable. How is it possible, that here in this country where the dignity of people is inviolable, or it allegedly is, how is it possible, that people are allowed to insult others and to humiliate others in the most heinous way?

They know very well that we Muslims have sacred things, just as any other person has. In the same way we also have sacred things, and these are for us sacred, and to these belong most particularly almighty God, the book of God, the Koran, and his messenger. We make no jokes with these things. These are things which we worship, which are sacred to us, absolutely sacred.

We are not against these people or against others, extreme right or whoever, when they insult us, we can pay no attention to that. We also find that freedom of expression must not be restricted, and according to this one can insult, one can insult me, say “foreigners out”, “Muslims out”. We have nothing against this, we have no objections, I myself especially not. If others have something against it, they can do something against it, or have objections to it, but I say explicitly that we have nothing against the fact that some people have something against us, also if this is not a particularly intelligent behavior, or, or not very human to despise others regarding their religion or origin.

But even if this happened, that this should necessarily be done, and people simply feel hate towards others, and try to gain followers with these actions in which they provoke other people, in which they humiliate and insult others, and we do not engage in this; yes we do not do such things, we have dignity and we would never insult Jesus, neither here not anywhere else. We would never insult Jesus, Moses or any other prophet (pbu them), we do not provoke in this way, and when we say that people don’t believe in the last prophet, and don’t get closer to Islam, Islam means simply devotion to God, and also believe in God’s last message, and follow it. That these people do not follow this message, for instance, the core message of all prophets, that one serves an almighty God and no other, nobody else, one doesn’t pray to any other God, and he who does goes to hell -- this is no insult, this is something in which we believe, which was imposed on us by God, and it’s he who decides who goes to paradise and to hell, and not we. And this is something we believe, it’s neither provocation nor insult.

One can also, one can also ask a rabbi in a synagogue, where we je… we Muslims and also Christians go, and he’ll also say we go to hell. It’s their opinion, and it’s OK, anybody can suggest this, and the Christians, when one talks to a priest, they say just the same about us, and I have already spoken with missionaries here in Germany: if I do not believe in Jesus, that is, as he believes in his divinity, in the son of God, so to say, then I go to hell. And as already said, that one says that the other goes to hell, this is not something we wish for the others, because if so, then we wouldn’t distribute and finance free Korans, and stay somewhere regardless of the weather, and dedicate our time and energy to give so much, in order to bring others to the right path. It’s not compulsory, but we wish that everybody might go to paradise, and that’s why we call for and announce the truth, and this is no provocation, to distribute Korans is no provocation.

Because in the first place this is something totally legitimate, it is legitimate to announce a religion, it is legitimate to give a book as gift, this is no provocation, and in the second place, the Bible is also distributed and given as gift in shelters, in many many countries in the world, and also in Islamic countries in Africa, where there’s famine, and to whom one gives with one hand bread, and with the other a Bible, and they are also promoting their religion, and as already said, other religions too are promoted. And this is no provocation; this is a gift, and we are convinced that this is the truth, we would very much like that people should go to paradise, we would like to take everybody to paradise with us, and we wish the best for us, and also for others.

And this is no provocation, and nobody has the right to, let’s say, rebuke us. And if one asks us about our intentions, those are harmless, because this book does not say that one has to become an extremist Muslim, or to join a faction, a group, a party, the Salafists or any other. We would like others to be Muslims, to be devoted to God in order to go to paradise and be exempted from punishment, just as we wish the same for ourselves and our families, and this is no provocation, and we are not looking forward to see people join us, or make numbers in Islam grow.

Islam will in any case seize power over everything, and this will be so, it is day by day protected by God, and it keeps growing day by day in the entire world, in each and every country. Islam keeps growing on the earth, and also in numbers, and as already said, this is the religion of God, and we’ll protect it. And we would prefer that things not escalate any further; one has already seen that regarding this issue, Muslims, and this was already seen yesterday in Bonn at the counter-demonstration. There were not only Salafists or practicing Muslims, there were also normal Muslims who were not pleased with that, one has seen this, one knows this, and one must…

I’m not absent from reality, I know how thing run, one has to learn from mistakes, one already saw that back in 2007 when people died because of the provocations of Kurt Westergaard - may he in one or other way be cursed for what he did - now and always, one has to see this clearly. Muslims will never accept this, neither here nor anywhere else, and that’s why I ask and I call upon all politicians in this country, and specially upon the interior minister from North Rhine-Westphalia, the Federal Minister and personally Mrs. Merkel: don’t allow this to happen. The Interior Minister from N. Rh.-W. prohibited it, and with total reason, because he knew that this would not end well, but somebody did let it happen, these politicians, or the judge who let this happen, who revoked this ban, I consider him to be responsible for this escalation, because one saw what happened before; one has to learn from mistakes; one has to see what happened in history; one has seen how many people died in 2007, after the issue of the cartoons, and that’s why I appeal for a deliberate stop to all this.

We did not want this escalation, we do not want this to happen again, we wouldn’t like violence, and although some say that we are violent, that we want to be provoked, we do not want this. Make this people abandon what they are doing, and we will not say a word, we will not engage in counter-demonstrations, we will remain peaceful, but one has to respect our rights, it is not allowed to insult and degrade us, and on the other side, this no by no means a threat, this is simply reality.

As soon as other Muslims in other countries, in Muslim countries hear about this, German citizens will be in danger. This is not a threat; this is a plea. This is a thoughtful appeal to the common sense of each and every German, for you to suppress this issue, to stop those provocations, and those insults, and those humiliations, so that German citizens will not be in danger abroad.

You have seen what happened in Arab countries during the Arab spring, the revolutions, people who are already in an insurgency, who are stirred up with everything that happens in their countries, with violence, with injustices etc… that’s why you should not put Germans in danger.

If Muslims get to know that in this country, and I’m already realizing that one is trying to minimize, to minimize this issue in the media, so that this does not reach foreign countries, does not reach the Arab world, I do not find it bad from the point of view of the Germans, because if Muslims get to know this, I’m pretty sure that because of this, Germans are in danger, Germans live in many Arab countries, in Morocco, in Egypt, in Algeria, in Tunis, Indonesia, Yemen. There are Germans there; there are also embassies with employees, so these people are by all accounts in danger, because if Muslims are provoked over there, and Muslims are in this case, when their sacred things are attacked, their pride, their honor, that what they honor and live above all, so when these things are attacked, then many people will make things -- because they won’t make fools of themselves -- things will escalate, and that’s why I say once more, this is not a threat, this is a plea and a request for peaceful coexistence in this land. four million people live here in Germany, four million Muslims, live here in Germany, more or less four million Muslims, and nobody wants this escalation here, nobody wants these dangers here, that’s why I ask for this to be stopped.

And Muslims living here have also done something for this country. We are not here to get welfare payments, as some portray us, but we’ve done something for this country, and there are lots of converts, that is, German Muslims, Germans who profess this religion, and practice this religion. And as already mentioned, we are here in this country, and many of us are citizens who pay taxes. There are people, intellectual citizens, there are academics, people who work for this country. My father came here after WW2 and became an architect, and has built up Germany; he has planned and built roads, bridges, lots of things.

So we have contributed a lot to this country; we have done something for this country, and as I already said, we have rights, we have also obligations, and we want to have these rights, and politicians must want a peaceful coexistence, as they prevent these provocations.

We so do not provoke in this way, and neither do we want to be provoked. We insult nobody, and this deeply, we do not insult the prophets of other religions, of the non-Muslims, we do not insult sacred things. That’s why we demand and ask that our sacred matters, that there simply be a red line. There we know no jokes, and not by us Salafists or extremists, but by us Muslims, we are simply people devoted to God, and we have sacred things, and there we know absolutely no jokes, and that’s why I ask you to put an end to this, stop these provocations, and then things will be…


Dymphna said...

The man in that video - and I did stick it out to the very last syllable - took more than 15 minutes to meander over ideas, threats and allusions that could have been articulated easily, and better, in about two minutes.

That was torture by verbiage. Halfway into it, I began to think, "give him whatever he wants as long as you get a signed statement that he will take a vow of silence".

Oh wait. Sharia doesn't permit contracts between Muslims and dhimmis - at least not in the sense we understand them. Contracts are made to be abided by until the right moment. That 'moment' nullifies everything.

I like the Mafia style better: short and to the point. No less lethal or vile, but no logorrhea, either. And in the end, the rules are the same: "nice little place you have here..."

Hmm...I just realized that the onslaught of Islam into the West has ruined my previous enjoyment of noir crime novels. The horror level in reality surpasses the invented kind so totally that the latter has become irrelevant. A small thing to pervert, perhaps, but it's important to mourn the small losses, too.

Anonymous said...

I say that its time for another Burn koran day.

A lill azz-hole like that deserve to be mocked.

Guy Macher said...

Dear Mr Muslim
If you dislike the feeling of humiliation turn from aping the actions of a lying, looting, raping, murdering ego-maniacal paedophile.

Learn to perform a useful job which will allow to you to stop being a leech on productive people. Show up on time every day and get that scowl off your face. And shave the face hair. We know you reached puberty!

Vow to be the first of your kind to live among civilized people peacefully.

Learn to control your sexual appetite. Even the most sex crazed youth learn not to walk around with a permanent mind-erection. We have drugs or surgeries which can help you.

It's a simple program. I offer it freely and out of love.

Or, simply leave our land and return to the place you belong.

Anonymous said...

It is very instructive to hear a typical muslim rambling..It proves what I have long suspected: 99.9% of muslims simply aren´t capable of understanding western reasoning.
Of all the people who come here, there´s only a handful who can follow a line of thought and respond to it, and stay on course in a debate.
Why that is so I honestly can´t say, although I´m afraid it has something to do with belonging to a cult, because you´ll find the same symptom with people in a sect, whether it is a religious or a secular sect.