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Spaghetti Bolognese: A Casus Belli?

Cultural Enrichment News

The following account of events in Italy since the recent earthquake was originally published (in German) at SOS-Österreich. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Italy: Muslim revolt over “Spaghetti Bolognese”

ROME (Novopress) — Violence, Islam, contagious diseases… a concentrate of all problems of the multicultural society has emerged in a few days in the refugee camps of Emilia-Romagna (in the region of Bologna) after a horrendous earthquake ravaged northeastern Italy. The preferential treatment of immigrant victims added to the sharpening of the situation.

In spite of all their goodwill, the Italian volunteers were simply rolled over by events. Last Thursday the Vodafone company wanted to distribute free telephone cards in the San Felice Sul Panaro camp in the province of Modena. There a scuffle took place among North African immigrants, during which one of them pulled out his knife and stabbed one of his fellow countrymen.

On Saturday a big revolt broke out in the same camp as an Italian voluntary worker served a Muslim girl a dish of spaghetti Bolognese. Those in charge of maintaining the civil order in the camp explained that everything had simply been a mistake: “The worker gave her the wrong meal by mistake.” But the Muslim girl began to cry, summoned all of her family members, and accused the managers of the camp of having purposefully insulted Islam. The help of the plain-clothes security personnel was needed to restore peace.

“We sincerely did not expect to meet such problems when we applied for the job in the camp of Emilia”, some voluntary workers from Trentino explained.

In two occasions, the disinfecting of a tent inhabited by North Africans was necessary because they suffered from an infection of skin mange. After having been disinfected twice by a special team from Venice, the tents finally had to be destroyed and thrown away by the San Felice team, because neither the Venetians nor the Tridentines were ready to accept more responsibilities regarding the issue. The scabrous Maghrebians were taken to a hospital.

According to a local newspaper: “The behavior of the north Africans puts the nerves of the other victims under great pressure,” but mainly of the native victims, who have lost everything. “We had been evacuated from our homes to this place here next to the camp,” a young couple complains. “We are from San Felice, but we receive no meals, because those are reserved for the inhabitants of the camp. One should also deal with the emergency situation we are in.”

However, they were very happy to be served spaghetti Bolognese.

Earthquake in Italy: preferential treatment of immigrant victims in the emergency camps

BOLOGNA (Novopress) — After the big earthquake ravaged northeast Italy, many Italians complained that the emergency shelters were full of North Africans and Eastern Europeans, and that “Italians were discriminated against here.”

The Italian newspaper Il Giornale describes the emergency situation:

“The lists of access to the camps were monopolized by immigrants from Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and Eastern Europe. Many women were veiled. Preferential access to tents was given to women and children, virtually all of them immigrants.”

The situation in Sant’Agostino in Finale Emilia is roughly the same, where the tent camps are almost completely occupied by immigrants.

Italians must look to other means to provide themselves with food and to try to repair their homes. Some of them have no other choice but to sleep in cars or in the open air.

A situation of “positive” discrimination in favor of immigrants which underscores the imperative necessity of intervention of the “Salamander” patriotic civil protection organization.

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Anonymous said...

(Please note: some of these words are so tortured that possibly only a robot could reproduce them.)

The Salamander, as I recall was legendarily attributed the ability to live in fire. How appropriate for an organization that has to deal with the demands of Allah.


Qualis Rex said...

hmm...I scoured the internet for the story in Italian but couldn't find anything to verify.

Hermes said...

Well, enough is enough: here's the original in italian -

But here's also an article en français pour francophones -

Ist es genug? oder braucht jemand noch mehr Beweise?

Basta? o hacen falta mas pruebas?

Is this enough? does anybody need more proofs?

Ach Mensch... said...

Terremoto e problemi di convivenza: E c’è pure il mestolo... “impuro”

Terremoto e problemi di convivenza: piatto sbagliato al ragù, ed è il caos

The interesting part is "Gazzetta di Modena" is owned by the group Repubblica (left) of Carlo DeBenedetti.
Apparently the journalist blamed the problems to the maghrebines (North Africans) and praised the Ghanaians (black Africans) and naming them it was obvious their religion (not the RoP). It praised also the Sikhs because they organized themselves to abide their religion (they asked and obtained to serve their coreligionists).

Anonymous said...

For people who feel insulted by a free meal... give them "spaghetti bulletese" next time!


Qualis Rex said...


thanks for the links! Either the story is changing or there are more instances going on, since this seems to be a variant of 2 separate cases. All I can say is if this were Naples or Palermo...well, the outcome would have been very different. Why the North coddles Mohammedans so much is beyond me.

BTW, Ghanaians are probably the friendliest Africans (or people) I have ever come across. I'm glad they are being called out here.

Anonymous said...

If Ghana were so great, then the Ghanaians would stay there, and we would all be clamoring to visit a 'friendly' tourist destination - instead of Ghanaians immigrating to our countries.

Is being invaded and overcome by 'friendly' people acceptable?

The Achilles heel of Western civilization based on Christian 'ideals' is that all immigrants must be accepted - even welcomed - even COURTED - first in their home countries via foreign aid without behavioral requirements and then in the West via unlimited financially-supported immigration - to the literal and figurative expense of Western civilization, culture, and peoples in favor of foreign immigrants with less developed intellect, culture, and morals - and much less civilized religion and government.

How 'friendly' will the Ghanaians be when Ghanaians comprise a part of the foreign majority allied by common interests against white Westerners?

Note that the name Ghana means 'Warrior King.' Shall whites agree to be ruled - financially and then physically enslaved - by 'friendly' Ghanaians amongst other foreigners?!

Obama was REALLY friendly (and even half-white) BEFORE Obama was elected by foolish trusting whites who have been now well and truly informed who the half-white and half-black Obama's and Holder's people are: black people ONLY.

Shhh. Everyone back to sleep now.


gsw said...

"Sie wären sogar sehr froh, wenn man ihnen Spaghetti Bolognese servieren würde."

I am not sure if the error was made Italien -->German, or German --> English, but "However, they were very happy to be served spaghetti Bolognese." is wrong.

It was:
They would have been very happy if someone had served them spaghetti Bolognese.

The Italians were not given food, since they were not real refugees

Qualis Rex said...

GSW in the Italian articles it stated they were serving Italians and even made provisions for Cilliac disease (an allergy against wheat), which for some reason is ravaging Italy.

Qualis Rex said...

Egghead - Ghana is arguably the most stable country in Africa and often held as a model for other African countries, specifically because of its tourist industry. I'm not surprised at your ignorance, but I am taken aback by your sentiment-- I would much rather have friendly/Christian immigrants than angry ones.

If history had followed your "only angry immigrants" rule the Italians and Irish would have never been allowed onto the shores of America to help build the US.

Unknown said...

Schoolmaster, Qualis?

You think you are hitting us with a new thought?

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex: Give me a break. I read the Wiki entry on Ghana, and I see a history of coups until the very recent present - despite the country being largely Christian and having extensive European influences.

"According to the US Department of State (2007), religious division is 69% Christian, 16% Muslim, and 15% traditional and other religious groups."

At some future point, when Ghana is surrounded by Muslim Arab Spring neighbors supporting the Muslim North in aggression, Ghana will quickly destabilize and its tourist industry will go, "Poof" just like present Tunisian and Egyptian tourist industries.


If Ghana is the most stable country in Africa, then I will double down and re-affirm that I would NEVER want to ruled by a black African population!

There is a clear white genocide by replacement in process across all Western lands - and whether that genocide occurs at the hands of non-white foreigners who smile or frown, the end result is the same.


Baloo said...

A charming tale. I've discussed, it quoted from it, and linked to it here:
The Ex-Army Blog

Qualis Rex said...

Egghead - no, you give ME a break. What you do or do not want to be ruled over is neither my concern nor is it relevant to the topic at hand. As a Catholic Deacon, I reject your bigotry outright...and so does the church. Ghana has had a stable democracy since 1992, which is about the same time as the former Soviet Bloc countries of Eastern Europe (if they were/are lucky). Being "black" or "African" has nothing to do with it.

Paard - I have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

@Qualis Rex

Why is it bigotry to want white countries to stay white? Even if you reject the idea that there are genetic differences between the races, it still should not follow that the extinction of one race is inconsequential because "we are all human." I say that every race, every ethnicity has a right to a homeland and a right to self-determination. Simply wanting to exist and wish for a home for one's posterity does not mean that one must be inimicus with other groups.

Besides, is it not bigotry to say that Ghanians are friendlier than all others? Is it not bigotry to desire that Ghanians dispossess Europeans because they appear "nicer," or seem more "Christian." Is it not bigotry to slander Eastern Europeans as inferior to Ghanians, at least in matters relating to statecraft? I understand that you are a Catholic deacon, and that you place religion before ethnic ties. Why must you rail at those who have other opinions?

Qualis Rex said...

Egghead - you are either intentionally distorting/lying about what I said or have severe reading issues. I said VERY clearly "BTW, Ghanaians are probably the friendliest Africans (or people) I have ever come across." that was a personal observation and I did NOT say they are racially disposed to being friendly. You are commiting a severe mortal sin by bearing false witness. Do you even care about your immortal soul? Does this mean anything to you?

As a Deacon, my number one duty and concern is for the human soul, to which I will post one last question to you: Cardinal Arinze (may God bless him and grant him 100 years) is from Nigeria and was very close to being Pope, were in not for the election of our blessed Pope Benedict. If he were elected, and mind you, there have already been 6 other African popes, so this is not a precedent, would you have let him "govern" you in all spiritual matters? If you would reject a Cardinal, Pope, Priest or ANY cleric who is orthodox in teaching and in a position of authority simply because you don't like the color of his skin, then you are an anathema to toe One True and Holy church and may be condemning your immortal soul to the fires of hell. Once again, I ask if this means anything to you.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex

Firstly, I am not Egghead.

Secondly, it matters little whether you said that Ghanians were "racially disposed" to friendliness, or whether you believe it simply to be a cultural issue. It remains that you said that you hope Europe imports more Ghanians, the only reason you gave for this being that you find them to be friendly, Christian people. In fact, if there be no difference between the races, and the qualities you value may be instilled in any people, then why must we bring in Ghanians or anyone else? Could we not inculcate these traits in our indigenous people?

Besides, my point was that you accuse people who disagree with you of bigotry when you yourself are bigoted. You place Christianity above all else, and care little, it seems, whether Europeans are displaced so long as those doing the displacing worship the same God as you. You made rather bigoted comments about Eastern Europeans, as well.
In my opinion, bigotry is inevitable--everyone believes that some things are better than others, be it their religion, their race, or their favorite brand of coffee. But, as I also said earlier, preferring one thing does not mean that you should be callous or wicked towards another.

Look at you, dear fellow! You throw around your position in the church to validate your opinions. You are a deacon, and therefore your ideas a a prior better than someone of a lower standing and far better than somebody who has other beliefs. Your position in the church indicates your power within that organization, It does not throw weight behind your logic. It does not make you infinitely more moral or good than anyone else here.

You ask whether I care about my soul. Well, its my soul, so I suppose its health is the business of me and God alone. Be it healthy or no, I cannot see how that effects my logic.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex: I am Egghead, and I am Catholic, too - even attended a Catholic college - even cantored mass at many churches over the years.

That said, if one's mortal soul is in danger for disagreeing with you, then you think rather too much of yourself!

Your original comment that set me off was, "I would much rather have friendly/Christian immigrants than angry ones." Then, you lauded Ghanaians specifically which makes total sense since the majority of Ghanaians currently identify as Christians - which you yourself are.

Why, pray tell, must we have any immigration at all - which is the very LOUD unspoken assumption of your original comment?!

Your comment illustrates the main problem of immigration which is that Christian churches (including Catholics) have created an entire industry of social services jobs that forcibly and unjustly TAX indigenous people to COMPENSATE Christian churches to ENFORCE unwanted and detrimental foreign immigration upon host cities that are soon bankrupted by 1) foreign immigrant relocation expenses, and 2) continuing welfare expenses - expenses that churches fail to pay - and then greatly imposed upon by 3) both violent and petty crime that exacts a grave human toll and significant financial burden on the indigenous inhabitants of the host cities. Additionally, modern statistics show that blacks often target whites for violent crimes, so white people must be especially concerned about black immigration.

As a white person, I said that I would NEVER want to be ruled by a black African POPULATION. If the best that Africa has to offer is a (possibly) stable democracy since 1992, than that is a REALLY poor track record for both Africa and Ghana (which had extensive contact with European traders from the 15th century and was under British rule from 1896-1957) - and a black African track record that will be overturned at will once the local Northern Muslims decide to create their personal part of the ummah.

Just as Ghanaians desired to be free of foreign rule, I am a white person who desires to be free of majority immigrant rule whether those immigrants are all from the same country or all from different countries or all Christians or all blacks. As a Catholic, I believe that I have the God-given right to be free from foreign Christian immigrant rule - whether those Christian immigrants are black, Mexican, or white. As a Catholic, I especially have the God-given right to be free from Muslim rule.

I am currently ILLEGALLY ruled by a foreign black Muslim President, and that has been a complete and total disaster for white people, Christianity, Americans, and democracy across the world.

The United States of America MUST be protected at all costs because, if America falls, then the Western Christian civilization falls - and the OIC- and Muslim-controlled United Nations knows it!


Anonymous said...

Egghead again:

How long will those 'friendly' Ghanaians stay Christian in a world without a white Christian United States?!

Have either black Africans or black Americans ever taken the lead to save fellow blacks from Muslim oppression, or have blacks simply literally and figuratively sold each other into slavery to Islam?!

After you review the willingness of blacks to save Africans from Islam, look at the Middle East. Who in the Middle East has saved the Christians from Muslims? Too many formerly Christian lands are currently ruled by Muslims who are actively consolidating the ummah and persecuting Christianity.

Let's talk about Europe which is further along the suicidal path of white population replacement.... Who will save the aging Europeans from their friendly and frowning foreign immigrants - immigrants who are mostly young vigorous Muslims ready to forcibly take jizya - until they make jihad?!

If your concern is the human soul, then you had better realize that the United States is the place to start by protecting the protector from foreign immigration of those who neither share nor care about Western Christian civilization - a great civilization built by white people to the benefit of the rest of the entire world - which is now determined to destroy white people and white accomplishments via wholesale white European and American population replacement.

Look at Detroit, and then imagine ALL of the United States ruled with the same results because that IS our mutual future in the United States ruled by foreign non-white immigrants who replace (and then persecute) the white population.


Dymphna said...

@ Egghead-

You probably read her already, but for those who don't Ann Corcoran's careful following of the situation re immigration is worth your time. Her blog is called "Refugee Resettlement Watch and she uncovers some disturbing stories about the ongoing collusion btwn the federal government and various religious charities.

Today's entry is synchronous with this comment thread:

Obama's Legacy in Africa

Here are the last paragraphs, but I suggest you click on the link to see what's happening in Libya:

...The writer, Dan Glazebrook, goes on to charge that this is all part of a new military colonialism of Africa. He points out that the US already has advance military units in the Central African Republic, Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He doesn’t say it, but we have troops in Somalia and in Kenya as well.

I don’t know if this is all part of a military colonialism plan hatched in the White House, but we can all agree that Africa is worse off (for everyone but the Muslim Brotherhood) after the Arab Spring then before it began. And, I, for one, see no value in American sons and daughters dying in that hellhole!

Nor do we need to bring more “refugees” here.

I haven't seen AC so angry in a long time. Nor did I know of our troop dispersal there. This happens even as Obama cuts military spending to the bone.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Qualis Rex said...

OK, that's it. You people cower behind "oh, we don't 'censure' because this is is a 'private' blog. And you allow racist comments to stand and eliminate rebutals for no reason other than you don't agree?

Well, I will not be associated with any blog run by purveyors of racist ideology which runs completely contrary to the faith ONE of them claims to espouse. May God guide you and help you away from your errant and evil ideas.

Dymphna said...

@ Egghead--

I need more robust proof than what you have cited. I won't go by suspicion and rumor. The thing that has made Ann Corcoran's blog so well-respected is that she sticks with the verifiable.

I don't want links to the KKK on my blog. Not ever.

Dymphna said...

We live in perilous times, Egghead. Your comment should not have been let through because it ultimately damages our work here.

It damages us.

A comment is permanent for no matter how soon it is removed it can still be retrieved by the unscrupulous. It's very late here, past 1:00 am and the Baron is tired or he'd have looked more carefully.

Please refrain from leaving links to questionable places. And if things have been "scrubbed" so be it. If you're going to make that claim, be prepared to back it up with screen caps of the deleted material. Otherwise, your claims do not meet the common standards of proof.

This "wash, rinse, repeat" dance that you and QR engage in may be entertaining to the bystanders, but it doesn't change any minds or win any hearts.

Any further comments in that vein and I'm closing this thread.


Baron Bodissey said...

Egghead --

I found your two (unpublished) comments here today to be quite interesting and useful, but they were off-topic for this post. I should have long ago cauterized this wandering-off from the topic, before it went so far.

The longer comment in particular is quite pertinent to this election. I suggest that you consider expanding it into a post. Send a text to me (3000 words or less) and I'll edit it into a post, as I do for other contributors.

If you need the text of these two unpublished comments, I've preserved them in a document and can email it to you.

A reminder: off-topic comments may always be left at the news feed, provided they abide by the other three guidelines (civil, temperate, and show decorum). said...

@Qualis Rex

The North doesn't coddle muslims immigrants. The problem is, after the earthquake the communities (Muslims and not Muslims, Immigrants and locals, legal and illegals) could not ignore the others and live parallel lives.

If I must make a foresight, with the current economic collapse and chaos, we will see something old.
We will see an Ausmerzen before or after.

Marco Paolini asked a simple question in his theatrical play about the Ausmerzen: "A father, unable to properly feed his family, knowing about the fact someone are feed by the government without working, will take notice".