Monday, May 14, 2012

Rorting in Paradise

“Rort” is Australian slang for “scam, hoax, misrepresentation, deception, or other fraudulent scheme to gain (financial) advantage”.

More than five hundred Sunni Muslims live in the Cocos Islands, a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Cocos are Australian territory, and their largely unemployed Muslim inhabitants have been rorting Canberra out of millions of dollars in jizya for decades. To make matters simpler, the local imam is also the welfare officer on the islands.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news report from Australian TV:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying news article:

It’s a little-known Australian territory that’s closer to Sri Lanka than Canberra, where locals depend heavily on Centrelink payments to stay afloat.

The bulk of the population is on welfare, and many are claiming much more than they should.

The island’s population relies heavily on Canberra to maintain their isolated existence, and each year tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are channelled to the external Australian territory’s population in the form of welfare payments and grants.

Despite the idyllic setting in the Coco Islands however, there is trouble in paradise.

2,750 kilometres northwest of Perth, and halfway between Madagascar and Canberra, is Australia’s most isolated Centrelink office.

Home Island is the unemployment capital of the Indian Ocean. It is home to a unique group of Australian citizens living in paradise at the taxpayers’ expense.

From the office Haji Adam coordinates welfare payment for the 550 odd population living in the unspoilt paradise that is Australia’s Cocos Keeling Islands.

Adams is not only Centrelink’s agent but also Chief Imam, the religious leader of the Muslim community which for nearly three decades has battled unemployment.

Living in paradise comes at a cost. The jobless rate fluctuates from 60 to 80 per cent, and the cost of importing food and freight is high.

“At the moment I have a number of customers who really have expressed their concern about the rate of payment from Centrelink. It is not really enough because of the cost of living, so I think it is really difficult,” Adam said.

Next financial year, the Federal Government has allocated nearly $53,000 for every person on the islands. All up it is around $37 million to maintain health, education, communication and airline services, and that is on top of a dole bill that runs into the millions each year.


41-year-old Azman Arkrie and his five children live in one of the 100 government provided homes on the island. He has been back just over a week from serving two months of a three month sentence in jail in Western Australia for Centrelink fraud.

He has so far paid back $11,000 of the $30,000 he illegally claimed.

Arkrie claims he was unlucky to have been caught, because he certainly was not acting alone.

Next month another home islander will face a court accused of claiming Centrelink benefits for two children who don’t exist, and while many people declined to comment on camera, it was confirmed from various sources across both islands that overpayment of welfare on the island had been rife for years.

Dieter Gerhard has lived on the archipelago’s west island for more than twenty years. He says “Australia has bred a welfare mentality, and it has bred that mentality by basically whatever Home Island, wanted the Government was there writing a big cheque.”

Loyd Liest is the only European living outside the settlement on Home Island. “I know the Government has spent a lot of dough trying to re-educate and retrain the people in that, but it hasn’t sort of worked,” he said.

Household incomes are often pooled and a housing shortage on Home Island means extended families live under the one roof. If no one in the household works, combined incomes could be more than $1,200 per week.


Anonymous said...

You should have seen the procedure my cousin had to go through to get into Australia. And he was a qualified guy, in an area they needed people for. Went right back to his school days, they did.

Anonymous said...

Kuffar is the eternal "other," to be be milked for money, lawfared for advantages, groomed for rape, tricked in every possible way. When will that get across to the pitiful idiots running every Western country without exception?

This is worst with Muslims, because of the jihad undertones and implied or actual violence, but other immigrants from retarded cultures exhibit similar behavior in the economic sphere. Cambodians who immigrated to California stopped working, because it was obvious to them they were now living in a society that begged them to take its money. They just wanted to be good citizens of Eldorado.
Takuan Seiyo

Cathryn Paradise said...

Islam teaches that "infidels" must provide financial support to the lazy followers of Mohammed

Nick said...

The FLDS call this "bleeding the beast".

Qualis Rex said...

yeah...hard for me to feel sorry for the Ausies in this instance. If they want to play colonials, they need to pay the piper. Otherwise, cut them loose and let the island fend for itself. Easy as that.

Anonymous said...

@Qualis Rex,

I think you mean "colonisers", not "colonials", as the report states, the islands are an Australian territory not a colony.

As to cutting them loose, as tempting as that appears, there might be strategic reasons for Australia to maintain sovereignty.
As Takuan Seiyo mentioned, welfare fraud is a more or less standard procedure for many immigrant groups in the West, it's not confined to Moslems. Although I'd bet they would have would have the greatest sense of entitlement.

It's a version of the 'Cargo Cult' mentality that developed when Pacific Islanders first encountered the products of Western industry without understanding the society that produced all those marvellous goods.

It's all our fault of course.

Old man

Anonymous said...

White beta males slaving away until their 70's, their wages skimmed to pay for these scams. Western women and skimmigrants are A-OK with this. Back to work beta bitches!

Malcolm Smith said...

As an Australian, let me give you a run-down. The Cocos Keeling Islands were uninhabited until settled by a Mr Clunies-Ross, who brought over Malay labourers to run his copra plantation.
Then, in 1975, the left wing Labor government discovered the islands and realised that - shock, horror! - it was a colony. They immediately took over, and bit by bit, forced the Clunies-Rosses out. In the process, they destroyed the one productive industry on the island.
It is true that Clunies-Ros tended to run the islands in a feudal style, but it was benevolent, and everybody got paid for productive work, not for doing nothins.

Qualis Rex said...

OM - nope, I meant colonials, since the island has already been colonised for some time now. I seldome (if ever) say what I don't mean. And I'm sure someone somewhere thinks there is some "strategic" reason to hold on to the island. But isn't the real question: is it worth it?

Malcolm - thanks for the background. Very interesting.

bewick said...

Aw c'mon. This is a joke surely?
You have disguised the true identities, and the financial figures, to "protect". This is really the UK, in the Atlantic , rather than Pacific, Ocean. Surely?
75% of Muslim women in the UK are economically inactive and 50% of muslim males according to Government statistics. Sounds very similar at least.
NEXT year I expect the Government to obscure the issue by banning the recording of ethnic origin - already partially obscured by regarding those born here as "British" even if of "asian" parentage.
Not "PC" to enrage the indigenous is it?

laine said...

"the Muslim community which for nearly three decades has battled unemployment."

What a laugh and a half. Muslims battle unemployment the way cats battle catnip.

"Living in paradise comes at a cost...
Next financial year, the Federal Government has allocated nearly $53,000 for every person on the islands".

And the leeches are complaining it's not enough. Now I've heard everything. The people with the least initiative in the world, "as Allah wills it" Muslims, are allowed to colonize an Australian island in a paradise setting and extract jizya in the form of Welfare from the darwinically dumb hosts. Even that's not enough - they commit Welfare fraud. Those who planned on decamping to Australia as the last bastion of anglo common sense had better unpack their bags. At least American Muslims have to live in places like Dearborn to collect their jizya, not a tropical paradise.

Anonymous said...

Use the island for nuclear testing.