Friday, May 25, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/25/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/25/2012A federal jury in Texas convicted Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo of plotting a terrorist attack against a restaurant near Fort Hood, in revenge for the actions of the American military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some accounts suggest that Islamic beliefs may have played a part in Pvt. Abdo’s intended attack.

In other news, early returns in the Egyptian presidential election indicate that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate received the largest percentage of votes. He and another Salafist combined reportedly accounted for 47%, not an absolute majority, but still an impressive showing.

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Anonymous said...

Nationwide Iranian hunger strike
- in Denmark

"Ten Iranians are latest to hungerstrike in attempt draw attention to their uncertain futures Several groups of asylum seekers, numbering around 80 in total, are staging hunger strikes across Denmark."

"The Iranians are all Christians and their hunger strike, which started on Wednesday when they moved into the church, is a protest against their rejected asylum cases and their fear of persecution should they be returned to Iran."

Anonymous said...

Asylum seekers have been living
without internet connection!

"“We have been living in a Red Cross centre without internet and normal contact to people outside the centres,” one of the ten asylum seekers, Amir Hossein Shahidi Asl, told Ritzau news service. “We are living in a vacuum and don’t know what to do.”"

Anonymous said...

NRK "comic" Amir Asgharnejad
made fun of Azerbaijan

Provocing the authorities' anger at the airport. Norway manages to stir up politically what was supposed to be a Eurovision non-political song contest.

How non-political could it be to present an Iranian-born Touraj Keshtkar, singer Tooji as representing Norway in the Baku contest?

Anonymous said...


Provoking the authorities' anger

The NRK "comic" team are on their way home, allegedly according to plan.