Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The End of the Rainbow Dream

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One would expect the presence of large numbers of Muslims in Western European cities to strain the traditional alliance between gays and the Left-Multicultural political establishment. Muslims, after all, make no secret about the fact that their religious law commands them to persecute — and even execute — homosexuals.

But the force of denial is strong. Up until recently there were few cracks in the Rainbow-Multicultural façade. Now things seem to be changing: homosexuals are fleeing their traditional neighborhoods in Hamburg, and are speaking up openly about what is happening.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Die Welt, via SOS-Österreich:

A Multi-Culti Dream Shatters — Gays Flee Hamburg

May 14, 2012 (from WeltOnline, May 12)
by der Patriot

HAMBURG — The colorful, multiculti world in quarter St. Georg has developed fissures. Gays feel threatened by Muslims. Attacks and vulgar remarks by Muslims are directed at gays. Ahmet Yazici: “Homosexuality is a sin in Islam.”

Gays and Muslims are no longer fond of each other.* Again and again recently, there are reports of attacks and vulgar comments by Muslims against gays. Ahmet Yazici, vice chair of the Islamic community in north Germany, rejects the blanket condemnation of the Muslims in the quarter: “Homosexuality is a sin in Islam, but that would never be a legitimate reason to use violence,” says the 42 year-old. In the quarter behind the main railroad station are 13 mosques and prayer rooms. At the same time, it is the center of the homosexual scene in Hamburg.

In Formerly Gay Stores There Are Now Anatolian Tea Rooms

Previously, people would dress as was typical for the scene here, says a gay restaurateur who wishes to remain anonymous. “Now, you pull on sweatpants over it.” And if a hand-holding homosexual couple encounters several youths at night, it is best to cross to the other side of the street. “With the strong influx of Muslims, the golden days are over for the gays,” says the 49-year-old. Now, in once-gay stores, there are Anatolian tea rooms, Turkish bakeries, or mosques. Referring to the tense relationship, a gay asks in the magazine Hinnerk: “Would St. Georg be more fab without the kebab?”

The GAL [Grüne-Alternative Liste = Green, Alternative List] politician, Farid Müller, observes developments with concern. Some time ago, independently of each other, six men reported to the declared gay that they had been assaulted. They had not dared to go to the police. The reasons: inhibitions about coming out to the police and fear of reprisals.

The restaurateur who has lived in the quarter since 1978 confirms this fear of reporting assaults. There are insults and intimidations. Cars that bear the rainbow sticker — the symbol of gays and lesbians — have their windows smashed in antennas broken off. In December 2006 the sign for a counseling service for homosexuals was painted over with “Death to Gays.”

Ahmet Yazici of the Centrums Mosque, on the other hand, knows of no attacks. “That there are a couple of teenagers who say stupid things and act up — that happens everywhere,” he says. Tolerance is an active part of Muslim life. “We face up to the subject of homosexuality, even though it is taboo in most communities.”

(All of these developments were described by the Islamophobe Udo Ulfkotte more than five years ago in his book, SOS, The West)

* The writer uses of an old expression — “to be green” = “to be fond of.” And no doubt enjoys the pun on the name of the prominent leftist party, the Greens.

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laine said...

Leftists using a multicult Trojan Horse to wreck the West also pretended to be feminists but accepted women's position under the Islamic bus with equanimity. Now presumably leftists pretending to be gay sympathizers will toss them under the same bus to conserve their Unholy Alliance with their fellow totalitarians, Muslims. The Leftists pretending to be Green don't have to toss their green useful idiots because the primitive non-industrialized life in almost all Muslim dominated nations is what greenies demand to "save the planet" from Man. Hopefully this sacrifice with a die off in the millions from starvation and disease will propitiate the Sun that is actually responsible for all our warming, every day, every summer and glaciation/melting cycles lasting thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

They remind of a helpless fat man who hangs out with cannibals.

Look the Left as a group couldn't care less if a part of them have to be sacrificed.

This is why they threw the Gays under the Islamic freight train. Not that the Gays seem to care much about it, anymore than say the Feminists do.

The thing is, both groups wield enough power within the Leftist establishment to say to the Lefty leadership "no more appeasing Muslims". They don't save for rare exceptions who have zero influence.

I can only conclude the Gay and Feminist communities are so brainwashed by Leftist agitprop they are willing to support politicians and agendas that run counter to their continued existence.

Hermes said...

So what will they do now? turn into "islamophobes"? And the green party? Will they also turn into "islamophobes"? Or will they let their protegees be harassed and eventually killed so as not to give a politically incorrect impression of themselves?

"They had not dared to go to the police. The reasons: inhibitions about coming out to the police and fear of reprisals."

Would have lefties been sooooo inhibited if the attackers had been indigenous europeans...?

Oh God, these lefties... they could really go to hell for once and for all.

1389 said...

This is why Obama stays in the closet and takes great pains to hide his homosexual activity.

Homosexuality is rife in Islamic countries, but nobody admits it publicly.

Ann Barnhardt videos: Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

And if anybody doubts that Obama is a Muslim:

"Reverend" Jeremiah Wright admits Obama never renounced Islam!

Anonymous said...

First, they came for the Jews, and I said nothing.

I'm not religious at all, but it's rather hilarious how those who cursed Israel and the western civilization she bred get to stew in the consequences.

Anonymous said...

First they came for the Jews...

The time has come. Parisians are speaking up against
mosques camouflaged as "cultural centers" and "institutes" where "everybody is welcome" - to convert - and financed by taxpayers.

Taxpayers turning up at the municipal to confront the socialist mayor with the texts of the law, promising to meet him in court

Qualis Rex said...

1389 By all accounts of his statements and actions, Obama is most likely an atheist, not a Mohammedan. In his speeches, he's called on us to be "partners with God" which is a no-no in Mohammedanism. By endorsing same-sex marriage, he is also contradicting Mohammedanism (they don't care for that much either). Calling Obama a Mohammedan is as laughible as calling him a Christian. He serves one master; himself.

Dave said...

Gays and feminists have no stake in the future; they merely wish to enjoy their last few decades before passing into nonexistence. After that, Muslims can have the world for all they care. If Muslims abuse them, GLBTs will just pack up and move somewhere else. There's no sense fighting to secure a future for children you'll never have.