Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Murder in the Asylum

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated two news stories from about a fatal stabbing that occurred on Tuesday at an asylum center in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.

He includes this note:

The first article claims that there were three individuals involved in the attack, but the second one claims that only two individuals were present at the time of the murder. I assume that the updated second article contains the correct details.

There was another very ugly incident in Oslo a few days ago in which a plainclothes police officer was brutally assaulted in Oslo and almost killed. He was attacked from behind and received kicks to his head while lying on the ground. The perpetrator was a ‘new Norwegian’.

Also, a poll in VG today shows that FrP (the Progress Party) would lose 50% of their MPs if an election were held today. This poor voter response is presumably a result of FrP’s decision to relax its immigration policies. They adopted this position this to become more ‘palatable’ for other political parties, but unfortunately it has backfired on them big time.

First, translated excerpts from a article published yesterday (May 22) :

A dead man has been found at a reception center in Fana in Bergen. Another one has been injured. The police have confirmed the death in a press release. The police were informed of the fatal stabbing at 12:14 pm. The deceased man appears to have been stabbed several times in the upper body.

According to information that VG has been given, the two stabbing victims are of Afghan origin, while the perpetrator is from Somalia.

Several witnesses are now being questioned by police .According to Bergens Tidende [local paper], the police have brought in thirteen residents from the detention centre for questioning. They have been given the status of witnesses.

According to sources VG-Nett has been in contact with the two Afghans who locked themselves inside a room at the reception out of fear of the alleged perpetrator.

“I can confirm that two people have been stabbed and that one person has been arrested. That’s all the information we have at the moment,” Morten Ørn, the chief of police at Bergen Police Station south, tells

Efforts to determine the course of events has proven to be difficult due to the surviving Afghan’s poor English skills.

The second piece is a complete translation of an article published today (May 23):
Asylum seeker accused of murder claims that he was attacked

The asylum seeker who is charged with fatally stabbing a fellow asylum seeker at a reception center in Bergen on Tuesday claims that he was locked inside a room and attacked.

According to the man’s attorney it could be a case of self-defense.

The Afghan man has been charged with manslaughter, but has so far not entered a plea, defense attorney Gisle Didriksen tells Bergens Tidende.

“My client claims that he was invited into a room on the second floor of the building. There he was accused of having converted to Christianity. At the time of the incident there were only two people present in the room, my client and the deceased. My client was attacked almost immediately with a knife after the door was locked behind him,” Didriksen says.

The Afghan was able to jump sideways, but received an injury to his hand.

“During the attack, in what clearly appears to be a self-defense situation, the deceased sustained a knife-inflicted injury. Following this my client managed to escape by jumping out the window. He suffered an injury to his back in the process,” Didriksen concludes.

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AliceNorthernLights said...

Maybe the Fremskrittpartiet is not that confident. They should take lesson from Geert Wilders. It's unfortunate, because Jensen had good ideas, i really liked them.

Anonymous said...

Brigitte Gabriel's people have done a great study on very widely used textbooks.

Anonymous said...

The alleged killer is (allegedly) the "Ali" mentioned here and elsewhere on GoV. It came to that.