Friday, May 25, 2012

Cultural Enrichment: Money is no Object!

Regular readers will remember Eskild Pedersen, the Coward of Utøya and the leader of the AUF (youth division of the Norwegian Labour Party), who escaped the massacre last July by allegedly ordering the ferry to carry himself and a few selected others away from the island while all those teenagers were being slaughtered by Anders Behring Breivik.

Mr. Pedersen is back in the news, countering the latest report from the SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå, Norwegian Bureau of Statistics) about the net negative costs of immigration. His reaction: “Cost doesn’t matter! Immigration must take place!”

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated part of an article from E24 about Eskild Pedersen’s views on immigration. The translator notes:

There is something very Stalinistic and nauseating about Pedersen. His arrogance and his super-inflated self image are mind-boggling, to say the least.

The translated excerpts:

Pedersen: “Completely irrelevant”

Leader of the AUF, Eskil Pedersen has not yet seen the report, but he has read about it in the newspapers.

He considers the question of whether immigration results in a profit or a loss as irrelevant and uninteresting.

“There are many ways to pit different groups against each other. I have read several studies that claim that gays are more productive than heterosexuals. The gays are highly educated, creative and have well-paid jobs. Nevertheless, it is meaningless to try an estimate how much heterosexuals are costing society,” Pedersen says.

He hopes that this comparison can be somewhat of an eye-opener for those who call for a detailed cost analysis of immigration.

“Yes; I do believe that if a heterosexual is confronted with such a comparison he or she will see how unfair such an analogy is. Similarly it is meaningless to estimate how much immigration is costing Norway,” Pedersen says.

“Norway is going to comply with its obligations to people who are on the run regardless of the cost.”

Wants to double the intake of UN processed refugees

Pedersen and the AUF is of the opinion that Norway should accept far more UN processed refugees than we do today.

“Today we receive about a thousand processed refugees each year. This number should initially be increased to 1,500, or even better doubled. These refugees are the most disadvantaged people in the world living in refugee camps in developing nations, and whom the UN has specifically asked its member states to resettle,” Pedersen says

“What do you think of Siv Jensen’s claim that we don’t need skilled immigrants because we have numerous Norwegians on disability benefits who want to rejoin the workforce?”

“Siv Jensen has a very naïve way of looking at our country’s labor demands. Those who come as skilled immigrants are highly educated people with skills that are in demand. Does Mrs. Jensen even know how many construction workers on disability benefits there are in Norway?” Pedersen asks rhetorically.

He continues:

“Mrs. Jensen’s rhetoric is meaningless. She wants to stop the skilled immigration and she believes that we can just march in the disabled construction workers and take over building projects. This isn’t how it works in reality,” Pedersen says.


Anonymous said...

Provincial arrogance

Henrik Ibsen was born in this small city, Skien, which is Eskil's hometown, too.

What is more, Ibsen and his wife, lived on the street halfway between the American Embassy and where the stabbing took place.

Skien seems to be getting a lot of enrichment these days. Every other day there is news about it from Skien and Porsgrunn, neighbouring city, where also this newly refurbished rococo church was burnt down some time ago.

This area has in particular, been blessed with Kosovo-albanians the last few decades.

What might Henrik Ibsen have thought about today's Norway, and Europe?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about any confusion
- The following is referring to the "Chile on the Fjords" post

What is more, Ibsen and his wife, lived on the street halfway between the American Embassy and where the stabbing took place.

Ibsen spent his last years here, and took his daily walk down to the Karl Johan, stopping by the University to synchronize his pocket watch with the wall chronometer on his way down to the Grand Café precisely at noon.

Anonymous said...

The same University Square in Oslo a hundred years on
- Same, but very different
Comparing the Ibsen photo with the 2010 pictures

- This is not a threat. It is a warning

Mohamed Mohyeldeen and followers with his straight from Friday prayer, warning(...) about a local 9/11

What is remarkable is that there are so many moderates present at this warning. Mohyeldeen himself, is a former student at the university of Medina

AliceNorthernLights said...

Gays better than hetero?
I think this is a tipical far left-wing politically correct point of view. I have nothing against gay people, but i think they should be considered in base to their own ability (as single person) and not in base to their sexuality.

Is not Siv Jensen that is naive, is this Pedersen that show to have closed eyes all the time.

Anonymous said...

He didnt order the ferry to just take him and a few others. People told him to run to the ferry. He didnt have time to think what was the right thing to do. It's human instinct.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It is the human instinct of a COWARD!

The human instinct of a hero - a protector - is to run towards the danger to help mitigate it.

There were Norwegian heroes who used their own boats and risked their own lives to save students swimming away from the danger.

In addition to being a self-serving COWARD, Pedersen is a QUISLING TRAITOR of Norway.

What do you want to bet that Pedersen runs from Norway as well once he has enriched himself by selling your beautiful culture on the cheap to the ugliest culture in the world - namely Islam - otherwise known as Satanism?!

Once a COWARD, always a COWARD!


cugel said...

I agree with the previous poster. I have no doubt that when Norway is at last overwhelemd by the inferior and violent culture of islam that Pedersen will be on the first (and half empty) plane out of there, no doubt ready to expound upon his enlightened views wherever he goes.

Wilfred Thorsen said...

Anonymous wrote:
"He didnt order the ferry to just take him and a few others. People told him to run to the ferry. He didnt have time to think what was the right thing to do. It's human instinct."

Indeed it was. But please have in mind that Eskil Pedersen is not a human. He is a semi god in humanshape, at least that's what 13 years of public schooling taught him :)

I'm just trolling you, of course Eskil Pedersen is nothing more than a human, but he doesn't nescessarily view himself as a human. Since he believes so deeply that he has the right to control and manipulate people's lives, then he probably does think of himself as a semi god in humanshape.

Anonymous said...

Subtle threats

A comment at a Norwegian site, E24, giving the impression of knowing something about the subject, indicates how certain groups by subtle unpronounced threats can open the NAV cash registers, social security (NAV).

What may happen after a 'no' to hand-outs, is that suddenly a lot of taxies turn up outside the house of the NAV worker, at the kindergarten, etc. You may get scared by this, and it may tend to make you hand out taxpayers' funds after all, for the fear of your or your family's life.

A clan way of putting pressure on individuals, that has been unknown to Norway, as trust has been one of the pillars that the social security system has been built upon.

Trust, the reason why it could work in the first place.

laine said...

"trust has been one of the pillars that the social security system has been built upon."

How lovely, the hard working ants trusted each other not to abuse the very generous safety net they created. Then some very very stupid ant leaders decided to import a lot of grasshoppers known for their idleness and the ants had to toil harder to support these parasites who slapped them around for good measure. The ants also kept voting for the fools who came up with this insane idea. Old ants had to empty their own bedpans while young grasshoppers refused to attend school and indulged in vandalism and rape. As the ants lay dying, they comforted themselves with the thought that the worst had not happened - they could not be accused of grasshopperphobia. The End
(of ant/Norwegian culture)

Anonymous said...

Our homeland

"He said the majority Christians do not consider emigration a possibility. “This is our homeland. Christians have been living in Syria long before the Muslims. Why should we move away?”"

Why should we make the situation of the Europeans as horrible as the Syrians?
Why make Europeans a minority in their own homelands?
- Eskil, why?

Anonymous said...

Where, oh where, do you emigrate to when EVERYWHERE has been made into HELL on earth by Muslims practicing Islam?!