Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More on the Oslo Human Torch

Concerning the man who set himself on fire yesterday in front of the courtroom in Oslo (see the post and video here), our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this additional information:

Here’s a brief update on the ‘human torch’ incident. I’ve had a look in the Norwegian newspapers, and according to the man in question is a Norwegian citizen originally from Tunisia. He arrived in Norway in the late 1980s and has apparently been living in Sweden for several years, where he also has several children.

The article goes on to say that the police in Norway have had dealings with him in the past, but only for minor stuff. It seems that there is no history of mental illness, but it appears that he’s struggled with a drug addiction for the last couple of years.

One of the things that could have triggered the incident is that NAV rejected his application for welfare benefits. He did write a letter in which he claimed that NAV had conspired against him before he set himself on fire.

Pretty weird stuff if you ask me.


Juniper in the Desert said...

This is what happens when a first world country allows people from 3rd world countries to live alongside them without trying to integrate them or just rejecting them because they are not fit to live alongside civilised peaceful people.
The video upset me for following reasons: the fear with the policeman that this maybe some sort of suicide bomber or other mozlem maniac that if they dealt with him normally, would put them and their jobs in jeopardy. And secondly the obvious mental derangement, no doubt as you now mention, due to drug addiction, of the muzzie. Izlam is a mental derangement,but it is not permitted by Western countries to prevent it or remove it from the psyche, because it is their CULTURE. Izlam is what Richard Dawkins refers to as the "learned meme" of culture, that is on its way to becoming a genetic mutation!
I hope that makes sense!entegon ageredia

Qualis Rex said...

As Madame Nhu of South Vietnam was quoted as saying, "the problem with this is...that there is a shortage of matches".

The "Arab Spring" begun in Tunisia also allegedly started when a shop-owner set himself on fire in protest to the government-sanctioned corruption/kick-backs he was forced to pay. So, maybe there's a trend here. My feeling is, as long as they don't take anyone with them...

Anonymous said...

Poor me, poor me, por me .. a gallon of petrol.

Typical pathetic victim behaviour. If I don't get my benefits then I'll set myself on fire.

As if that is someone else's choice, and someone else's responsibility. Who's paying for his medical care then? The Norwegian taxpayers?

Wouldn't a plane ticket be cheaper all round? said...

Classic behavior of someone used to be in jail:
I will kill/wound myself if I have not what I want.
It is not unusual for westerns inmates also.

I would not read too much in this.

More interesting is Hollande in France talking about limiting immigration and Golden Dawn in Greece taking so many votes; Merkle losing support and Grillo (Mvimento 5 Stelle) in Italy growing near 10%.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know this man has been littering Scandinavia with offspring.

That should help keep the vibrancy up for another generation.


laine said...

They would apparently rather immolate themselves than work to support all the mouths they birth.

Anonymous said...

One more Oslo diversity story
This time a with a hammer, not a torch

Sitting quietly working in the cafe near Karl Johan in Oslo,
one guest heard people in the cafe screaming. She thought they had seen a rat. Then realized there was a desperado in the cafe and rushed out.

Male individual was using hammer to find money in the safe, but owner and guests kept the door closed until police could take care of him, an individual which is well known by the police.

Anonymous said...

Bhatti held
- jailed for two weeks

Anonymous said...


Nice to know this man has been littering Scandinavia with offspring.

Agree. While at the same time giving those offspring - who didn't have a choice of father - a fair chance to become good citizens and reasonable individuals.

Personality genes could be picked from generations before, and need not have nothing to do with the father's personality. (Common sense, no scientific proofs)

All we can do is hope.