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Oslo Rape Wave: Detailed Statistics

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We’ve reported numerous times in the past on the wave of culturally-enriched rapes in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Different explanations have been offered — global warming, for example, or an increased willingness on the part of the victims to report the crime — to avoid discussing the massive over-representation of non-European immigrants in the rape statistics.

The latest theory holds that irresponsible media outlets are exacerbating the situation by reporting the rape statistics and thereby encouraging racism. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated excerpts from an article on the topic, and includes this introduction:

This very interesting piece was posted on earlier today. It’s a response to an op-ed published in one of big newspapers in Norway a couple of days ago in which the author accused the media and the police of causing racism by publishing rape statistics!

These figures deliver a decisive blow against those who claim that non-Western immigrants are unfairly stigmatized in the media in these types of cases.

The translation below is an abbreviated version. I decided to translate only the first half of it.

The translated article:

The chicken or the egg?

And here we go again. Armed with an amateurish news report from Utrop [immigrant newspaper] Anna Kathrine Eltvik, a politician from Rødt [The Reds] accuses the police and media of creating racism with rape statistics. Ms. Eltvik gets right down to the nitty-gritty in her op-ed:

“Why doesn’t VG write about “Per” from Horten, or “Nils” from Trondheim? The fact that most girls and women experience abuse and rape at the hands of their boyfriends, friends and acquaintances is not mentioned at all. Nor is it mentioned that most rapists are ethnic Norwegians. By omitting this fact the country’s best-selling tabloid newspaper creates the impression that only immigrants behave in such a completely unacceptable manner. They should rise above such tactics.

“Are the media and police going to spend any significant time rectifying the damage that they have caused? That’s highly unlikely. And what’s astonishing is that they are likely to get away scot-free, too. After all, there are some Norwegians who thrive in their abominable prejudice, and who don’t wish to admit that they have been wrong.”

The article in Utrop is based on a report published by the Oslo police in 2011: Voldtekt i den globale byen [Rape in the global city], which makes for dismal reading. The source of Tanweer Hussain’s — and thus Anna Kathrine Eltvik’s — sensational headline “The myth about non-western rapists is starting to crack” can most likely be traced to Table 3 (p.28) in the report, which deals with known, convicted perpetrators.

But convictions alone do not paint a correct picture, as only 12% of all reported rapes in Norway result in a conviction. The number of rapists in Norway who are convicted of rape is only between 0.5% and 1%. It is therefore customary to base rape statistics on police reports and the victim’s description of the perpetrator when trying to determine the frequency of rape. And these numbers paint a very clear picture, so clear in fact that some feel compelled to a) disregard all tables except the one that support their own views and b) attempt to sustain other myths.

In the original article Hussain proclaims that:

“The huge surge in rapes in 2012 is attributed to the so-called party-related rapes (date rapes) in which ethnic Norwegians are over-represented.”

But this assertion is incorrect. Ethnic Norwegians are not over-represented in any of the five rape categories drawn up the police. In all the categories, including party-related rapes, there is an over-representation of men from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which is rather baffling, considering the size of this group in relation to ethnic Norwegians.

The numbers for 2010 tell us that 19.7% of the rapists came from Africa, 15.1% from the Middle East and 14.1% came from Asia, and when considering that the Middle East comprises parts of Africa and parts of Asia it means that 48.9% of the rapes were committed by perpetrators from these two continents. The report’s Table 30, Typer voldtekt anmeldt til Oslo politidistrikt 2010 med identifisert mistenkt/siktet [types of rape reported in Oslo Police District in 2010 where the suspects/accused have been identified], which has been divided according the perpetrator’s country of origin, tells us that men from the Middle East, Africa and Asia are significantly over-represented in all five rape categories:

Type of rapeThird-World
Native or
Party related rape
(date rape)
Relational rape
(perpetrator and victim know each other)
Vulnerability rape
(where the victim is incapable of resisting)
Assault rape100.0%0.0%

In comparison, immigrants and individuals born in Norway to immigrant parents from Africa and Asia comprise 17.4% of Oslo’s population, while ethnic Norwegians make up 70%. This means that 17.4% of the population account for 48.9% of the overall rapes, which is a huge over-representation: Individuals from Africa and Asia are four to five times more likely to commit rape than the rest of the population.

This is an overwhelming problem and should be the topic of the debate — not well-meaning or ideologically driven individuals’ constant attempts to obfuscate statistics they find uncomfortable.

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Anonymous said...

This seems to be Stage II in the three-stage process of statistical indictment of multiculturalism.

Stage I: Preliminary stats show that a certain foreign entity is aggressing on the native population.

Tri-part Multiculturalist Response:
--There is no problem.
--There is a problem but the perpetrators are natives.
--There is a problem and the perpetrators are foreigners, yet they are not really committing crimes but simply expressing their culture in a way that seems threatening to the ignorant natives.

Stage II: As time advances, the statistics become more and more damning.

--The foreigners are not committing these crimes but being slandered by biased studies.
--The foreigners are committing these crimes but this is because of the Crusades and colonialism and such.
--The foreigners are committing these crimes but only because of socioeconomic inequality, institutionalized racism, and other forms of discrimination.

Stage III: The evidence becomes, like, totally irrefutable.

Response: The statisticians are rounded up and carted off to Siberia.

K. from Germany said...

The way these numbers are presented actually makes the lies even worse rather than revealing any shred of truth. I mean the grouping into "Africans", "Asians" etc. How is a Northern African Muslim ethnically related with a Sub-Saharan Black African, usually Christian and of very different race? Or a Muslim Asian with a Chinese? This is ridiculous and now they are even going to the extent of committing racism themselves just to avoid telling the dire truth about the one and only cultural background that endorses, breeds and nurtures this inhumane, criminal behaviour: Islam, Islam, Islam, dammit! Not saying there aren't any rapists from other backgrounds or motivations, but these are individual wrongdoers as exist everywhere. But no other currently extant "culture" is producing generation after worthless generation implanted with such hatred and contempt for outsiders that committing these crimes against them is even considered a praiseworthy thing. Everybody who goes on lying about this or covering it up is committing a range of crimes from letting down the victims and abuse of authoritative power to high treason. We could bomb Islam into oblivion, but cutting out the traitors and dhimmis is like operating cancer that has spread all over already on our own body while fully conscious and without novocaine.