Friday, May 18, 2012

Vlad Tepes Interviews Tommy Robinson

With the help of EDL Buck, Vlad conducted an excellent interview with Tommy Robinson last night over a transatlantic connection to England:

Full disclosure: I helped Vlad transcribe Tommy’s answers in the wee hours of this morning, so I am not unbiased about this interview.

Update: I’ve corrected all the reported errors in the transcript. The subtitles will be repaired late tonight, according to Vlad. Many thanks to the distributed eagle eyes that discovered the errors.

The full transcript is below the jump:

00:12 Yeah I think that...
00:16 after our Proud and Prejudiced documentary, basically for three years...
00:20 we’ve been slandered as ‘racist, Nazi’ by the media...
00:24 after our Proud and Prejudiced documentary it come out quite clear, something, certain things...
00:28 the only thing I wanted to get out of that documentary was that we are against the ideology...
00:32 of 7th-century Islam. And that we are not against blacks, Sikhs...
00:36 Asians and nothing to do with colour and it’s all to do with ideology. And that came
00:40 out of it and in the weeks after, I had so many...
00:44 West Indian people in Luton come up to me, and they were infuriated
00:48 that they had been lied to, by the media. They said ‘how can they...
00:52 in media have gotten away with telling us you are Nazis?’ They didn’t understand...
00:56 I’ve had so many people come up to me, and that’s the main gripe from a lot of their things and...
01:00 that’s public perception, it is changing people, people three years on..
01:04 we’re established now, people know what we stand for, they no longer say, ‘the racist English...
01:08 Defence League’ they say ‘The anti-Islamist Defence League’. So
01:12 and it’s been a hard long battle to fight and break those barriers.
01:16 It’s been a smear campaign by politicians, by Islamic leaders and the left
01:20 to try and silence us really, to try and stop...
01:24 the growth. To stifle...
01:28 the debate by labelling us all as racists and Nazis.
01:32 and obviously now with the link up with British Freedom, the idea is that...
01:36 The EDL does clearly have a bit of an image problem.
01:40 It’s an image problem that has been created not just by the left...
01:44 partly our own fault, a lot of people ask me to condemn it when ...
01:48 people are angry on the streets but, I try and explain that those lads that are angry...
01:52 you see these grooming cases and things like that, I’ve been to cities where I have had lads...
01:56 come up to me, and say, ‘My sister is one of the victims of these Muslim paedophiles’...
02:00 Now, the system has let him down, the police have let him down and the Islamic community has let him down,
02:04 and when that man is angry on the street and he has an aggressive face or he shouts...
02:08 I can’t condemn him. Although what I’ll try and do is...
02:12 channel his frustration and anger, obviously you do see anger on the streets...
02:16 because people are angry. There is an undercurrent of anger and I don’t thing anyone’s got...
02:20 their finger on the pulse. And it’s massive.
02:24 Especially with recent developments with this Islamic child grooming and the fact that...
02:28 there has been a conspiracy of silence to facilitate it at the police force.
02:32 And by social services. People are really angry, blood is boiling.
02:36 And we are trying to direct that anger through peaceful protest. So...
02:40 Whether our new image problem, hopefully with British freedom now will be like...
02:44 clean slate as such, that will be...
02:48 the organization, cause so many people are sympathetic, I have so many people come up to us on the streets...
02:52 and say, ‘I support you, but I’m too fearful to come to a demonstration because of losing my job because...
02:56 they look a bit rowdy, they look a bit aggressive,’ things like that. So those sort of people...
03:00 which is a massive percentage, will now be able to support us by ticking a box.
03:04 for the British Freedom party, hopefully.
03:24 Every single police force tell us, when we have sit down meetings with the police they all say:
03:28 that we are not allowed an opinion but they stick their thumbs up. Pretty much all of them do that. All of them...
03:32 do that. ‘Cause obviously they see first-hand the extremism, the Islamists, the Muslim gangs.
03:36 They see it first hand. They have to deal with that as a job, the police. Also...
03:40 what they do is, we had a black Tory councillor, Dr.
03:44 Blaine. He come up to me at a meeting on camera, shook my hand, says he admires what I’m doing...
03:48 he thinks it’s amazing what I’m doing, the way we are galvanizing the working class, he thinks we’ve got skills...
03:52 that need to be capitalised on by local government...
03:56 and he doesn’t understand why governments are not sitting down and talking with us...
04:00 and he was suspended. So then there is this big campaign, whenever anyone...
04:04 talks out on behalf of us, we’ve just had it again last; and he was a local Tory...
04:08 councillor. And he was a black man. He was actually a black man. And they called him racist...
04:12 afterwards. And we just had last week a...
04:16 another Tory councillor down in Bournemouth. She made comments on Twitter saying that...
04:20 the English Defence League is the only group sticking up for the English. Now she’s been suspended.
04:24 So this is what happens. There’s a big, which is what they have done across this country, ...
04:28 they scare everybody. ‘Cause all the politicians watching think, ‘Well, I’d better not say anything
04:32  productive about the English Defence League cause Ill be suspended. I’ll be...
04:36 harassed by the left. I’ll be called a racist. I’ll be called far right, I’ll be called an extremist’
04:40 So that’s the problem we have. And that’s what they do, and they do it on purpose.
04:44 So that people are fearful, and it’s exactly the...
04:48 that reason that we formed. ‘Cause people have been walking on eggshells 15, 20 years...
04:52 scared to talk about how they feel, and it’s because of these reasons, they are harassed.
04:56 Well anyone who is the EDL is harassed, they try and find out where they work, they report them to their job,
05:00 they smear campaign them, to try and destroy your life. Which is...
05:04 an organized and orchestrated campaign by the left against anyone...
05:08 who speaks out.
05:24 They have been infiltrated...
05:28 to the top. The first thing that brought it to my awareness really was....
05:32 really locally, even in Luton, they opened...
05:36 the ‘Discover Islam Centre’. So we looked into Discover Islam Centre...
05:40 and the group that are doing it, that previously the Daily Telegraph had done a big article on them...
05:44 That previously, as soon as Lutfur Rahman, which is a known...
05:48 extremist, and known Islamist links, he was kicked out of the Labour party for having Islamist links...
05:52 as soon as he got into power in Tower Hamlets Council, the first thing he done was to...
05:56 put all these leaflets and these CDs for this Da’wa...
06:00 to convert to Islam for this group, and this group are funded by extremism,
06:05 they are Islamists, and that’s the first thing that happened so once Tower Hamlets Council was infiltrated they started pushing
06:09 Islam and pushing extremist Islam through the council. Now Luton
06:13 opened this centre, and to our shock and dismay, when we started looking into the group behind this centre...
06:17 all of our councillors, our Mayor, all of our...
06:21 cohesion groups went to the grand opening of it. Now...
06:25 When we did some digging and we’ve highlighted who is behind it, some of the things they said in...
06:29 videos on the internet, their anti-Christian rhetoric.
06:33 There can be no other reason, why our council...
06:37 is supporting these groups. Other than they have been infiltrated to the top. ‘Cause
06:41 in this Daily Telegraph investigation of this group, it say’s that ‘The only purpose...
06:45 for this group coming to your town, is to cause disharmony, and foster hatred.’
06:49 Now how are our council supporting this group? And it’s clear...
06:53 It’s then clear to me that Labour... and then when we started looking at the people in positions...
06:57 of power like, the head of Luton in Harmony, which is like a cohesion project...
07:01 is a Socialist Workers party. So then we see the far left...
07:05 is infiltrating as well as Islam. For their own personal agendas.
07:09 And it’s alarming. And you’ve seen the police force
07:13 have kicked out 3 or 4 police officers last week, because they believe they have been to terrorist raining camps...
07:17 if you look at the CPS, like what we are seeing now
07:21 with these child-’grooming’ gangs, the first instances come to court
07:25 come about in 2008, and a solicitor for the CPS decided not to prosecute.
07:29 Now we have just done a Freedom of Information Act [request] and I guarantee you, I’m pretty sure
07:33 that the man is a Muslim. It seems that
07:37 they have infiltrated everything. They have got themselves into positions of power
07:41 across the board. All the major decision-makers, all the major organizations,
07:45 that’s what they aim for. So they can have a sway
07:49 and they can slowly get into positions of power and Islamify areas for
07:53 changing to sharia. And that’s where I’m at. And I believe they have infiltrated to the top of this country.
07:57 And I always thought they’d start
08:01 an Islamic National party or an Islamic political party
08:05 but they don’t need to cause they just infiltrate Labour. That’s all they done.
08:09 They just basically took over the Labour party. That’s what we’ve seen. So,
08:13 yeah, they are infiltrating everywhere.
08:25 I don’t know that’s what I need to look into ‘cause
08:29 I just rang the police earlier cause, today, just today
08:33 I’ve had threats to chop up my children. I’ve had threats to burn my mum.
08:37 This is just today. And I’ve got them all in black and white where they are messaging me
08:41 online, I’ve had threats to shoot me, every single day I get this.
08:45 If I went online and I made a threat to chop up a Muslim’s mum I’d be arrested.
08:49 So the police need to be arresting these people on a daily basis that are making these threats.
08:53 But they don’t seem to. There seems to be a lack of
08:57 real determination to deal with these problems.
09:01 I hope so. I hope if I can get elected anywhere
09:05 then I will get some protection from the authorities.
09:09 but at present it doesn’t look that way.
09:13 I keep on hoping, ‘cause I said, to be honest, it’s getting to a point now where
09:17 I was in town yesterday doing an interview for Croatian TV and I was lucky to get out
09:21 So they have some great footage cause I was surrounded by at least 20 or 30 Muslims
09:25 and it was all getting heated, three police cars come, and I’m standing there
09:29 saying this is freedom of speech, and the police we’re telling me to go away. I said I’m not going away
09:33 I’m finishing my interview with this TV company, in my town.
09:37 I don’t care if they want to threaten to beat me up, or beat me up, you have to deal with it then. That’s your job
09:41 It is my right to stand here and talk.
09:45 You can’t tell me to stop talking. And they said, well, they were going to arrest me
09:49 for breach of the peace. I said this is where the problem is. Rather than turn up and dealing
09:53 with the aggressors, you are picking on me. Who is merely standing here exercising my right
09:57 of freedom of speech. And, yeah,
10:01 I’ve been thinking for 3 years, I thought by now someone would have come in and...
10:05 a sympathetic donor, who sees the work we do, and we are all volunteers....
10:09 and I thought we might have got some funding from somewhere,
10:11 even just funding for security. ‘Cause, to be honest, I do need security.
10:13 I’d still do what I do, but I can see something bad happening in the future,
10:16 do you know what I mean, because I’m in Luton every day,
10:19 and I walk round Luton every day, and every time I do an interview
10:21 I’m usually on my own, and I’m in the town centre, and there’s always things.
10:25 I think I nearly have about three or four punch-ups every single day, probably,
10:29 when I walk through town, so I think it’s just a matter of time.
10:30 So hopefully I can get some security.
10:49 Yeah, see, like when these stickers went up, saying, ‘gay-free zone’
10:55 And ‘alcohol-free zone’, and all these things, there was a lot of people shocked by it.
10:59 But people, like, living in towns where we live... The stickers didn’t shock us,
11:03 ‘cause those stickers just confirm what’s been happening anyway.
11:06 You see every week in the paper a non-Muslim walking near a Muslim area,
11:10 he’s attacked and beaten. They call it a ‘failed robbery’, yeah?
11:13 But they don’t try and rob him. The reason why they’re getting beat up
11:16 is ‘cause they’re drunk, and they’re walking within an Islamic area.
11:19 And that’s sharia law. We used to wonder and scratch our heads,
11:22 ‘Why are they jumping out of cars on innocent people and beating them up
11:24 all the time?’ And if you look, it’s usually homosexuals, it’s usually someone
11:27 who’s intoxicated near their mosques, or near their area,
11:31 and that’s sharia policing. That’s been here for years.
11:34 They’ve been policing their own communities for years.
11:37 And we’re always just scratching our heads, thinking it’s just random racist attacks,
11:40 or random religious attacks, but it’s not: it’s enforcing sharia.
11:43 Every single homophobic attack would go up by hundreds of percent
11:48 where Islamic areas [are]. The pubs close down, they gradually wear down the pub,
11:51 they attack people, and that’s everyday life now. So, when they put these stickers up,
11:56 and a lot of people are alarmed by it, it’s just confirming what we know,
11:59 living near Islamic ghettos, anyway.
12:09 What’s becoming more worrying and alarming is Salafis and Wahhabis.
12:13 They’re growing big-time. They are growing big-time. And all the people
12:16 who convert to Islam, you see all the non-Muslims that are converting,
12:20 the West Indians, the whites, none of them are converting to Sufism.
12:24 None of them are converting to any sort of moderate sects of Islam.
12:27 It’s all Salafis. It’s all Wahhabis. The drive to convert, and the drive
12:32 to Islamify, and really push Islam on us, is coming from Saudi-funded sects.
12:37 And it is alarming, because now all the Muslims, obviously now, that are walking
12:41 around town, who are 18, 19, are the big bearded and bald-headed mullahs.
12:45 That’s the way they’re all going. They’re all going, praying five times a day.
12:49 They’ve all stopped listening to music. They’re all going back to the 7th century.
12:52 And it’s happening at an alarming rate.
13:19 ‘Cause they’re petrified. And fear is paralysing, innit? And I think the fear factor
13:26 has paralysed our politicians; it’s paralysed our police force. And I think
13:29 the way they look at it, is they’re trying to put the cat back in the box,
13:33 and everyone’s now starting to say how they feel. Three years ago
13:37 no one would talk about Islam. Everyone was too scared. No one would mention sharia.
13:41 No one would mention the barbaric, the anti-democratic, the anti-Semitic,
13:44 the homophobic ideology. No one would talk about it. Now, within three years,
13:48 because of the English Defence League, people are proudly standing up,
13:51 shouting it and singing it and screaming it, and people are talking about how they feel.
13:54 And they’re trying to put it back into the box. So, by giving people gaol sentences,
13:57 it scares everyone else. I try and work out the way they look at it,
14:03 and I think they’re looking at it as though, ‘We’ve got 3% that are Muslim,
14:06 we’re trying to contain them, ‘cause if the 97% really kick off
14:10 and decide that they’ve had enough, we’re gonna have big problems.’
14:13 So I think they’re trying to scare the fear factor into people.
14:17 Say they gaol - when the English Defence League first started,
14:21 every leader I talked to from different towns and cities, they’ve all had
14:24 their doors kicked off, they’ve all been arrested, and they do that purposely
14:28 to scare all the other people. So all my friends are scared. When this first started,
14:31 and they started kicking my door off, and putting pictures of me in the paper,
14:34 arresting me, just harassing me, forcing me to lose my businesses -
14:39 when they do that to me, all the people around me sit and watch,
14:42 and they all think, ‘I’ve got a job, I’ve got family to protect - I don’t want that.’
14:47 So then it scares them from joining the movement. It scares them from speaking
14:50 about how they feel. And that’s the tactic I think they purposely use.
14:53 In fact, I know they do, because every single leader from every single town
14:57 and division in the English Defence League has been arrested, raided, and persecuted.
15:00 And it’s done in order to terrify the people. So when people speak up,
15:04 and say how they feel, they’re then arrested, and they do that to stop other people.
15:08 So when people, like - you see - I saw some lads, yeah, they got four years [in gaol]
15:12 for smashing a mosque window with a brick. Now, any house of worship
15:16 should never be attacked, it doesn’t - that’s not the correct method to go down.
15:20 But they smashed a window with a brick. That’s it. They got four years.
15:24 That’s all ‘cause it’s ‘religiously-motivated’. Now that is to put the fear factor
15:29 into anybody from ever going near mosques. Whereas someone could smash a church;
15:33 someone could beat up a priest - they don’t get four years. Muslims attack anything.
15:37 A Muslim desecrated a war memorial with ‘Bin Laden’s on his way, British will die’.
15:44 He didn’t go to gaol, he didn’t get - he actually got let off. Yet a non-Muslim
15:51 smashes one window and gets four years. So there’s a two-tier policing system
15:56 where our community are treated with iron fists, and their community are treated
16:00 with kid gloves, and we need to break that. One of the first things we need to break
16:04 is the two-tier policing system. We need them to be as worried as our community
16:07 as they are of theirs.
16:22 Well, when they say ‘Holocaust’ - I’m a proud supporter of Israel. I mean,
16:26 I’ll defend Israel to the last day. And I think it’s a shining beacon in the middle of,
16:30 surrounded by totalitarian Arab dictatorships. It’s a shining beacon of democracy.
16:36 These ‘Hope not Hate’, these groups - they’re all funded. They’re all saying what they say
16:39 because they get paid to say it. That’s it. You take away their funding, would they
16:43 still be here doing it? Would they still be volunteering? To print stories, etc.?
16:48 No, they wouldn’t. So we’re all volunteers. We do this as a passion.
16:52 That’s why they don’t know how to deal with us. Because we’re doing this,
16:54 we’re dedicating our lives to it, and we’re not getting paid a penny.
16:57 Whereas all these groups are coming out against us, all these ‘experts’
17:01 who give their opinion, they’re all getting paid to give their opinion.
17:04 So, their opinion, they’re just saying what their paycheck tells them to say.
17:08 So all they are is far-left groups who are appeasers to communism,
17:13 to Marxism; they get anti-establishment, anti-British police, whereas we’re pro-police,
17:19 we’re pro-law, we’re pro-democracy. Yet for some reason the authorities
17:23 wish to treat us as the bad guys. I can’t get my head round this sometimes, but…
17:28 It’s just ludicrous.
17:40 What they need to know is that… It’s like they’re sleep-walking into an oblivion.
17:45 I don’t think they will realise how quickly, at the click of your fingers, your country
17:49 will be the same. Because it will happen, it’s just like - it’s not -
17:54 it just so gradually happens; it’s so quick, it’s so… I mean, like,
17:58 you just turn around, and, ‘Oh my God!’ Like certain estates in Luton,
18:01 it’s like within five years - ‘Oh my God! The whole estate, all the schools
18:04 are now Muslim - what’s happened?’ And yet, it’s just like overnight.
18:07 And that’s because of the birth rate. And it’s so terrifyingly quick, the way it can just,
18:12 within one generation, it can change a whole town. Within one generation.
18:16 People have to stand up now, before it happens. I wish what we’re doing now,
18:21 I could have been around twenty years ago to do in Luton now. To stop the town
18:25 descending the way it has. To stop the Saudi-funded Wahhabi Islamists sects
18:29 getting such a grip on the town that they have. To stop them controlling
18:32 the streets the way they do. If you wish to control an area, the first thing you have to do
18:36 is control the streets, so you have like a street-formed jihad, where they put
18:40 their muscle on the streets, and they attack people, so they control the areas.
18:43 And that’s what we’re seeing. And I think people really need to -
18:46 We should always look and learn from history. I can’t believe Britain
18:49 has not learned from Lebanon. I can’t believe Britain has not looked around the world
18:53 and [isn’t] learning now from Nigeria and Sudan. I can’t believe we haven’t learned
18:57 in 1400 years of history of Islam. I can’t believe we haven’t looked to history.
19:00 ‘Cause that’s what we need to do: look to history to see what’s going to happen in Britain.
19:04 Now, Canada and America, countries like, in North America, they should be looking now,
19:07 thinking, ‘We don’t want that! Look what’s happening now in Britain!’
19:10 And it’s going to happen. It’s not IF it happens, it’s just WHEN it happens.
19:15 It’s coming to a town near you, coming to a country near you,
19:18 unless you stand up, be brave, put your life to it, and dedicate it,
19:21 and then stop it.


Ray McKee said...

He certainly is a brave man fighting an evil ideology that has infiltrated the very same groups that should be protecting him. Perhaps the EDL should solicit funds for a protection team.

jon said...

00:54 should read West Indian not Western European!

Anonymous said...

00:54 should read West Indian not Western European

Anonymous said...

People should line up to see this! It is not just a great coup for the North American Counter-jihad team, it is an impressive demonstration of Tommy Robinson as an elemental force in culture and politics.

Consider that the parties that have been forming in Europe around the idea of freedom of speech and thought for the "native" populations have tended to choose for a name some form of "Freedom," after Geert Wilders; model, or -- Defense League in conscious imitation of EDL.

K. from Germany said...

Tommy is a very brave man. I really hope he'll be safe. Best wishes!

babs said...

Well,this man is far more than a soccer thug... What he says I believe to be the truth. He has watched as the City of Luton has been taken over and he doesn't like it.
Who would be willing to debate the change in Luton on an even playing field?
The only MSM I know of that would be willing to discuss this is Sun News Network Canada. Certainly, the american media will not touch this with a ten foot pole.

Dymphna said...


Tell that to Theodore Dalrymple. He's been scathingly disrespectful toward these "yobs" since the EDL started. They began with a handicap and with all the chattering classes against them. Ppl with nothing to lose by sniffily putting down the EDL have had the stage for a long time. And yet...and yet...

...with a steep learning curve, one with sharp edges, they have begun to master the realities of their country's history- something they'd have known already had the UK govt "education" monopoly not failed them so miserably.
BTW- a shout-out to EDL Buck for some fine video work there. Another example of a learning curve conquered. Congratulations, man!

laine said...

Dymphna, I am very disappointed to hear that Theodore Dalrymple may have feet of clay. Can none of my heroes stay perfect? He has written several books dissecting the degradation of Britain and British culture from a conservative point of view with that brilliant British dry wit that is becoming extinct. (Like Mark Steyn, Mr. Dalrymple can entertain while utterly depressing you with the facts). It is sad to hear that he does not recognize people who wish to reverse some of the damage he has cataloged, that he does not distinguish between "yobs" who are part of the problem and English patriots who are perhaps a bit rough edged for his refined tastes, but who wish to be part of the solution to Britain's woes.

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Fantastic interview! Thank you very much for posting it. May it play far, wide, and long on the Internet.

Tommy Robinson, if you ever read this, you and your family and comrades are in my prayers. May God protect you. Your courage (and your family's) and your gifts as a speaker and a student of Islam and your country's current troubles are very impressive. And the same goes for Kevin Carroll. God bless.

Antony said...

i have never actually heard the main stream media say 'the anti islamist english defence league' it is always 'the far right english defence league'. Funny really because prior to their being stabbed in the back by Blair and Brown 90% of EDL supporters would have voted for the labour party..

Fleur de Lis Black Swan said...

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Baron Bodissey said...

Sir Justiciar, et alia:

This nonsense about “censorship” keeps cropping up, despite my earnest and repeated attempts to eradicate it. I will repeat myself yet again:

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This is a private forum, the virtual equivalent of our living room. You and others are invited into the room to enjoy tea and sarnies with your hosts. But if you become rowdy or pugnacious, you may be ejected. The judgment of whether ejection is necessary resides with Dymphna and myself, and no one else.

This is not censorship, because you remain free to establish your own blog and say what you wish to say there. In fact, you have manifestly retained your freedom of speech, because you have already done so. I’m even lenient enough to permit you to link your screed from these comments.

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Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Mr. Bodissey/May,

If this is your living room, why not make it a closed blog? I can't just waltz into your living room; but I can waltz onto this blog as can anyone on the planet. You stating that it is similar to your living room is absolute BS.

The reason you did not post my comment is because you don't wish to honestly discuss the issues raised in my comment: namely EDL thuggery.

Perhaps if you run your blog by the values you espouse, instead of as a public relations propaganda piece against organisations you disagree with, while practicing the same censorship of dissent and denial of honest discussion; then there would not be some people attempting to shut down your blog (if that is true, as a result of your inconsistent behaviour, I find myself doubting your statements sincerity; whereas previously I believed anything you said, as being the words of a man of honour).

If you want to be a two faced hypocrisy propaganda blog, thats fine. Why not -- like Islam -- have the honesty to state exactly who you are, and what your suppression of debate values are?

How does my comment of the EDL's thuggery fail your compliance test, unless your compliance test is SILENCING/DENIAL OF ALL CRITICISM AND DEBATE?

Lara / Andrea

Anonymous said...

Excellent clip, proving undoubtedley that Tommy is no dafti, smart young man,hes on to the infiltrators big style, he covered so much knowledge and information in such a short call, good luck from a fan in Scotland.

Baron Bodissey said...

Ms. Lara / Andrea --

The posts of this blog constitute the façade of the house, as it were. They are its fully public section. The comments section is the living room, to which guests may be invited. Improper behavior -- as determined solely by the judgment of the hosts -- may cause a visitor to be escorted politely out the front door.

I don't know what's so difficult to understand about this.

Despite your assertions, under no circumstances can what we do be considered "censorship". You are entitled to publish -- and indeed you have published -- your opinion on your own blog, with no restrictions other than the terms of service of your provider. You enjoy the same privileges my wife and I enjoy here.

If the government were to order your blog shut down and your writings suppressed, that would be censorship.

But I can't censor you -- since I am not a public official, so I lack the capacity to do so.

All I do is keep this living room swept and tidy, according to my own standards. Sometimes I may describe what guides my ideas about virtual cleanliness. At other times I may not – I may simply do what needs to be done, without explanation.

It depends on how much spare time I have, and whether or not I have the energy to argue with people who become antagonistic if they can't say absolutely anything they like.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

It appears your definition of censorship is different to mine. Not a problem.

Let me know when you are willing to discuss in your so-called 'living room', holding your buddies, such as the EDL, to the same standards of conduct you demand your enemies be held.

Till then, I shall conclude Gates of Vienna is not serious about practicing what you preach. Not a problem, I just believed you were, and clearly I was mistaken. Now I know.

Unknown said...

Why mrs. Murtheyn, if you feel you can´t say what you need to say on GoV why not try to be civil and refrain from libelling anyone..? For if you mean to suggest that GoV is no better than the msm in allowing free speech and dissent you do not fool steady visitors here

I can´t say I´m very curious as to what you feel you have to divulge about ‘the thuggery of EDL-members’, because it can´t be worse than what the msm have been libelling Tommy Robinson with. Now he has proven himself to be a very brave, honourable and upstanding man, never mind who his followers may be..In fact the only one who might be able to civilize yobs and streetpeople - who incidently may be the only ones willing and able to defend Britain and the west - it would have to someone like him, someone who has put his money where his mouth is for years already, and at a great personal cost, which is the only type of person likely to inspire rough folk to reform and better themselves

Now, what do you have to say about ´the EDL´?

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I've been with GoV for years, shared hundreds of their links, and never had any inkling they would censor ideas or opinions they disagreed with. You would have to ask GoV why they censored my civil comment about EDL thuggery. It provided evidence of my allegations. Are you suggesting that EDL and Tommy Robinson may not be provided with constructive criticism; because they are some kind of royalty?

I used to be a steady visitor at GoV, and came to a rude awakening when I expressed some constructive criticism (you know that western civilisation concept of self betterment?). Maybe you will also experience a rude awakening, maybe not.

My evidence of EDL thuggery is not libel, but EVIDENCE. Big difference between a rumour and EVIDENCE.

I also believed that story about the good guy Mr. Robinson, until I experienced the dark side of Mr. Robinson.

I used to work with Delancey Street foundation, the most successful rehabilitation program in the world; who have rehabilitated over 14,000 former delinquents, drug addicts, and criminals into law abiding citizens at not one cent to taxpayers.

Why should I believe EDL want to defend the west, when they don't even have the integrity or honour (that islamicsts have) to be honest about their thuggish ways of silencing voices they disagree with? Why should I believe the EDL want to defend the west, when they spit on the concept of the rule of law, and innocent until proven guilty?

I've been to prison for practicing what I preach, sat in prison cell with 49 africans, and left that prison with all of their respect, cause I don't play your left wing vs right wing blame game; so Mr. Robinson has a long way to go, in my books.

What I had to say about the EDL was censored by Baron Bodissey, why not ask him to publish the comment.