Sunday, May 20, 2012

Light Posting

SickbedDymphna has been very ill all day today. Her symptoms include a high fever, so she has mostly been confined to her bed. As a result I’ve been busy with non-blog activities, so posting has been light.

I’ll continue as usual with news feeds, but until Dymphna’s condition improves there may not be much else going on here.

To keep up with important news in the meantime, check in regularly with Vlad Tepes, Europe News, Tundra Tabloids, The Religion of Peace, Fausta, Doug Ross, View From the Right, Michelle Malkin, and Jihad Watch.

If your native language is German, I recommend Politically Incorrect. If you speak any Viking languages, Snaphanen and Uriasposten are your best sources of information. For French news, see F. de Souche.


Judenlieber said...

Get well soon, please! I'll remember you in my prayers.

Lisa Beth W. said...

I don't usually comment, just read, but I have to pipe up and say, "Get well soon, Dymphna! God bless!"

Westward Ho said...

Yes, hope you feel much better, rapidly!

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

I'm praying for you, Dymphna-- and you, too, Baron.

AliceNorthernLights said...

Get well soon :)

Carl in Jerusalem said...

Refuah Shleima Dymphna! (That means a full and complete recovery soon to you!).

Anonymous said...

Dymphna, sleep and relax a lot, and get well soon!

Hermes said...

Dymphna, we all wish that you recover as soon as possible! Warm tea, warm bed, and warm wishes from everybody!

Lawrence said...

Extending my well-wishes as well.

K. from Germany said...

Get well Dymphna, and all the best to the both of you!

G. Tod Slone said...

Your comment on censorship was disappointing. Normally, I enjoy your posts. Sure, censorship has a technical definition, but it also has a much wider in-the-NON-spirit of democracy sense. To moderate comments has become a euphemism for to eliminate (censor out) unwanted opinions. Why encourage readers to comment if their comments are to be moderated, sorted out, then some thrown into the garbage? Is that in the spirit of vigorous debate, cornerstone of democracy? Certainly not! The only time I would remove comments from my blog is when those comments are simple spam advertisements, entirely unrelated to the post. In fact, the literary journal I edit publishes in each issue the harshest critique lodged against the journal and/or its editor. What is there to fear? I’m at a loss here.
“Deal with it,” you state regarding your eradication of some comments. Well, I would suggest you “deal with it”, that is, with the prime importance of vigorous debate in a democracy. It is a disgrace for an organization devoted to higher education, for example, such as, to MODERATE comments. My opinions have been eliminated by IHE over 20 times. No threats, no sex, and no swear words were included in those opinions. It should also be equally disgraceful for an organization such as the International Free Press Society to carry a blog that does not agree with the point underscored above. Perhaps you would agree after reflecting a bit. If in fact, you did only eliminate irrelevant comments, as in spam ads, then perhaps you ought to have presented in your article several precise examples of what those eliminated comments consisted of.

G. Tod Slone, PhD and Founding Editor (1998)
The American Dissident, a 501c3 Nonprofit
Journal of Literature, Democracy, and Dissidence
217 Commerce Rd.
Barnstable, MA 02630

Judenlieber said...

Get well soon Dymphna! We need you.
As for the censorship issue, I vehemently support your right to control your own website, but I despise the "press" when they do the same. I'm suffering from some cognitive dissonance on the matter and wouldn't mind hearing a debate on it. (in other words...I'm confused)My inclination at this point is that your guidelines should be on record, and will be repeated on such occasion as is necessary.
Wait a minute! I think that's what you've been doing...
Never mind.

Cobra said...

I pray for you.
Get well soon Dymphna!

Londoner said...

Get well soon Dymphna. I pray for your swift recovery.

Nick said...

Mr. Slone,
Your argument appears to boil down to: I do it differently, and so you should too! So there!

Not very convincing.

The Baron has made his position on this issue clear many times. It's his blog, he has guidelines, and people have to stick by them. It's very simple.

If someone came into your house and peed on the carpet you'd probably think that was bad form. You'd either ask them to stop immediately, or else take appropriate steps to eject them from your property. And I doubt if you'd invite them back.

So when people come to visit GoV, they can chat, they can comment, they can drink tea and eat biscuits ... but just don't pee on the carpet! Or you'll be out on your ear!

Hope that analogy helps ..

Lawrence said...

Government moderation of comments in the general public medium is a much different issue that comment moderation in a private forum.

Demanding that a private medium follow the same public rules/regulations as the government is the very definition of totalitarianism (ie: tyranny, imperialism, dictatorial-socialism, etc).

This would be similar to a government regulatory author demanding that a private book author publish their private works in exactly the same manner as that government bureaucrat. Which is pretty much what Obama is striving to do with regard to health care, private property ownership, and his general redistribution of wealth.