Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/22/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/22/2012Due to circumstances beyond my control, the news feed is both late and truncated. I took Dymphna to the doctor today, which kept me away from my desk for most of the afternoon. Not long after we got home a line of thunderstorms came through the area, knocking out our internet service. We weren’t reconnected until almost midnight, so any tips sent after about 7pm EDT will be delayed until tomorrow’s news feed.

Top news item: the world’s tallest structure built out of Lego — more than 100 feet high — has been completed in Seoul, South Korea. Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik was on hand for the occasion to lay the record-breaking brick.

In other news, the Fitch rating agency downgraded Japan’s sovereign debt.

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Anonymous said...


Setting schools on fire
- Series of fires in the North of France

Attacking European infrastructure, in the form of setting kindergartens, schools, libraries, churches, has become frequent in the North of Europe.

At the same time Norway, with the most rapidly growing capital in Europe, must construct numerous new schools only to keep up with immigration.

The new French minister of Education Francois Peillon expresses his sympathy with the families concerned and promises to to what he can to make sure they can still go to school.

Anonymous said...

The French passenger who caused a flight from Paris to Charlotte, to change its destination on Tuesday, traveling light, without luggage, heading for a ten days' US stay, originates from Cameroon.

Other passengers noticed that she kept going to the bathroom, which

caused suspicionand the flight was redirected

It turns out that she had an implant, some device surgically implanted.

According to Radio Africa no 1, the presumed terrorist is Lucie Eko, who was interviewed on the radio on Monday for her book "Cobaye" - Gunea Pig.

Anonymous said...

Lucie Eko's book "Cobaye" - Guinea Pig.

L'Express: Michèle Merigot, her ex mother in law, confirms to AFP, Paris, that it was Lucie Eko, who caused the trouble on the Paris - Charlotte flight.

She also says the US visit had been planned a fortnight, as Lucie Eko allegedly didn't trust the French medical system.

Anonymous said...


French minister of Education Vincent Peillon