Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dutch Teacher Sacked for Anti-Islam Tweets

A reader in the Netherlands sends this translated digest from the Dutch newspaper Leidsch Dagblad:

Dutch teacher sacked for anti-Islam tweets: Freedom of speech, but for the select few

Recently Anand Soekhoe, a Dutch sociology teacher from Leiden, Netherlands, was sacked by the Fioritti College in Lisse. The reason for his discharge was some biting anti-Islamic messages he wrote on Twitter.

Soekhoe, who has been employed at the college since last summer, wrote among other things that Islam is not a religion, but “barbarian retardation”. Last Wednesday, the college council called him on the carpet, after which he could go home, according to the newspaper Leidsch Dagblad.

PPV member of parliament Harm Beertema will ask questions about his discharge in parliament, as for Beertema the professional ban seems based on someone’s personal opinion. “One cannot be sacked because the college council thinks his pupils might take offense.”


issa kirarira said...

Chasing him is not a solution.He should be helped to learn that telling liars to students is destroying a nation.He may go to another school and do the some.Islam is a true religion of God.Fethullah Gulen ,a Muslim schooler made it clear that a Muslim will never be a terrorist and neither a terrorist will ever be a Muslim.This was immediately after 11th September.Let him be convinced to accept unity in diversity.
Issa kirarira

Anonymous said...

Issa - can you give us any concrete advantages to the host nation of 'diversity'?

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but white countries for all? Seems a trifle unfair, doesn't it? There will still be Asians in Asia, and Africans in Africa, but whites will be mixed out of existence, and told they should support their own demise.

Anonymous said...

"Retarded barbarians", a apt description of Muslims.

Nothing offensive about it.

laine said...

“One cannot be sacked because the college council thinks his pupils might take offense.”

In fact, all kinds of punishment is meted out by liberals in positions of power in Europe and North America for falling afoul of their manufactured "right" not to be offended given exclusively to non-whites and non-Christians. Whites and Christians can be offended at will. These lib double standards are followed everywhere, even in popular culture. To give only one disgusting example of unilateral offense to Christians, dildos at San Francisco's Gay Pride fest featured JC's likeness but not Mohammed's heaven forbid (undercover photos were posted at this site proving this double standard). Dhimmi behavior is not from mere fear of being fatwa'd by Muslims because it's carried on even when anonymity would be protective. There's something about the lib mind that likes abasing western civilization while embracing barbarians. Lib decadence and open mindedness obviously ends with their brains such as they are falling out.

yannick said...

A teacher is suppose to guiding the student how accept diversity and what is worst is that there is billions of Muslims and you cannot brand them all as such. To have such opinion is quite dangerous. After all the world is a global village and he should be able to live in peace. For the statement about white belonging to Europe and North America, this is a joke. There are white people living peacefully and prospering around the world. You name any country that there is not a white ethnic group? There richest people in Africa are White, same in South America, In Asia maybe not but hey i know some white folk there who are crazy rich, also in Australia, I dont get it how you feel threaten by the poor Chinese, Indian or African man. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Just name one good reason why diversity is good for our countries.

Anonymous said...

Any reasonable person who takes the trouble to read the Islamic Quran, Sunnah and Sira, look at Sharia Law and make themselves aware of what goes on in the 57 nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, will quickly come to the conclusion that Anand's view of Islam is the correct one. Stuart parsons

Anonymous said...
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