Friday, May 25, 2012

Chile on the Fjords

Cultural Enrichment News

The news story below is a reminder that “cultural enrichment” is not restricted solely to the glorious infusion of Islamic culture into the West. It includes any and all immigration to our nations from far-flung countries with their rich, diverse tapestry of unique cultural practices.

This particular case involves a Chilean immigrant to Norway who became a bit rowdy on a tram using a sharp-edged instrument. His request reminds me of the classic definition of chutzpah: “Someone who kills his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.”

This guy stabbed three ticket inspectors on a tram in Oslo earlier this year, and now wants to be released from jail so that he can apply for political asylum — because he’s likely to face “persecution” if he is deported to Chile after doing time in Norway.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for translating this article from Aftenposten:

Stabbed three ticket inspectors, demands to be released so he can apply for political asylum

The 38-year-old stabbed three ticket inspectors on a tram in Oslo. Now he wants to be released so that he can apply for political asylum.

He attacked the inspectors with a knife when he was caught without a valid ticket on January 5 this year at Solli Plass in Oslo. The man now believes that an asylum center is a more appropriate location than a prison cell.

The Chilean national claims that he faces potential persecution by the authorities in his native country if he is deported after serving his sentence.

The three ticket inspectors sustained minor stab injuries to their thighs.

“Escape risk”

Oslo City Court believes that a voluntary stay at an asylum center would increase the chances of the 38-year-old fleeing the country.

The case is scheduled to be heard on June 20. Justice Torbjørn Breistrand writes in a memo that the Chilean has to be mentally prepared for a lengthy prison sentence.

The man has acknowledged that he was the one who used the knife on the inspectors.

He was eventually wrestled to the ground by other inspectors in the area and members of the public. The man’s friend managed to escape, but turned himself in to the police that same evening.

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Anonymous said...

They claim is false.
In Chile there is no persecution like that.

Norway could start the death penalty and kill them. They cal themselves "carteristas internacionales" or similar. They are also despised here.

They will make a favour to us

Anonymous said...

The stabbing took place up the street from the American Embassy.

Robert Marchenoir said...

Persecution in Chile ? I thought General Pinochet was dead.

Anonymous said...

- What? Two Romanian beggars working in Oslo..!

Organization Folk er folk, People are people, intend to help the beggars.

These two Romanians are really working. They stopped begging, saying what they really want is to work, reports Aftenposten.

A PR stunt from Folk er folk, or what?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad english (first post), was on a rush.

In this country we have normal people and those pariahs, called "flaites", which are thieves and bottom feeder narcos, who believe that their activity is their job.

So, the move to countries that have less defenses towards them, where they can "work" in peace.

Thanks to our pasts socialists govts we have now laws that give them rights that lets them bypass the jail because "underage" or "not a danger to the people in the streets". That kind of soft hand is because the trauma after the dictatorship, so "no more authority over people" kind of explaining.

So, for your information, not all of us are flaites.
Most of us are normal people, who despise them, and who can´t touch them because of these idiot laws (well, they only work IF we call the police, who in their own sadness will have to set them free)

So we have normals and flaites.
At the flaite group is the local worker subgroup. When they "get the career diploma" (jail) they move abroad, and send money to their kind that is preparing to do the same.

WE chileans not share same culture

Sorry, again, but this time for export.
Maybe if the normals of Norway man up and fight back they wouldn´t be chosen as target

(Remember the old days in the US when people kept their doors unlocked. They (flaites) refered to those yankis as "idiots")

1389 said...

We have friends in Chile who highly recommend it as a place where law-abiding, responsible, self-sufficient people can go to make an honest living. Chile is also a Christian nation, and it is most definitely NOT part of the third world.

We live in a fallen world where one can find leeches, criminals, and crazies wherever there are people.

Let us not interpret this news story as a condemnation of Chile and its culture, but rather, of the wrongheaded immigration policies of Norway.

Anonymous said...

"The man now believes that an asylum center is a more appropriate location than a prison cell."

Who really cares what this miscreant feels?

"The case is scheduled to be heard on June 20."

Perhaps the West should make a law that CRIMINALS convicted of violent crimes CANNOT apply for asylum and waste everyone's time and money on fruitless hearings. Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

(I should proof read often...)
If you want, don´t publish this comment. It is just for showing you a vid of the "ladrones internacionales" who "work" in Europe. It is a career for them.
Which makes them proud. They also have their own dialect.

Of course europeans feel superior (but emasculated leftovers of men, thanks to their politically correctism), so they unsee this reality.

The vid is from a news channel (the journalist is surprised too from the odd confession)
This is from 2007...

From [1:09]
[Flaite]: Napo que acá nos tienen envidia a nosotros como usted sae que somos ladrones internacionales, vio, porque viajamos pa Europa donde tenimos dos autos cada uno, aonde andamos tapados en joyas, andamos con millones, me quebraron el parabrisas del auto, hace tres semanas atrás, que está en policía local de Peñaflor.
A producto de ésto, cuando me quebraron el parabrisas, yo sin mentirle, me baje con mi bate y pesqué a batazos a uno, pero nunca pensé que me vendrían a destrozar la casa de mi papá.

Y ahí está la cosa.
Llegaron hasta acá dentro (mostrando la habitación). Aquí usted puede ver el zapato del hombre que se metió pa dentro.

[Journalist]: ¿Qué crees que va a ocurrir ahora?
[Flaite]: ¿Qué va a ocurrir ahora? No sé puh. Nosotro vamo a esperar no más po. Nosotros vamo a hacer las cosas callados sipo, nosotro no vamo a quedarno po, nosotros vamo a cobrar la plata. A mí no me interesa. Tengo dos homicidios más en España. Que tenga uno más aquí... [le da lo mismo].
Soy compadre de puras pungas, de pura gente chora, yo no estoy ni ahí con estos gusanos de aquí

Translated transcript:
From [1:09]: In here we are envied as you know we are international thieves, because we travel to Europe where we have two cars each, we are covered in jewels, go around with millions, so they broken my windshield three weeks ago, which is at the local police of Peñaflor.
Because of this, when they broke my windshield, I, without lying, get out of the car with my bat [wooden or not, he doesn´t says] and repeatedly beaten one with it, but I never thought that they would come to destroy the house of my dad.

And there is the thing.
They came up in here [showing the room]. In here you can see the shoe [print] of the man that got within.

[Journalist]: What do you think will happen now?
[Flaite]: What will happen now? I don´t know. We will not wait [as to don´t counter], we are going to retrieve the money [as to pay themselves]. I don´t care.
I have two more murders in Spain [as convictions to be paid, but he was in Chile then... how did he pass through the European border...curious]. To have one more here... [as it doesn´t matter]

[The last part is in his group language. I don´t know if there are words that mean the same in english, but what he says is something about he is a bigger dog, friend with the like and worst, son he doesn´t care/ fears to take care of the locals]

So, europeans could kill them with fire.

Anonymous said...

MS13 is in their establishing phase, in Oslo

The MS13 youths themselves say they are more established than the police would like to acknowledge.