Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Saving Europe from the Neo-Nazis

Five-to-Twelve Shahada

We reported last week on the reaction of Salafists to the display of Mohammed cartoons at a demonstration by Pro-NRW in Solingen, Germany. Last Saturday a similar demonstration was held in Bonn, and the reaction by Muslim counter-demonstrators was even more violent.

The following article is from Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the United States armed forces. Notice that it specifically and unequivocally labels Pro-NRW “neo-Nazi”. Pro-NRW (pro Nordrhein-Westfalen, Pro North Rhine-Westphalia) is no more neo-Nazi than Vlaams Belang or FPÖ. It is simply an unabashedly nationalist party that seeks to protect the rights of native Germans.

The article quotes a regional government official’s statement that the authorities will crack down equally on “both Pro NRW and the Salafists”. The implication is that the two sets of “extremists” are equivalent.

This essentially echoes the Charles Krauthammer/Bill Kristol view of Europe.

It’s further evidence that when the balloon goes up, the U.S. government will exert American diplomatic pressure and military power on behalf of “moderate” Muslims (and the EU) against the indigenous peoples of Europe.

Germany accuses Islamist of attempted murder after stabbings

By Ulrike Hofsaehs and Jean-Baptiste Piggin

BERLIN — A 25-year-old Islamist was remanded in custody in Germany on Monday, accused of the attempted murder of three policemen as they were separating neo-Nazis from Islamic fundamentalist protesters.

Two officers were stabbed in the thigh on Saturday and a third officer dodged an attack by the knife-wielding man during a melee outside a mosque in the western city of Bonn.

Pro NRW (North Rhine Westphalia), a far-right party with neo-Nazi canvassers, had organized a protest event drawing nearly 30 rightists to the mosque, holding up cartoons ridiculing Islam and its founder Mohammed to publicize the group’s anti-immigrant views.

A larger group of 500 to 600 Salafists, who seek to impose what they say are the original doctrines of Islam, held a counter-demonstration, trying to break a police cordon.

The police made 109 arrests, and 29 officers were hurt in the Saturday clashes.

Hannelore Kraft, premier of North Rhine Westphalia state, told the mass circulation newspaper Bild, “We will not put up with attacks on our legal system, and our police and will come down hard on both Pro NRW and the Salafists.”

Prosecutors said the 25-year-old, who was born in Germany but has Turkish nationality, admitted to attacking the police but denied an intent to murder. He said he knifed the officers because they were protecting people insulting Muslims.

Prosecutor Robin Fassbender said the stabbings could have been fatal.

“If a major blood vessel had been punctured, the victim could have bled to death within minutes,” he said.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany condemned both sides.

“We expressly dissociate ourselves from violent Muslims who urge lynch justice and attack the police,” general secretary Nurhan Soykan said in Cologne. She termed Pro NRW a hate group.

Kraft’s government has tried to prevent further anti-mosque demonstrations by Pro NRW.

But a court cited free-speech grounds to quash a police ban on a similar demonstration by 15 Pro NRW activists Monday. Police said 400 mainly leftist counter-demonstrators yelled abuse at them in the city of Bielefeld without violence.

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Anonymous said...

Stars and Stripes reflect U.S. policy since it's a official government organ. And yes, the U.S. government would pull out all the stops to prevent a resurgence of nationalism in Europe.

But even if it were not the case, the Germans would have to deal with their arch anti-nationalist boss Merkel who is doing everything possible to hold the EU together. She's gonna fight any nationalist movement till the day she's tossed out of office.

And I suspect every time the Muzzies go on a rampage in Germany, it turns off just that many more Germans from the ruling parties and their immigration policies.

In short give the Muzzies and Merkel enough rope and they'll create the very nationalistic movement that both fear, especially ol'Merky.

cjk said...

From the article: Quote of the Central Council of Mohammedans;

“We expressly dissociate ourselves from violent Muslims who urge lynch justice and attack the police,”

That's what they say. What they mean is:

“We expressly dissociate ourselves from violent Muslims who urge lynch justice and attack the police UNTIL OUR NUMBERS ARE SUFFICIENT TO PROTECT THEM "

Anonymous said...

Just who are the real neo-nazis?

Mustn't close our eyes