Thursday, May 03, 2012

Salafists on the Rampage in Solingen

Cultural Enrichment News

The German Islam-critical Pro-NRW organization held a demonstration yesterday in front of a mosque in Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia. The demo included some Mohammed cartoons, which offended local Muslims. Salafists from the mosque responded by attacking the police.

The following video comes from a German news program. Notice that the announcer hypothesizes that the violent culture-enrichers may have “felt provoked” by the cartoons. “After that, stones flew”, as if by their own accord — or perhaps they were propelled by the relentless force of the passive voice habitually used by the MSM when describing the actions of Muslims.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A transcript of the video is below the jump:

00:01 An apparently planned Salafist action took place yesterday in
00:05 Solingen. in its electoral campaign the extreme right-wing party
00:09 Pro-NRW displayed event cartoons criticising Islam
00:13 in the vicinity of a mosque. Militant Salafists subsequently
00:17 attacked the police with sticks and stones. The Public
00:21 prosecution believes it was not a sudden outburst of rage.
00:25 Street clashes in the inner city of Solingen, supporters
00:28 of the Salafists fight with the police, stones are
00:31 thrown at the officers. The Public Prosecutor
00:34 presumes that what happened was by no means a
00:37 sudden outburst of rage by the Salafists. Stones as big
00:40 as fists were thrown, and we noticed that this type
00:43 of stone was not to be found at the place of the
00:46 demonstration. That's why we presume they were
00:49 carried there, and this fact makes us suspect that these
00:52 riots could probably have been planned beforehand.
00:55 Violence escalated after the right-wing
00:58 populist movement Pro-NRW called for
01:01 a controversial cartoon contest. Salafists
01:04 may well have felt provoked by the
01:07 cartoons displayed, according to locals.
01:10 After that, stones flew, two officers were injured.
01:13 A balance which keeps politicians concerned.
01:16 Our reaction is that we are keeping an eye on both
01:19 extreme movements, and we will take penal measures
01:22 against them, both against the Pro-NRW party, which
01:25 is deep-rooted in extreme right circles of North
01:28 Rhine-Westphalia, and also against Salafists, whom we
01:31 consider to be the most dangerous Islamist branch.
01:35 On his website the well-known Salafist preacher
01:38 Pierre Vogel backed the aggression of his followers.
01:41 The police searched a mosque in Solingen; mobile
01:43 phones and data storage devices were seized. The
01:46 Public Prosecution acted quickly against 81 persons
01:50 on charges of causing grave injuries and a breach of peace.

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