Saturday, October 02, 2010

Dispatches From Berlin

Wilders in Berlin #1

A number of representatives of the Counterjihad Collective (including several members of ICLA) attended today’s events in Berlin. The occasion was a speech by Geert Wilders to a group of about five hundred people, sponsored by René Stadtkewitz and his new political party, Die Freiheit.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Geert Wilders

As you can see from the photo above, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was one of those present. She says she was able to discuss the hate-speech charge against her with Mr. Wilders, and the two of them compared notes on their respective cases.

Although the two cases differ considerably in scale, they are similar in other respects: each defendant being is prossecuted for purely political reasons, at the whim of the state and its prosecutorial apparatus. Each is being targeted for speaking out against the Islamization of their countries. Their prosecutions are an attempt to appease the Islamic lobby and satisfy the requirements of Orthodox Multiculturalism.

Wilders in Berlin #2Delegates came from all over Europe to hear the speech. The ICLA group included people from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, and Switzerland. Of the various anti-jihad political parties, the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF), the Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP), and the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) were represented in the audience.

The stars of the day were, of course, the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), and the new party hosting the event, Die Freiheit. The latter was recently formed by the Former CDU politician René Stadtkewitz, the former CDU security specialist Marc Doll, and a former member of the board of the Pirate Party, Aaron Koenig.

The entire oligarchical establishment of Germany, the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe is arrayed against them, ready to use the power of the state and its shills in the media to bring them down by any and all means necessary.

But the wind is at their backs — you can feel it now, all across Europe. The self-appointed enlightened elites who run the EU may not realize it, but the Counterjihad is not going away. It has grown unimaginably quickly during the last four years — and it’s just getting started.

Berlin protesters

As you saw in the Al Jazeera report earlier, “anti-fascist” protesters showed up in front of the venue. However, several eyewitnesses report that their numbers were very small — “pathetic”, even, according to one observer. They were outnumbered by the police.

One of the bystanders said, “There are five hundred antifa-affiliated organizations in Germany. They don’t even have one from each of them here — that’s pretty sad.”

My advice: Sell Antifa. Buy Geert.

Photo credits: The Counterjihad Collective for ESW & Geert, Europe News for the other three.


1389 said...

Fascism, these days, calls itself antifascism.

Professor L said...

As I recall, Gilders' trial was done by court order. The Public Prosecutor didn't want to proceed, but was obliged to when the court issued summons.

I think it's important that we do print things that are true, rather than a misconception. Gilders is still being prosecuted at the behest of the state, but it was not something the prosecutor felt (from a legal standpoint anyway) was worth it.

Baron Bodissey said...

LAW Wells --

I think you'll find that there is still prosecutorial leeway. That's why there has been speculation all along that the charges may yet be dropped.

The Openbaar Ministerie is acting at the behest of the higher-ups, and not just because of the complaint that was filed. The complaint simply gave the faction that wanted to destroy Wilders the opportunity to do so.

However, I take your point. I've reworded the sentence slightly.

sulber nick said...

..."anti-fascist" protesters showed up ...several eyewitnesses report that their numbers were very small - "pathetic", even...

I've noticed this at demonstrations in Britain - the street left seems to be evaporating, in many cases they are being replced by 'Asian youths'.

The centrifugal forces of multicultralism at work.

oldschooltwentysix said...

Yes, it appears something is growing in European circles, and it requires a fine balance.

A distinction, to me, remains necessary between the Muslims and Islamists, as Wilders says. Further, one should be able to speak of the second without being accused of impugning the first.

There is also the matter of neo-Nazi elements that I understand may be in some way part of or connected to these new political parties. If so, how to create a wall and show the mainstream that a wall exists. That is important to legitimacy and security in the end because these people are fascists as well.

Thrasymachus said...

This is staggeringly good news. Staggeringly good.

We always thought that Germany would be the ONE country where Wilders-type civic European liberal nationalism would never be able to find a political home: because of its past. I literally can't believe my eys.

But I have been for some time frustrated with an inability to contribute in a concrete way to efforts. As Mark Steyn has said this is the most profound political issue of our age, yet a lot of us are still groping around in the dark.

The Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance page, for one, has just been a cover page for ages, with not even an email link to contact. Yet people like me are just longing to help.

Does any video of his whole Berlin speech exist, for example? If so I would very happily put on English subtitles. This is clearly another truly historic moment: surely Baron, Wilders' speech is worthy of a Rosetta Stone initiative?

You know how to contact me.

Anonymous said...

Old School :

What, exactly, is a "neo-nazi" ? Can anybody point me to one ? Show me his photograph ? Tell me what he wants ?

Do neo-nazis want to exterminate Jews ? Do they claim Lebensraum ? Do they have a fetish book that justifies war of conquest ? Do they want to invade Poland ? Austria ? France ? England ? Do they want to send suicide bombers into Manhattan skyscrapers, like Hitler had planned ? Do they lament that "Hitler did not finish the job" ?

Yes, I'd like very much to see a picture of a "neo-nazi". I'm not so sure he would have blond hair, though.

Thomas said...

Unfortunately only in German and Dutch:

Thrasymachus said...

@Robert Marchenoir
"What, exactly, is a "neo-nazi" ? Can anybody point me to one ? Show me his photograph ?"

Sure, here you go:

I would not say that this individual is representative of the majority of Jobbik support, but clearly a distasteful minority strain.

(you might notice, if you know your German that this idiot has misspelled "Heist" on his head! :D It should be an eszett "Heisst" or "Heißt")

My point is this, there are two distinct groups in Europe that must be differntiated: liberal Civic nationalists and statist ethnic nationalists. The former are in the complete majority, Wilders for one will have absolutely nothing to do with the latter. But we cannot just pretend that the minority sentiments of the the second group don't exist.

The most severe danger is that the media and oligarchs will for convenience cynically paint the two together, in line with their assinine philosophy that if you silence a problem it goes away. The press already do this out of laziness.

The danger then is that frustrated members of the former will resignedly gravitate towards the latter. And that way lies bloodshed.

sheik yer'mami said...

The witch-hunt against Wilders is rigged and the instigators behind this inquisition are shameless creeps who know full well they are miscreants.

Because the deck is stacked against him, I don't think Wilders has more than a 50:50 chance. The trial should have been stopped by now, but as it is, he has the whole establishment including the irrelevant Dutch queen against him.

It is even worse in the case of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, because Austria is basically Gestapo zone when it comes to free speech. In case you don't remember, google Susanne Winter, who was fined 30.000.00 Euro's (almost 50.000.00 Dollars) for telling the truth about Muhammad.

I'm pretty sure that the Austrian polit-commissars will pull a similar stunt to shut up Sabaditsch-Wolff .

Perhaps I'm too pessimistic, but previous examples are a bad omen.

Now, in Germany no charismatic figure has yet appeared, we'll see if René Stadtkewitz will hold up as a figurehead. Sarazzin is obviously unwilling to lead a new party, but recently I've seen quite a few eloquent talents, young, well spoken people who have potential...

It took a while, but now its happening fast!

Thrasymachus said...

Yes I saw those, but what I would need was Wilders full speech in German, then I would just combine it with the speech on the PVV website, amending where necessary.

I've sent Die Freiheit an email and maybe they'll get back to me. But the Baron is often a clearing-house for this kind of material: hence my enquiry.

Thomas said...

@ Trasymachus

Full speech in German:

Thrasymachus said...

Thanks! But this is not what I'm looking for.

Wilders delivered his speech in German to a German audience. There is an English language text version of this speech on the PPV website (which the Baron posted).

What I am looking for is a video of Wilders delivered his full speech in Berlin.

If I have that I can correct the english version as necessary and produce a video of this historic speech which will have english subtitles.

I have received a reply from my email to Die Freiheit, but unfortunately it is a stock response saying that they are getting loads of enquiries and I should expect an actual reply, at best, in a couple of days.

The media momentum of this kind of thing is so important that as soon as you get stuff out the better. Sadly the only thing I've been able to find is just news reports which contain only snippets of Wilders delivering his speech.

Anybody who discovers a link to, or who might have acces to a full video is urged to send an email to me here:



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Trasymachus : I'm an ethnic nationalist. What is wrong with that ? How come everybody's allowed to be an ethnic nationalist nowadays (nay, encouraged), except white citizens of Western nations ?

I can't see very well the face of your nazi pal. And I sure cannot read his mind. What does he want ?

There are exceedingly few people brandishing the swastika nowadays. Among them are Muslims, though.

I cannot see your point about bloodshed. Bloodshed is already occurring everyday in Europe. It's mainly inflicted by immigrants (often, but not always, of Muslim background) to us aboriginals.

If anything, bloodshed should be reciprocated. I'd like very much French policemen to return fire when they are assaulted with stones, hammers, firebombs, guns or washing-machines thrown from atop high-rise buildings. They are currently under orders not to use their guns.

That would probably shed some blood. It would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

A few days ago in America, an old lady in a black neighbourhood shot a 12-year old thug who was pestering her. He had broken some windows of hers, and had thrown a brick at her while she was in her garden.

She drew a gun and shot him. Bloodshed presumably occurred.

The police did not even arrest her. She acted in self defense, they said.

If that had happened in Europe, there would be howls about evil old people trying to kill children, the old lady would be in jail and her attacker would be free.

Actually, we have an old man in France who is behind bars because he fired a hunting rifle at two Roma girls who had broken inside his home. He had been burglarised twice before, and plenty of his neighbours in the same street had been also. Always by Roma.

The girls were hurt, not killed. I think they are already out of hospital, and I'd bet they are not in prison either.

The judge, however, has refused to release the old man, who has cancer. Setting him free would breach the peace, he said.

Thrasymachus said...

@Mr Marchenoir
It is not that I wish to dismiss all the examples you cite as irrelevant, but they do not really address the point at hand or the one you raised, do they?

You asked directly, succinctly and with incredulity: to be provided with a picture of a classic European Nazi.
I provided you with one.
And frankly, since that time you have evaded the matter.

I am broadly sympathetic to your self-affirmation as an ethnic nationalist, and in many way, I would no doubt share your personal views.

But it is important to be able to distinguish such personal views, from the two distinct and separate movements that are currently abroad in Europe.

An ethnic nationalism of the BNP, Front National of Belgium and France, the Swedish National Democrats, Italy's Tricolor Flame, Bulgaria's Attaka, and a large part of Hungary's Jobbik.

These are broadly under the umbrella of the Alliance of European National Movements, contain fringe contingents like the Hungarian Guard; and all their ideological positions share the following features:
*Anti-Minority (frequently "homophobic")
*pro-Arab sentiment
*Anti-Semitism, disguised as "anti-Zionism"
They are in the broadest sense of the word National Socialist parties.

While the civic nationalists of Wilders' Dutch PVV, Belgium's Vlamms Belang, the Danish People's Party, the Sweden Democrats and now Die Freiheit. (you can include Britain's UKIP here too I feel)

These are all broadly under the umbrella of Wilders' International Freedom Alliance, and contain fringe contingents like the EDL and the various SIO... groups; and all their ideological positions - in contrast - share the following features:
*Anti-immigration (precisely because they are intensely pro-liberty)
*Broadly internationalist cross-European cultural sympathy.
*but Anti-Supranational governance.
*pro-Israeli and Judeophile (exactly because they see Israel as being in the same struggle for 50 years)
They are in the broadest sense of the word Traditional Conservative parties with a strong Jeffersonian liberal tradition.

If you are a European and you are opposed to the march of the secular progressives who are dutifully paving the way for the subsumation of Europe into the Ummah, and do not consider it worthwhile to support ANY of the traditional parties in your national parliaments which are now all 60s neo-Marxist social-“democratic” projects (as is the EU): then you have to make a personal choice. And choose ONE of these two new movements to align yourself to.

Thrasymachus said...

It is erroneous to view the "coming conflict" as a clash of ethnicities. The "current" conflict is a clash of civilisations. And it is merely an extension of one that has been going on for 14 centuries.

My personal view is deeply pessimistic. The indigenous ethnic populations of Europe (of which i am one) are simply demographically doomed. It is cultural relativism that will lead inexorably to medieval barbarity. Or it is unashamed cultural assertiveness which is the only route towards the preservation of our enlightenment birth-right of rights; and a historical traditions that extends to the islands of Greece. From well before when the Spartan 300 faced Xerxes' hordes at Thermopylae.

This is not some sort of reactionary struggle to preserve a bygone world. It is a very fight to ensure the survival of essential humanist and European cultural principles of liberty.

This culture, as Fjordman here so eloquently points out, has been the idea and culture powerhouse of the world for the last millennium. The question is how much of the principles that have facilitated this, will survive into the 22nd century.

In my view, the colour of people's skin is only an ancillary factor to this issue. At the end of the day there is only "one" race. The human race. What matters is the beliefs that such humans hold, and chiefly, the disparate cultures they promote and represent.

Thomas said...

@ Trasymachus

Sorry, I can't help you any further.

It’s a long way to healthy Freedom,
It’s a long way to go.
It’s a long way to fertile Freedom
To the sweetest land I know!
Goodbye bearded bastards,
Farewell Muslim Square,
It’s a long long long way to fairy Freedom,
But my heart’s right there.

Thrasymachus said...

Thanks, but Vlad Tepes has agreed to help me out.

Zenster said...

Thrasymachus: This is staggeringly good news. Staggeringly good.

I could not agree more. Elisabeth's strategy of grounding herself to the human lightning rod known as Geert Wilders is as brilliant and it is powerful.

What counter-jihad there is in Europe is watching Wilders carefully. The recent win by The Party For Freedom (Partij Voor de Vrijheid) along with advances by the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF), the Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP), and the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) is signaling what is nothing less than a sea change in European Multiculturalist policy and Politically Correct thinking.

It is difficult to sort out whether Wilders' Berlin appearance is successfully surfing the crest of Thilo Sarrazin's own keruffle in Germany or that Geert himself is part of the artillery that has given Sarrazin his trajectory.

What is very clear is the way European politicos are being sent an unmistakable message that their ham fisted attempts at social engineering are no longer welcome and may, soon enough, begin to rouse the public's ire to a previously unanticipated degree.

With this latest speech and its unmistakable anti-immigration rhetoric, Wilders has now assumed the mantle of Winston Churchill in his defense of Europe's freedom and future.

I can only concur with other commenters in this thread that Wilders' Berlin speech will continue to echo − quite possibly for generations − as Europe once again navigates a perilous course back towards liberty and freedom.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Let me point out that National Socialists are - Socialists. Statists. It's really that simple.

Die Freiheit and other emerging groups have the opposite leaning, and I think it will become clearer as the economy goes down. Lower taxes, less government is the way to go.

And of course the attitude to Jews & Israel matter a *lot*. People who do not understand that Israel is the outpost of European civilization in a barbaric world has not understood Europe.

EscapeVelocity said...

The Spanish Inquisition (so long villified) will be reinstituted, as a means to enforce ideological and cultural unity.

It is what made Spain governable and successful...and even though Moorish/Islamic influences remain, its the European Christian that dominate. That is the reason that Spain doesnt look like modern Turkey, in a wide array of aspects.

syntec said...

Thrasymachus said...

"In my view, the colour of people's skin is only an ancillary factor to this issue. At the end of the day there is only "one" race. The human race. What matters is the beliefs that such humans hold, and chiefly, the disparate cultures they promote and represent."

A nation has to be comprised of ONE race and the culture it creates.

A collection of different races and their individual cultures and belief systems domicile on a single territory not of their origins, is not a nation but a zoo.

It is impossible and against nature for several distinctly different races and their respective cultures to occupy the same living space. Furthermore, the idea that such disparate races and cultures can live side- by-side forever without one or more ever seeking to dominate and ultimately rule over the rest, is also demented.

Moreover, if the demographics significantly shift in favour of one or more alien groups, the eventual destruction and obliteration of the indigenous race and its retention of its ancestral territory, racial lineage, language, heritage, ethnic achievements and culture/belief system becomes a definite reality. Consequently, it is better for the indigenous ethnicity to be prepared to meet the threat physically whilst time is still on its side.

There is no point, therefore, in attempting to defend one's ancestral homeland, race and culture if one then proceeds to support that which is a totally synthetic identity, ie, civic nationalism.

One might as well submit to the death grip of the multicult which one professes to abhor and resist, and allow himself to be ethnically cleansed along the way because this is where 'civic' nationalism also ultimately leads to, it being just an alternative route to wipeout - that's all.

syntec said...

Thrasymachus said...

"In my view, ........... At the end of the day there is only "one" race."

The term you should have used is human species and not the term 'human race' as evidenced in your original post.

Races and breeds happen to be sub-groups of a species.

sheik yer'mami said...

"A nation has to be comprised of ONE race and the culture it creates."

That bus left the station long ago.

America is proof that its not about race, but ideology. As long as the same values are taught, history, pride in nationhood etc, the constitution, unity, there is nothing wrong with a racial mix. The multicultural mantra of 'strength in diversity' is of course disastrous, as it doesn't make a nation strong, but weak.

That's not the fault of different races, but of mostly white social engineers who occupy well paid positions in our universities in order to pervert and poison the minds of our young.

sheik yer'mami said...

I would hasten to add that the same does not apply to Europe. Europe evolved and was founded on completely different principles.

In Europe, the natives are being invaded and intentionally replaced by Muselmaniacs from the ME and Africa, which is altogether a different ball game.

America has one culture and one language, (officially) but Europe has many cultures and many languages, along with a multitude of other things that must be preserved at all costs. Europe is not, and shall never become Africa or the greater caliphate. So yes, there is a racial aspect, but its mostly ideological issues that divide us.

EscapeVelocity said...

Anybody read Niall Ferguson's "The War of the World?" A documentary was also made based on that book.

syntec said...

Blogger sheik yer'mami said...

"That bus left the station long ago."

Not so! The meaning of the word (nation) is still the same and will remain so. What you are alluding to is the current Marxist Liberal perversion of the word.

"America is proof that its not about race, but ideology. As long as the same values are taught, history, pride in nationhood etc, the constitution, unity, there is nothing wrong with a racial mix."

Obviously, you haven't properly absorbed the implications of what I said in my original post, ie, that a territory, (I won't call it a nation because it's not one), consisting of several races and their cultures, always finishes up collapsed due to the consequences of one or more alien identities attempting takeover and total domination.

"The multicultural mantra of 'strength in diversity' is of course disastrous, as it doesn't make a nation strong, but weak."

The terms multiracial and multicultural in themselves means the presence of several distinct races in one territory all practicing their separate cultures and belief systems therein. Therefore, there is no point in complaining about dogmas such as 'diversity is our strength' not making a nation strong when there is no nation present in such a setup in the first place. In reality, what such a setup equates to, however, is a zoo or perhaps more aptly, a safari park.

"That's not the fault of different races, but of mostly white social engineers who occupy well paid positions in our universities in order to pervert and poison the minds of our young."

The true culprits are firstly, a branch of the Semite race and secondly, their White native collaborators.

The various invader races are not totally blameless either.

The most prevalent of these are those who've previously seen fit to kick Whites out of their own territories and have the audacity and gall to then swarm the territories of those whom they kicked out of theirs'.

To add insult to injury, they then demand ALL-level involvement in the political/judicial/fiscal /educational and public services infrastructure of White homelands more often than not, using threats of anarchy and violence should their demands not be met, for the sole objective of dispossessing and disenfranchising the native White inhabitants both of their homelands and inalienable human rights within them.

Their presence and involvement in White homelands and White lives can mean only one thing - the inevitable dispossession and destruction of indigenous White lineages, belief systems, cultures and heritages as long as such alien races are permitted to continue invading and occupying White homelands en masse.

sheik yer'mami said...


"The true culprits are firstly, a branch of the Semite race and secondly, their White native collaborators."

I reject your anti-Semitic outburst. I am not into conspiracy theories either. While there might be some Jews who bought into this multicultural garbage I must tell you that I'm not one of them and I don't associate with those who do.

Your view is exclusive, your tolerance extremely limited. You would not have Amish or Jews, no Buddhists or Hindus, and I can't follow you there.

I concede that there is a race issue, that cannot be denied. Especially in light of the ever increasing and steady invasion of Europe by black Africans and Arabs. But again, that comes as a package deal with Socialist indoctrination and the planned Islamization, which our elites see as inevitable.
For the rest of your writing, we are on the same page.

But don't blame da Jooozzz, they are not behind the folly of European governments. Israel suffers because of the folly of Euro governments!

sulber nick said...

Sheik yer'mami: "Israel suffers because of the folly of Euro governments." Israel adopts the folly of Euro governments.

syntec said...

"I reject your anti-Semitic outburst. I am not into conspiracy theories either. While there might be some Jews who bought into this multicultural garbage I must tell you that I'm not one of them and I don't associate with those who do.

"Your view is exclusive, your tolerance extremely limited. You would not have Amish or Jews, no Buddhists or Hindus, and I can't follow you there."

Just a minute, my good man! I'm of Jewish origin myself, but prefer to face the truth on issues pertaining to us Jews. Yes, you are correct in saying that not all Jews have bought into this multicultural garbage, thank God, but like the supposed 'moderate' Muslim presumption, no where near enough Jews speak out against this genocidal outrage being perpetrated against every White nation on the planet.

I take it, you are familiar with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples!!!

My views are far from exclusive in a global context unless you are intimating that it's only White peoples who have no entitlement or rights to strive towards the reestablishing of homogeneity of their nations again.

Would you be quite so quick to castigate and vilify Hindus, Buddhists and/or Jews residing in their respective homelands for rejecting wholesale invasion by non-related ethnicities along with all their alien cultures and lifestyles as well as refusing to confer citizenship and thus right of permanent residence upon such invaders? Well!

When you've calmed down sufficiently enough and have thought more rationally about the points raised by me, perhaps you can explain why non-White nations are not all buying into the Marxist Liberal multicult utopia paradise plan.

I'll furnish a clue!

The certainity of eventual dispossession and a gradual destruction of their ancestral homelands, lineages, languages, cultures, traditions and infrastructures, etc, through wholesale alien invasion.

As I've already explained, it's not possible to countenance the presence of substantial numbers and varieties of perpetually procreating alien ethnicities on one's native territory without knowingly setting one's people up for political and societal usurpation, gradual dispossession, disenheritance, disenfranchisement of human rights, destruction of lineage, culture, tradition(s), belief system, language and heritage leading to eventual extinction including via genocide.

The evidence that this phenomenon is already taking place albeit by stealth at the moment, is abundantly clear for all to see, ie, for those whose heads are not still lodged in the sand, of course.

Thomas said...

@ Thrasymachus

In case you didn't got it: