Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update From London

Our same EDL correspondent just sent this email:

Just found a cyber cafe where I’m waiting for a train.

The rabbi gave a rousing speech just round the corner from the Israeli embassy. However, before he spoke a left-wing activist threw some water on the sound equipment, which stopped it working for a while. When he spoke there was a crackle from the speakers due to the damage done to the equipment.

The EDL people then dispersed, and around fifty accompanied the group across the London parks to Speakers’ Corner where Muslims seem to always have a predominant presence. When we arrived near the corner the police stopped the rabbi and the EDL from entering Speakers’ Corner, thereby preventing him from speaking there. It seems that Speakers’ Corner now belongs to the Ummah.

In the event, the police were in a difficult position, but the instinct to side with the Muslims, due to years of politically correct indoctrination, seems clear. In the end they let him speak across from Speakers’ Corner and there was a massive crowd of spectators.

There was a police cordon between the EDL and the Muslim denizens of Speakers’ Corner who came over to watch. Some of the EDL did engage some of the Muslims in debate in small groups, so it showed that the EDL are willing to enter into dialogue with individual Muslims. That was productive.

But the principle of Speakers’ Corner is that people are allowed to speak. That is a cornerstone of English culture, and a rabbi was prevented from doing so, presumably because the authorities could not guarantee his safety in an area that is increasingly used by Muslims. Things were peaceful, which of course is a good thing, but it seems that another pillar of freedom of speech in England has now fallen, thanks to the role of Multiculturalism.


Robohobo said...

That the Fascisti have taken over The Western world AGAIN is plain.

This is a century ago redux.

Hopefully we can send this diseased set of ideas to the dustbin of history without quite as much blood as then ..... but I doubt it.

trencherbone said...

Indian guy on why he supports the EDL and hates being called 'Asian'.

Yorkshireminer said...

I would like to make a general observation, small counties can react far quicker than large countries because being small they do not have the inertia of a large country to react to change, is a bit like a mouse and an elephant changing direction a mouse can react far more quickly than an elephant. We have seen that the small countries are reacting far quicker to the islamisation of Europe than the large countries, Denmark Holland and Switzerland are prime examples. Finally we are seeing the turn round in the larger countries Germany especially. The other large European countries will follow suit during the next few years. Here in Holland we have just seen us turn the corner. In fact we saw it today when Geert Corstens, the president of the highest court of justice in Holland criticised Wilders for bring the Dutch justice system into disrepute, a typical form of attack blaming the victims for the problem. Up to present there have been, wait for it 1,363 comments on the The Telegraaph web site. The Dutch get it, hardly and of the commentators agreeing with him, most say they have brought it on themselves. Maurice de Hond,s gallup pole this week put the PVV two seats higher in the Dutch parliament if elections were held now and the PVdA ( Social Democrates) two seats lower, voter loyalty was put at 90% for the PVV and at 40% for the Pvda. I do not know what it say to your but but it say to me that the left is fragmenting. The PVdA in a couple of years time might just be left with a rump of Muslim votes. Things are certainly going to get worse in the next decade because oil in the Middle East is going to get more expensive and more wealth will be exported too the middle east but once the oil runs out the Middle east will be in a bind all the alternatives are in the west, the Middle east have no coal. The support of the Muslims in Europe will be marginalised as the Social Democratic parties which they have supported are marginalised as the indigenous populations migrates to the right of the political spectrum. The islamisation of Europe is not dead but in the small countries it has reached its high water mark. the same way that the high water mark of the American civil war was Picket's charge at Gettysburg, it was revealed in hindsight, and perhaps Wilders's trial will have the same significance

WAKE UP said...

The number one tactic of Islam INSIDE the West is to use democracy to shut down democracy.

Nick said...

Check out what The Jewish Chronicle had to say about this event before it happened. Here's the link. No p/word required.

Prospero said...

I am afraid the long tradition of free speech in GB is not long enough. The absence of a constitution of solid standing, much less anything approaching a Bill of Rights has been a thistle in true British freedom for years. Despite my annoyance with GB for never clearly defining their citizens liberties, I mourn for what could have been...such a waste to turn a noble Speaker's Corner into an infomercial for the caliphate.