Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Metropolitan Police: Guardian Angels?

Amsterdam: EDL #5

Paul Weston and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff reported yesterday about what happened to the EDL delegation when it arrived at the train station near Generatorstraat in Amsterdam on its way to the free speech demonstration.

The Dutch police forced the EDL’s rented minivan to travel very slowly through a crowd of “anti-fascist” demonstrators on its way to the venue while the violent Antifas pelted the van with stones and bricks, smashing the windows. The Dutch police told Tommy Robinson and the other passengers that they must proceed the rest of the way on foot — reportedly about 300 yards — while offering them little or no protection from the anarchists who were attacking them.

I spoke on the phone this morning to an EDL source, and can now add a new wrinkle to this story. As Elisabeth mentioned yesterday, members of the Metropolitan Police were present at the demo, and advised the EDL to depart early. My contact has now shed some light on the role played by the British officers in the day’s events.

According to EDL people who were passengers in the minivan, the British police had accompanied the EDL to Amsterdam to offer them what protection they could. When the EDL guys had to abandon their van and run for it, and the Dutch police declined to protect them, the Metropolitan Police beckoned their compatriots over to their own police vehicle and gave them protection while accompanying them the rest of the way to the venue.

Amsterdam: EDL #6

A little while later the British police assessed the situation and determined that it would be very difficult to protect the EDL much longer, given the presence of the violent leftist mob, and the — shall we say — diffident attitude of the Dutch police towards their English visitors. So Tommy Robinson was forced to give an abbreviated version of his speech ahead of schedule, and then the EDL departed.

This report casts the Metropolitan Police in a new light. The London cops, after all, have often been the object of anger and derision on the part of ordinary Britons who oppose the Islamization of their country and are victimized by the police.

But things are not always what they seem, and it appears that the EDL have at least a few friends on the police force — even if those doughty coppers have to travel all the way to Amsterdam to be able to show their true colors.


Paul said...

Well done to the UK cops. Maybe academia and the authorities in the UK and Europe one day will not be in denial about the true nature of islam. What a shame that one is called a bigot and right wing facist for defending the very rights that islamists use to try and take away, something they seem to miss.

Paul R.


Caroline Macafee said...

I've written to the Met to thank them. There's a web form on their site. A bit of positive reinforcement seemed to be in order.

Anonymous said...

I've been to several EDL demonstrations and I can tell you that a lot of the Police on the ground support them. I've talked to them everywhere I've been. They can see for themselves what's going on.They see that the EDL are not the racists or the violent criminals that the Political class and their media lackeys want people to believe. Many of the police come from similar working class backgrounds. They are as sick of political correctness as anybody else and know better than anyone the appalling scale of the Islamic crime wave sweeping the country!

goethechosemercy said...

Order and law based on reason-- the worst and most implacable enemies Islam will ever face.

nanette said...

Good for the UK police. Now maybe they should all rise up against the "leaders" in England. That would be something. G-d Bless the EDL.

Juniper in the Desert said...

So far the worst policing comes from the West Midlands police force, headed by a muslim.

Nick said...

I still can't believe the nasty games being played by the Dutch. I remember visiting Holland many years ago (mid-80s) and being struck by how nice a place it was, everyone was very friendly and laid back. I actually visited the country again during a national holiday, I believe it was their queen's birthday, and there was a huge street party going on, bands playing on the street cornes - a fantastic atmosphere!

What's happened to Holland? This poisonous creed of appeasement and white guilt is ruining one of the best countries on earth.

As Jamie Glazov has said, for the true believer, a new world order can only come to pass if the old world is destroyed. We're seeing that policy bearing fruit before our eyes.

Of the Dutch politicians responsible for this disgrace, one can't help remembering the well known passage from chapter 7 in the book of Matthew.

Nick said...

Note the saltire btw.

john in cheshire said...

someone please tell me how to give a donation to the EDL. I may never have wanted to, but reading this, I realise the EDL, just like the BNP, are the only people who are concerned to defend the English peoples.

Anonymous said...

Nick, I have a close relative who was born in London and one who was offered political asylum in Sweden and neither would recognize the countries that they've been in right now.

I really wonder if the British soldiers in WW2 died for this...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Does anyone know whether the British police were on an official mission protecting the EDL abroad, and if yes, on what legal ground ? Is that customary ? Is it a variant of looking after their own football fans in other countries, or something ?