Saturday, October 30, 2010

Militant Islam is a Worldwide Problem

The biggest media attraction at today’s free speech rally in Amsterdam was Tommy Robinson, the most well-known of the leaders of the English Defence League. Mr. Robinson’s speech was cut short — in fact, his stay in the Netherlands was cut short — due to violent attacks by “anti-fascists”, whose behavior induced the police to ask the EDL delegation to leave early.

Below is the brief address Tommy Robinson gave to the crowd at the waste ground next to Generatorstraat:

As you can tell from the subsequent videos, the MSM lost interest after their favorite “fascist hooligan” from England left the scene. Fortunately, the Counterjihad media operatives on the ground in Amsterdam were able to provide us with a full record of everything that happened.

Many thanks to Politically Incorrect for this video.


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Here is another video of this event :