Monday, October 25, 2010


This delightful little mid-term election video deserves to go viral. And yes, I know it’s WAYCIST:

Hat tip: Bolta, via Anne-Kit.


Zenster said...

The only thing at all amazing about this blurb is that it did not appear much sooner on the political horizon. There is cold consolation to be taken from China basing its rapid advancement upon routine patent violation, theft of intellectual property and copyright abuse.

Rest assured that such abject copycat behavior will as easily come back to bite China on the buttocks. Just not soon enough to save us from their predatory export practices.

Yet, is is precisely this dependence upon unfair play that continues to render China vulnerable.Their inability to truly innovate could still make them ineffectual with respect to genuinely competing in the world's marketplace. However, as educational levels continue to rise, too soon will that singular advantage finally diminish for American and other international inventors.

Far worse was the West's exporatation of manufacturing knowledge to China. Question: Exactly how much did America spend inventing the solid state microprocessor? An easy TRILLION DOLLARS is the answer, if not TEN TRILLION or much more in today's money.

We then set about teaching China how to fabricate these vital organs of computational analysis and the Internet, essentially FOR FREE. The few millions of dollars we all saved by having China assemble our consumer electronics pales in comparison to the value of learning the ropes of semiconductor fabrication WITHOUT the blood, sweat and tears of high level research that spanned DECADES here in America.

Should you think that the damage has only been done to our commercial sector, please disabuse yourself of any such illusion. Whenever a Chinese process engineer becomes at all proficient in silicon foundry processes, the government steps in to transfer (Shanghai"?), that individual over into China's MILITARY R&D laboratories.

In this age of network-centric warfare just how important are the DRAM or other bulk memory devices that our computers rely upon to operate? Remember, a single microprocessor chip may require an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE more memory circuits to operate efficiently.

Should we entrust the global supply of these memory devices to China and other East Asian producers? America continues to subsidize Micron Technology, Inc. in order to maintain a domestic suppliers of these important circuits. Why must we endure this taxpayer burden to protect our national security against blatant Chinese encroachment?

What about textiles? How injurious could it possibly be to rely upon China for production of nearly all our clothing? Try asking Napoleon how important winter uniforms would have been for his soldiers in Russia.

Why do the Chinese continue to get away with this? Why haven’t our politicians intervened and forced China to stop manipulating its currency or put a halt to their abject patent and copyright violations? After all, it’s not as if the Chinese government can contribute to the re-election campaigns of American politicians. Can they?

Ask yourself; who does contribute to those re-election campaign coffers? Try, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Price Club and a host of other domestic distributors and retailers who rely upon cheap Chinese crap to make their profits. Wal-Mart alone has, at one time, constituted some 10% of America's trade imbalance with China. TEN PERCENT or somewhere over 12 BILLION DOLLARS worth of unreciprocated trade.

Now, go ahead and ask yourself, which political party do these companies contribute to?

Answer: Yes

Large companies like Wal-Mart contribute to BOTH political parties and succeed in buying off our politicians, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL AFFILIATION, like the cheap street corner whores they have become. Whenever you wonder why America is being sold down the river to China, look no farther than your incumbent politicians.


Jetgraphics said...

The U.S. government went bankrupt in 1933. That fact has been kept from the public discourse for 77 years. If it wasn't for the millions of "human resources" who signed up for FICA, the Congress would have been exposed for its shenanigans, in the 1930s.
Disinformation rules the minds of Americans, who cannot distinguish between the reality of the dollar and the illusion of the dollar bill.