Saturday, October 23, 2010

Elisabeth’s Voice: A Follow-Up

** UPDATED (4) **

Elisabeth's Voice (small)Yesterday I joined a consortium of four European and one Canadian blogs to form Elisabeth’s Voice, a group of sites working together to help publicize the “hate speech” prosecution against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria.

We aim to raise public awareness of what is being done to Elisabeth for the “crime” of speaking out about Islam. Our efforts will help her raise money for her legal defense fund while spreading awareness of the erosion of civil liberties that is underway throughout the West.

Since Friday, five six eight nine ten more sites have signed on. Elisabeth’s Voice now has the following participants:

Also, ACT! For America — for which Elisabeth is Austrian chapter head — has let her know that they will put their formidable organization squarely behind her.

I may have left out some blogs off the list, so if you know anyone who should be on it and isn’t, drop us an email or leave a comment with a link.

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When the Europeans asked for my help spreading the word to American sites, I suggested a dozen blogs that are prominent enough to draw significant attention to Elisabeth’s case on this side of the Atlantic. We invited the following sites to help with Elisabeth’s Voice:

As of this afternoon, unfortunately, none of the above had taken up the challenge.

It can be very difficult for a small blog like ours to get the attention of a major site. Prominent bloggers get a lot of email and a lot of appeals to help out, so that any single request tends to get lost in the shuffle. Our efforts are worthwhile, however, because even a single blog of those twelve could increase the profile of Elisabeth’s case by an order of magnitude.

If any of our readers have reason to believe that one or more of the above blogs is likely to read your email, please drop them a note and ask them to be part of Elisabeth’s Voice.

Austria is a small country, and American support for Elisabeth’s case will make a big difference.

Contributors to Elisabeth’s defense fund should visit the Save Free Speech site. A reminder: the defense fund is not under her control, and disbursements from it will be made solely to pay her legal fees.

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Nick said...

From one of those blogs - can Geert Wilders claim 'Double Jeopardy' and avoid a second trial?

PatriotUSA said...

If you would consider my blog, then
please add it the list. Patriot's
Corner is much smaller than here
but I am certainly willing to step
up to the plate for Elisabeth.

Personally, she is a hero for taking the stand
that she has.

kepiblanc said...

Baron, the Danish Hodjas Blog - where I am a co-editor - has several posts supporting my good and dear friend, Elisabeth. Please add.

Nick said...

Atlas Shrugs has posted in support of Elizabeth today.