Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transcript of the Interview with Paul Weston

The interview with Paul Weston posted earlier today was excellent stuff, but the audio was unfortunately not very good, making Paul’s exchanges with the (obviously biased) MSM interviewer difficult to understand.

In order to help publicize what Paul said, I’ve made a transcript of the entire clip. Portions of it, especially some of the interviewer’s “questions”, were impossible to make out, and I marked those sections “inaudible”. In other parts I made educated guesses to fill in the gaps:

Paul Weston interviewed by an unidentified media outlet
Amsterdam, October 30, 2010

0:06 You clearly have an agenda.
0:08 I am telling you that what is wrong
0:10 is inequality of gender, inequality of homophobia,
0:14 I don’t believe homosexuals should be hung from cranes.
0:17 I hope you don’t either.
0:20 I don’t think young girls should have their genitalia mutilated.
0:23 I hope you don’t believe that either.
0:26 “What I see as people [inaudible]
0:28 and I see gatherings of people, Nazi-saluting,
0:31 singing about…”
0:32 Are you seeing at the moment any Nazi salutes?
0:34 “I never said [inaudible] — there are more media here today.
0:38 [inaudible] right-wing extremists.”
0:40 I don’t know… Why do you say ‘right-wing extremists’?
0:43 “[inaudible] traditionally gather —”
0:46 Do you not understand a very simple thing here?
0:49 The [inaudible] is freedom.

0:51 This is nothing to do with ‘right-wing extremism’.
0:53 This is freedom to live as we have always lived in the West.
0:58 “[inaudible] people [inaudible] Muslims in general.
1:00 People then [inaudible] Muslims in general.”
1:03 We’re not talking about ‘Muslims in general’; we’re talking about Islam.
1:06 We’re talking about the theocracy of Islam
1:08 that does not believe in democracy.
1:11 Man-made laws and democracy are not compatible with Islamic law.
1:16 Period.
1:17 We live in liberal democracies.
1:19 You call me a ‘right-wing extremist’:
1:21 I am telling you that I am a classical liberal
1:25 who believes in freedom and democracy,
1:27 and I see that threatened today.
1:30 Which is why we are here now.
1:32 “[inaudible] Thank you very much.”
1:33 Thank you.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

"We’re talking about the theocracy of Islam"

The word "theocracy" should be avoided it is to archaic for the present day secular Western audience.

The MSM interviewer moves the interview straight into the political arena with the charge of "right-wing extremists" this is where the counterjihad should engage the MSM in the political arena with words such as theo-political and geo-political thus emphasizing the political nature of islam to the secular Western audience.

Anonymous said...

"theocracy"...a good point, up TO a point.

The way I see it is that we have the people and the elites. The people already agree with Westons sentiments irrespective of anything he says or how he says it. Few will ever hear himspeak.

The elites require addressing at every opportunity, in the hope of chipping away or undermining their homogeneity of outlook and confidence in that outlook.

To do this you need to address them in THEIR language.So as many syllables as possible please. And "theocracy" is definitely an idea that has an impact in their outlook because of the very fact that THEY ARE secular!

Their hatred and fear of religion is focussed on Christianity at present which they use as a kind of scapegoat. They need to be reminded continually that endorsement of Islam is endorsement of the THEOCRATIC....until now and again one of their number wakes up and realise the idiotic inconsistancy of their stance.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


The thinking gap between religious politics and secular politics is to wide for most people in the West and therefor makes the (actual) incremental political moves towards a theocracy incomprehensible and unimaginable to most.

Those incremental political moves are the very moves that must be called and negated the word theocracy is as I have said to archaic and distant.

Words such as theopolitics is more immediate and literally puts islam straight into the Western political arena. When the political predator which is the islamic wolf is stripped of the sheeps clothing of sanctity gifted by the ultra-liberals of tolerance that is when it will be destroyed.