Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day of Shame for Holland

The following report about today’s events in Amsterdam was written by Paul Weston in collaboration with other members of the Counterjihad Collective.

Amsterdam: EDL, smashed windscreen

Earlier today the EDL visited Amsterdam to make the case that freedom of speech and the ongoing loss of our democracy in Europe is not just a right-wing conspiracy, but a concrete reality.

And the reality was vividly shown to be not just concrete, but cast iron.

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard Van der Laan led the EDL into an ambush.

Whilst defenders of democracy gathered in the appropriately named “Isolatorweg” area of Amsterdam, the EDL boys were en-route in their hired bus.

The rally started at 2pm, but it started without the EDL. Where were they, we wondered?

Finally we were told — they had been set up, ambushed, and betrayed by the Amsterdam Town Hall.

Mounted policemen, water-cannon, dogs, riot shields, a police helicopter and a massive police presence could not apparently stop 100 left-wing Islamic sympathisers from attacking the EDL transport.

Tommy Robinson and his EDL members suddenly appeared, battered, bleeding and shocked.

The police had allowed their bus to be driven — very slowly — through the left-wing protestors.

Every window was smashed, as bricks, bottles and boots were launched against it.

Amsterdam: EDL #3

At which point the police stopped the bus and turned the EDL boys out to run a 300-metre gauntlet of vicious hatred and violence.

And they had to fight their way through, with no police protection, after which things became even worse. The Dutch police, acting on advice from the British police, stated they could not guarantee their protection, and ordered them to leave the area.

So, a freedom of speech rally was curtailed due to left-wing violence, and the EDL were not allowed to practice their democratic right of peaceful protest in the heart of liberal, tolerant Europe.

Betrayal. total and utter betrayal, carried out not by Islam, but by our own politicians.

A sad day, as Tommy Robinson noted. Democracy and Holland were shamed.


Anonymous said...

Incredibly shameful.

nanette said...

So these are the same blood line of Dutch people who fought the Nazis, who hid the Jews to keep them safe? They should be ashamed. The world is watching. Geert must be sick to his stomach. I am. The EDL are the GOOD...the Mayor and the cops are evil and Nazi/Islam supporters. Did they already forget history? They are just as bad the Islamists. Worse. Anyone who allows evil is evil. Tolerance is a CRIME when applied to evil. I am watching. The world is watching. This mayor and these cops will rue what they have done. Do they think they are immune to Islam's jihad? Sickening swine.

G-d bless the EDL. G-d bless Geert Wilders.

D. G. Neree said...

I was at the demo and didn't know exactly what happended outside,because the demo was hermetically sealed by the police.

If this is what happened it's a bloody shame, and our Mayor has tried to set up the two groups against each other to disqualify them both. But the only violence came from outside de demo. De Ajax footballhooligans came up there because Van der Laan, our mayor had told the newspaper that he was expecting 200 English hooligans. The whole event was orchestrated. The media stirred up the sentiments portaying The EDL as Fascists and spreading fear and awakening their leftist street gangs.

see the photo's on AP (text is in Dutch)

D. G. Neree said...

the Antifa who attacked the EDL bus, weren't the Ajax-fans though, but Antifa and Moroccan scum.

D. G. Neree said...

excuse me, i forgot the link

Michael Servetus said...

G-d bless 'em and hopefully their suffering will win them some more support, so that their next time out they wiull have sufficient numbers. I do not doubt that this will win them some support from a few lazy sympathizers who will be roused up to defend their brethren. I would be. If for instance I had a brother or cousin or sister or father and I wasn't with them, and I saw what happened and their noble suffering, I would be there next time. This can bring some good out of this evil.
This has been the way of all who have trodden the obstacle filled path to liberty. It's interesting to think how much more these EDL men have in common with the Black civil rights participants than those who Obama gives that title to.

Professor L said...

The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church - Tertullian.

imnokuffar said...

Much as I admire these brave English men and women they will always be portrayed as hooligans, thugs and racist trash by the media and others. I predicted the consequences of thier well meaning but misguided actions some time ago. They are now suffering what members of the BNP have suffered for years and they will continue to do so. The only way to defeat the enemy is to slowly and surely over time develop a mass movement by education, discussion, demonstrations and getting people out to vote for your cause. There are no shortcuts. I am speaking as a member of the BNP, which, with all it faults is the only credible alternative to the established parties. I wish those sincere members of the EDL well and just hope that they, by experience will see that thier cause, just as it is, will not be furthered by thier present courses of action. Eventually, and I hope I am proved wrong someone will get killed by the lefty scum. The consequences of this, if it happens, don't bear thinking about.

Anonymous said...

When I tried to pass the police cordon there was ths dialog:
Policewoman: Which side to you belong to?
Me: To the conservative one.
Policewoman: (not believing): Where do you come from?
Me: From Germany
Police woman to policeman: What to you think?
Policeman: I think, yes, if he says us, that he belongs to the conservative side I think we could let him pass through. [He spoke in English to both me and his colleague).

This was how this demonstration take place. In a detached vakuum.

Henk.V said...

If there would be elections right now in the Netherlands Mr Wilders' Freedom Party would be the absolute winner.

Left wing political parties have declared war on Wilders' ideas and the the Dutch labour party (PvdA) even promised to use ANY kind of action to remove Wilders from power again.
What happened in Amsterdam is a bizarre example of the promised foul play.
Amsterdam is a PvdA city!
Its Mayor has always been a member of this party so far!

The peaceful demonstrators were directed to an area where the majority of the population is islamic..

Shame on the mayor of Amsterdam,who orchestrated the whole scene and ordered the police to take a passive stand in this..

Some victorty for democracy..

Anti-jihadists, let's face it: we are already at war..

Let's act on it.

mriggs said...

It might be worth reminding public officials that they will be held accountable for their actions down the road - in a Nurnberg style trial. Betray the people today? Suffer the consequences tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Wilders and now the EDL need police protection yet are still labeled the troublemakers meanwhile Muslims are allowed to posture as the perpetual victims.

Why is it the media, etc. frequently & erroneously refer to the "FAR right" yet apparently no matter how vicious, out of control & violent - there is never a "FAR Left"?

Anonymous said...

So these are the same blood line of Dutch people who fought the Nazis, who hid the Jews to keep them safe?

The Dutch didn't do a good job of keeping their Jews safe. 75% of Dutch Jews went to the gas chamber, betrayed by their fellow Dutrch citizens. My grandad, who died 24 years ago, was a World War II veteran who fought in Holland and he would certainly be disgusted by what is happening today in Brtitain and Europe were he still alive today.