Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/31/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/31/2010Armed jihad fighters stormed a church in Baghdad today and took the congregants hostage, demanding the release of Al Qaeda prisoners in exchange. When Iraqi commandos stormed the church, some of the mujahideen detonated suicide bomb belts, and at least seven members of the congregation and seven terrorists were killed. The death toll may have been considerably higher.

In other news, funding public pensions in California currently costs about $3,000 per Californian. The amount, which is already considered high, may rise to $10,000 per resident within four years.

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Viva Tancredo said...

Some news worth mentioning:

Tomorrow is the big day in the United States. This election has some excellent candidates on the issues of mass-immigration and islamization who actually stand a good chance.

If Tancredo scores a victory as Colorado Governor under the American Constitution Party it will be revolutionary. Recent polls show he is within points of pulling it off. Go Tanc Go!

oldschooltwentysix said...

Are there any minimum requirements for a news story here?

I feel like the interview from NewsFlavor was suspect, though I may agree with some of the substance.

It's strange that Obama is supposed to be such a leftist when many leftists consider him quite to the right in terms of his corporate policies.

I agree, however, that he is out of touch with normal people and never had the experience to lead. He has run away from the left in the Democratic Party, despite these claims that he has embraced them. If more experienced, he would have used his electoral and public advantage much better. People voted for change, not to further empower the ruling class and wrongdoers who created much of this mess we are all in.

Clinton, in my mind, free of Bill's legacy, would have been much more tough and effective in pursuing a truly liberal agenda and running the government and dealing with the extremists who presently occupy much of the Republican Party and cater to the very same interests as Obama.

In any event, placement of completely unsourced and anonymous information should be excluded from "news" here, if one is to rely on the information presented.

goethechosemercy said...

I note that Mr. Ullah was more willing to talk about the content of the Koran than about the content of the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration.
His patriotism, truly enough, is still suspect.
If you claim to be an American, and you do not put the founding documents at the center of your dialogue, you are not much in my view.
Islam is not America, American, or Western. To be a good Muslim is to be a member of a rogue state within this nation.

goethechosemercy said...

White House Insider?
Yeah right.
I want names.

goethechosemercy said...

Wow. I had no idea that Rachel was a MUSLIM!
UNESCO and this decision are bad jokes on the rest of us.

Baron Bodissey said...

oldschool26 --

The minimum standard for news feed items is the one listed with the caveat. I only have time to skim each piece -- I can't even check the links -- so the criteria are of necessity rather loose.

Each entry must be:

(1) Relatively interesting. That is, stories that feature municipal council minutes from Lower Slobbovia may be factual and thorough, but even so I would probably leave them out.

(2) Not patently offensive. For example, news stories involving grotesque sexual behavior by celebrities would not be included.

(3) At least superficially plausible. That is, an "investigative" report that assigned blame for 9-11 to the Tamil Tigers would probably not make it in. I do, however, let quite a few paranoid articles go through, if their conclusions are not completely wacko. Paranoids are sometimes right.

oldschooltwentysix said...

Thanks Baron. Appreciate the info. I understand how there is only so much time, but wanted to make my concerns known after I read the article, which borders the limits of plausibility, yet certainly was relatively interesting.

Take care.

EscapeVelocity said...

It's strange that Obama is supposed to be such a leftist when many leftists consider him quite to the right in terms of his corporate policies. --- oldschool

Just goes to show you how far Left the Left has moved. That their are substantial numbers of anarchists and communists to the Left of Chairman Obama is revealing.

George W. Bush was to the Left of JFK.

EscapeVelocity said...

An I second the motion!

Viva Tancredo!

Who ran as a 3rd Party candidate in the general election and is creaming the Republican.

Go Tea Party!

oldschooltwentysix said...

Escape Velocity,

I am one of those leftists.

Yet I am here as well, supporting the ideas here, but not some of the same extremism of the right that parallels the left that you criticize.

Which leads me to believe that there is more going on than simple labels and stereotypes that people too easily rely on.

goethechosemercy said...

It's strange that Obama is supposed to be such a leftist when many leftists consider him quite to the right in terms of his corporate policies. --- oldschool
end quote.

Obama and his Third Way friends, and not a few of their leftist detractors, have a peculiar Europeanist and corporatist view for American society. They are hammering a square peg into a round hole as far as I'm concerned.
My chief problem with the liberalism I used to espouse is that there is a refusal to understand 2 things:
1. Western Civilization is worth teaching to the next generation, and
2. Western Civilization and its practitioners are under attack in the form of stealth Jihad and terrorism.
I do not subscribe to "white" or "western" guilt.
I refuse to believe that individualism is about empires.
In other words, I refuse to internalize the non-western view of myself and my culture.
Liberals have internalized the stranger's view of America. They have alienated their history and background completely. And Muslims? They're opportunists as usual.