Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/16/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/16/2010German Chancellor Angela Merkel has joined the head of the Bavarian CSU, Horst Seehofer, in declaring that Multiculturalism has failed. Ms. Merkel hedged her declaration a bit — she insisted that Islam is a “part of Germany”, and only called for “integration” rather than assimilation.

However, the fact that she dared to utter the f-word — “failure” — when discussing Multiculturalism is extremely significant. The taboo has been broken.

In other news — also in Germany — a primary school teacher was suspended for inadvertently giving pork schnitzels to some of her Muslim students.

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B.B. said...

The article "Gardai Investigate Temple Bar Attacks" has been edited. Any mention of the perpetrators race has been removed from the original article.


"German Chancellor Angela Merkel has joined the head of the Bavarian CSU, Horst Seehofer, in declaring that Multiculturalism has failed."

"MultiKulti ist gescheitert - total gescheitert.."

At 17.00 hours to-day this is still no news in the Kretinostanian media.

At 20.00 hours it is mentioned en passant by the State Radio News.

Wellcome Angela - a late awakening is better than none - we ordinary citizens have known it for almost two decades.

Nick said...

I just watched an outstanding video on Kitman's site - Jamie Glazov on the psychology behind the supporters of multiculturalism. Absolutely recommended. As Isiah Berlin wrote, those who believe in a final solution - and who believe they know what it is - are not only wrong, they have been some of the worst horrors in human history. But the radical multiculturalist smells the blood when Islamic terrorists attack civilians, and thinks that here at last is an opportunity to destroy the world as we all know it. For the new world, which exists in the imagination of the multiculturalist, can only be built if the old world is first of all destroyed!

I was fascinated by Glazov's lecture, and tied it in with my own reading from years ago: Crispin Sartwell's thoughts on those who would deny reality - drop a bowling ball on your foot and see what is real - your imaginary society or the pain in your foot! Come back down to earth, in other words.

And admit, as Merkel has done, that the fabulous artifice of multiculturalism is a failure.

Then you can actually get down to the nearest casualty and get your foot x-rayed!

goethechosemercy said...

Every taboo Multiculturalism has created must be shattered so thoroughly that there is no hope of ever bringing it back.
Every. Single. One.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time Merkel says exactly this. She did it also at the beginning of this administration. This should´t be overestimated at all: She also said during the same speech (yesterday) that "islam belongs to Germany". And, above all, she does nothing. "By their fruit you will recognize them." (Matthew 7:16)

Nick said...


That verse came to my mind also ...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and let's not forget that she only decided to say this after Mr. Sarrazin said something much more substantive.

Worse, she forced him to resign and then copied a few of more obvious statements. In my cynical moments, I suspect she's just doing this to scoop up his support and outflank the right wing of her own party. If so, and she succeeds, it's the kiss of death to the German nation.

EscapeVelocity said...

Yeah, it was doublespeak. But it shows movement in the right direction.

Multiculturalism isnt an utter failure, it has been executed to perfection. However, balkanization isnt a desireable policy, and people dont like it, PREDICTABLY.

It's not integration, but assimilation that is necessary.

Never the less, the more center mainstreamers start breaking discussion taboos, the better.

laine said...

I like to call it multicult because its pushers are cult-like in their devotion to the concept. In it the Left has finally found the perfect Trojan horse and dragged it into the heart of all western countries to destroy their Euro-Christian foundations. A refinement has been political correctness that has made all criticism of multicult forbidden under pain of being called a racist. I'm very afraid the recent occasional negative whisper of multicult's toxic results by fewer European leaders than the fingers of one hand is too little too late. If Western civilization goes down, there will be a new Dark Ages as there is nothing on the planet at the moment to replace it as an organizing force leading to excellence while there are entire continents of primitive behavior on display.