Saturday, October 30, 2010

Report from Radio Netherlands

How do you think the Dutch MSM is covering today’s demonstration in Amsterdam?

Read this report from RNW, and prepare not to be surprised:

British Extremists Show Support for Wilders

A small group of protesters belonging to Britain’s extremist English Defence League has gathered in Amsterdam to show support for anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.

Watched by a large police force, the protesters gathered in fenced-off port area just west of the capital. Police succeeded in preventing confrontations with Ajax football fans staging a counter-protest. Police arrested a dozen people, among them four Britons and several Ajax fans.

Elsewhere, some 500 people attended a rally organised by the Platform against Xenophobia. No incidents were reported there.

The English Defence League, formed in 2009, says it wants to stop the spread of Islam, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in England.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is currently on trial on charges of group insult, inciting hatred and discrimination. A retrial was ordered a week ago after a review panel ruled that the judges had created an appearance of bias.

Hat tip: KGS.


EscapeVelocity said...


The lies and spin are sickening.

EscapeVelocity said...

The police were needed to protect the event goers from violence against themselves. Not the other way around as the language hints at.

Michael Servetus said...

This sort of lie and distortion should be considered criminal slander unless it can be proven as fact with evidence that is clearly defined. Freedom of speech needs to be protected from abusers of free speech by making it harder for people to just call people whatever they want without any basis. Therefore the word extremism should be restricted lawfully to those groups that explicitly advocate violence or engage in it unprovoked and or also to anyone who can be shown to advocate great and radical change , which would immediately attach to the left who by definition are called progressives or changists, to coin a term. Conservative and Traditionalists on the other hand are for staying the same not moving too fast or changing, so how can that ever be radical or extreme? It is preposterous.
It is thus extreme to call EDL extreme. How can staying the same be extreme? How extreme of a radical must you be to consider someone who doesn't believe in changing, radical? Staying the same, being traditional or conservative,is, as staid and non-extreme as you can get. It just goes to show how extreme the left is that they consider it criminal,hateful for you not to change or progress as they see fit, all because they attribute to you treasons for not changing that are not your own. I guess it is part of the so called Messianic complex by virtue of which all who resist become by default Satan, who can never be innocent and any apparent innocence must be some sort of diabolical ruse.
If someone calls someone else extreme they should be made to prove it in a court of law or otherwise be convicted of slander.

We know that ewverything the left is about is extreme and we can prove it.