Saturday, October 16, 2010

Increasing Hostility to Germans

Ummah — German

JLH has translated an op-ed from the German newspaper BILD about the growing hostility and aggression against Germans by Arabs and Turks in the more culturally enriched areas of Berlin. The translator includes this introduction:

Heinz Buschkowsky is the long-serving mayor of the Neukölln section of Berlin. He grew up there, in a truly multi-ethnic milieu. As mayor he still has the reputation of walking the streets and greeting people as he did when he was younger. He is SPD, and regarded as a benign but pragmatic force there.

He was a young person there a bit earlier than the author Güner Balci, whom he mentions, but has obviously also seen the effect of the imams and the mullahs.

He mentions the judge Kirsten Heisig who had strong opinions about how to approach youth criminality. She wrote a book about her views and shortly thereafter was found dead.

Buschkowsky has harsh words about some things in Thilo Sarrazin’s book but it is clear that he too sees immense problems.

He writes a regular column for BILD, which is illustrated and attuned more to ordinary folks.

The translated column from BILD:

Buschkowsky: Straight Talk

Children Are Mocked As “Potatoes” in the Schoolyard

October 5, 2010

Hatun Sürücü had just been executed by her brothers. In a Neukölln school, students thought that was completely okay, because “she had lived like a German.” This happened years ago.

Conditions have not improved — on the contrary. When Neukölln author Güner Balci made two films about Islamism and racism in students in Berlin and Essen who have an immigration background, the spin doctors were immediately indignant. The warnings of youth court judge Kirsten Heisig were also acknowledged only begrudgingly.

Meanwhile, it is no longer possible to deny an increasing tendency by Turkish and Arabic young people toward hostility to Germans and the bullying of German students. Kreuzberg and Neukölln superintendents, like teachers, publicly complain about the conditions. They tell of mosque clubs that try to turn students to Islamism. Even the GEW cannot avoid dedicating a meeting to the subject.

There are stories about students who learned in daycare already to be as invisible as possible. Just-do-not-attract-attention is the word for those who want to be left in peace, to learn and to behave themselves. Children do not want to go into the schoolyard, so as not to be mocked as nerds, pork-eaters or potatoes, or endure even or worse.

The guilty party, as always, is society — that is , you and I — we allegedly discriminate against these macho types, prevent them from learning; we do not give them perspective, and so we make them into losers. It is all a social question without the slightest cultural or religious background. This displacement (of responsibility) helps no one.

If the perpetrators are constantly excused as victims instead of being confronted, nothing will change.

No, these de-socialized young people are not the victims of a hostile society. They are the product of parallel societies, of anti-integration and alienation from education. They are the result of a lack of upbringing in families who, to be sure , live among us, but have never arrived. They show us the consequences of religious fundamentalism and our uninformed observation. Democracy is not an instruction manual on randomness. When will we finally realize that?


Lucas said...

Yay to multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

While the Newspaper of Record reports its concern. Of course, not with the state of things, but with statements like the one in the post:

“…there also have been troubling signs seeping from the margins into the mainstream… Even government officials say that immigrant children are picking on native Germans.”
Translation: another vast right-wing conspiracy

Anonymous said...

That's what anybody who is willing to make foreigners citizens deserves. I hope German men will wake up eventually and take action.

goethechosemercy said...

One word: expulsion.
The Arabs and Turks have no stake in the country.
They brutalize the natives.
Either join the movements of indigenous peoples worldwide or expel these self-righteous bullies.

Zenster said...

JLH has translated an op-ed from the German newspaper BILD about the growing hostility and aggression against Germans by Arabs and Turks in the more culturally enriched areas of Berlin.

Am I the only one who finds this hilarious?

Supposedly the spiritual heirs to Hitler's genocidal dogma, Muslims once revered the Germans for their outspoken anti-Semitism.

Now, in a typically thankless case of "what have you done for me lately", Germany's immigrant Muslim population turns upon its Teutonic hosts and berates them over not displaying adequate toleration for Islam's genocidal objectives.


Most ironic of all is that Muslims seem totally oblivious to how Germany's lethal war machine could be ramped back up but, this time, without Jews as the target. Islam's fatal obsession with death may just as easily see European Muslims being herded into boxcars with chimneyed camps as their destinations.

What will it take to make Muslims realize that prodding the nuclear Western dragon with their pointed wooden sticks is a Really Bad Idea™?

Lynn said...

Even Merkel is saying *multikulti" is not working and has failed. She was speaking to younger membrs of her party. So, there is some reality seeping into the fog.

Jack said...

I admittedly didn't knwo much abotu the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I always thought she was a leftist after her comments related to the Ducth Election and Geert Wilders. But these recent comments have changed my opinion of her somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Tptb and their cohorts, these two, have hijacked the meaning of the words "democracy" and "republic." And how tptb are laughing at us, the Grassroots, fr going along with them.

Democracy and multiculturalism are the same thing! So here we all are, talking about how good it is, how it is to be attained.
No, we do NOT want that!

Instead, we want to have a republic!

laine said...

Re allat's comment:
Best explanation of the difference between Republic and Democracy as well as other modes of government. Simple elegant entertaining video.