Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elisabeth’s Voice: More Information

Elisabeth's Voice (small)Today is Day 5 of our appeal to help Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff fight a criminal charge for “hate speech” in Austria. See last Friday’s Elisabeth’s Voice post for the full story about what we are trying to do.

People who don’t use PayPal have been asking me about alternative ways to support Elisabeth. To get the bank information, use the “Donate” tab at the Save Free Speech site. It takes you to a how-to-donate page, which includes this information for bank transfers:

International payments:

Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich
IBAN: AT513150042908021602

Made out to: Public Notary Mag. Martin Scheichenbauer, Hemmaweg 5, A-9342 Gurk

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It’s important to realize that what you see here is only half of our operation; the other half is in German. The head of the German-language team reminded me: “Please don’t forget the support of German-speaking websites! The complete list, including German websites, is here. (regularly updated!)”

Since this time last night, we have added five new participants to the English-language list: Behind The Black, The Blogmocracy, ACT! For America, Right Wing Death Bogan, and Winds of Jihad.

We now have thirty participants on three continents:

Anyone who wants to give to Elisabeth's defense fund should visit the Save Free Speech site. The fund is not under her control, and disbursements from it will be made solely to pay her legal fees.

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Concerned American said...

We're in:

Help Fight For Free Speech

For freedom,

Concerned American
Western Rifle Shooters Association


To all readers of GoV but specially to those who read Scandinavian!

Just now the beloved Swedish BABBLE-theme is about the equal value of all living persons assertion [allas lika värde]. It is daily being nagged about it in the media, from the politician's and some cleric's mouths and among all the politically correct fools in town and out in the boondocks. "Don't imagine yourself having a greater value than me - we are all equally valuable!" Referring to it, multiculturalism, massimmigration and massimportation of gipsies from all around Europe is motivated and explained. This industrious valueation-BABBLE originate from the silly-nation of Sweden's constitution, which in part is based on an embarrassing stupid mistranslation from English of a part of the now 60 years old Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in which it is talked about human dignity which in Sweden has been transformed to the unintelligible concept value of humans. Subsequent Swedish rubber-paragraph-legislation of the kind that elsewhere is used in trying to convict Geert Wilders and later on Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is in Sweden based on the same incomprehensible valuation arguments in the constitution.

On the following link you can read about it - in Swedish only, sorry - in the probabely most importent document of the year/decade (?):

- download the htm-file (½ second) to your computer and read it there - in this way you get the entire file UNABRIDGED, in easy-to-read Tahoma typography.

Zenster said...

Bravo! What a superb effort.
Congratulations all around.

Is there any way to extract some traffic meter readings and show the average hits per day for each site from the list of web sites? It would be wonderful to gain some idea regarding what sort of exposure this effort is generating.

No matter what, keep up the fantastic work on this important case. After Susanne Winter's sickening conviction and penalty, it is even more important that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff be exonerated of all charges.