Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are They All Fascists?

Recent municipal elections in Vienna resulted in substantial gains for Heinz-Christian Strache and the Freedom Party (FPÖ). The FPÖ’s success came at the expense of the SPÖ (Socialists), the ÖVP (Austrian People’s Party), and the Greens. The deciding issue was mass immigration, particularly that of Muslims from Turkey, and the devastating effect it has had on the culture and economy of the Austrian capital.

The FPÖ was the only major party to make opposition to Islamization and mass immigration its major concern during the Viennese election campaign. Mr. Strache’s victory has stirred up controversy and discussion about topics that had previously been suppressed.

JLH has translated a recent op-ed from Die Presse about the election results and the imminent bankruptcy of Multiculturalism:

Are They All Fascists? End of the Multi-Culti Dream

by Ulrich Brunner

Guest Commentary: Viennese Election Result Warrants Changes in Immigration Policy

They’re on their move again — the Antifa contingent who brand every fourth Viennese as a xenophobic fascist, because Strache’s FPÖ gained 27% of the vote in the Viennese election. Apparently the only ones in Austria further removed from the population than the politicians are a number of journalists.

Someone who only moves between his apartment in a bobo [yuppie] district and the coffee house and the editorial offices is naturally unaware of what problems there are in the co-existence of those Viennese with and without immigration background. Someone who lives in the Turkish quarter in Favoriten had to see it coming.

In this largest of Viennese districts, with more than 100,000 registered voters, Strache’s total was fully 34.8%. Only Simmering, with 37%, has more. If you consider that a majority of naturalized Turks and Serbs voted SPÖ, then more than 40% of Viennese without an immigration background voted FPÖ, that is, the FPÖ is the strongest party with this segment of the Viennese population — even more so than the SPÖ. Are they all fascists?

Encountering Turks and immigrants from the former Yugoslavia usually brings a reduction in the quality of life. Whoever gets a Turkish neighbor in his apartment house has his hands full. The new neighbors have lots of children, are loud, pay no attention to house rules, mess up the stairwell.

Ten or twelve relatives come visiting on Friday evening and stay until after midnight. Forget about sleep. Appeals for quiet are ignored. Women living alone do not even dare to knock on the door. The Turkish family father has made it clear that he will not be spoken to by women. That is also true in general for the schoolteacher. The father definitely does not come to parent-teacher consultations.

To school registration come children of immigrants who reject education for themselves. Girls will not shake hands with boys. Already in elementary school the boys are acting macho. As soon as the immigrants make up a majority of the class, the non-immigrant children are so terrorized that they often no longer dare to go into the schoolyard at recess. In may elementary schools in Favoriten, the proportion of children whose native language is not German ranges up to 90%. Anyone who can sends his child to another school. Anyone who has no possibility of avoidance takes revenge most recently in the voting booth. Are they all fascists?

“Get Lost, Old Lady!”

The situation in secondary school is even worse. Not just the few Austrian students, but also the teachers, are subject to crude remarks and bad behavior. Boys in Turkish families and to some extent also in families from the former Yugoslavia are raised according to the principle: strong, brave, ready to fight. No one outside of the father is accepted as an authority.

With this attitude, after finishing secondary school — accomplished by most of them with difficulty — the young men have big problems as apprentices. A Turkish man’s honor does not allow him to be told anything by someone alien to his family. Most of them break off their apprenticeships and move over to the park where they chase the soccer ball around the cage. The park outside the cage is also regarded as their domain. Elderly women who complain are chased away rudely. “This is our place; get lost, old lady!” The woman goes home in tears and takes her revenge in the voting booth. Is she a fascist?

When the Viennese mayor, in his boundless jolliness, recently said he would grab badly behaved Turkish youths by the ear, that shows that he has no clue. The machismo of Turkish men is culturally inculcated. Necla Kelek,the militant Turkish-German woman, described it in her books. At the age of 12 or 13, Turkish boys are subjected to a circumcision. The foreskin is removed without anesthetic. During the extremely painful procedure, the boy is held by four men. Transition to manhood in pain makes the Turkish man strong. Nobody can dictate to him after that.

This attitude often makes young Turks incapable of fitting into work arrangements. The result is unemployment. Allegedly here to secure their pensions, they fall into the social safety net before they have contributed anything to it.

The behavior of immigrant youths in public makes many, especially older Viennese afraid. Apparently respect for elders applies only in the family. On principal, testosterone-reinforced youths do not step aside on the sidewalk, even when motion-handicapped people are on it.

Someone who does not work and still wants to yield to the temptations of the consumer society needs money. If a visit to the gambling hall accomplishes nothing, somebody is mugged.

Even some Greens have comprehended that unrestricted immigration is no longer acceptable. It should be restricted to the unification of families. One basic problem arises: Turks have a different understanding of family than Austrians. Outside of the wife, the parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins belong to the Turkish family. But even if it is restricted to wives, it is still a problem.

Being Taught in the Native Tongue?

Marriages with girls from Turkey are often “arranged” for young Turks, mostly forced marriages. These girls come from Anatolian villages, are almost illiterate, speak no German, and have been raised to be subordinate to a man. They are locked in the house and condemned to have many children.

Why is learning German so difficult for Turks and to some extent also for Serbs and other ethnic groups for the former Yugoslavia? It is a euphemism to say that these people come from uneducated classes. Most of them have absolutely no education. Serbs who came here 20 years ago have attended barely five years of elementary school. They can only write in Cyrillic letters. Turks from the villages often do not even reach the fifth year of school.Conditions are even worse for the Kurds who grow up in Turkey. At home, they speak only Kurdish, which, however, they never learn to write. If they go to school, they are taught in Turkish, which is like a foreign language to them.

It is obvious that learning German under these conditions is difficult. In these circumstances, the demand for instruction in their native tongue is not practicable. It cannot be the task of our school system to teach someone a native tongue which was never properly learned in the land of origin.

After these disastrous election results in Vienna for the governing parties, but also for the Greens, we cannot go on as before with the question of foreigners. Things must be said openly which until now have been suppressed in the name of Political Correctness.

  • Immigration from certain countries of people who are clearly incapable of integration must be stopped. It is a question above all of people from Islamic countries, whose medieval values are not compatible with our value system. Illiterates also must not come here.
  • Bringing family members must be limited to spouses who are at least 18 years old; they must be able to speak German before entering. (Since the introduction of this regulation, the number of imported brides has dwindled greatly.)
  • For better integration of immigrants already here, children must be dealt with sooner. The must be detached from the inadequate educational competence of their parents. Therefore: from the age of three, compulsory kindergarten and then attendance at all-day school. Anyone who does not send their child loses social services. The whole thing can be financed by ending or greatly reducing child-support money.
  • The charitable organizations must ask themselves whether their policy of bait and switch in the asylum question does not contribute to Strache’s success. Contributions should be used for aid in place rather than financing legal representation to lead the authorities around by the nose.

The federal government must act; it must distance itself from all multi-culti dreams. A cabinet post for integration may be helpful, but if nothing happens, the next election will see Strache as mayor of Vienna. Or as chancellor.


Jedilson Bonfim said...

Even some Greens have comprehended that unrestricted immigration is no longer acceptable. It should be restricted to the unification of families.

And let's not forget that this also can be abused through the use of bogus birth certificates. Only DNA tests can actually prove whether or not an Anatolian Ayrab trying to emigrate to a civilized country is actually related to muslims trying to get them there. Someone's nephew, cousin or even a close family friend often try to pretend that they're Ugur's, or Ösge's, or Abdullaziz's child, and it probably just takes a little baksheesh to get the registrar of births in their native villages to issue a document establishing such a relation.

On a slightly different side of the topic, I've heard of how easy it is in Turkey for parents that don't want their daughters to go to school to register their births 16+ years later, and then give the folks working at the registrar of births a birth date according to which those daughters would be older than 30. Weathered faces (with hijabs wrapped around them), thanks to a life of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry by hand and waiting on their penis-possessing relatives from dusk 'till dawn also help make those false dates of birth not look suspicious at all.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Are They All Fascists?

Italy had fascists, and still have some. That is essentially a variety of leftist thinking.

We don't need any 'fascists'. We need instead some right-wing thinking, where the benefit of working goes to those working, not to those exploiting the workers.

That, of course, is immaterial to Antifa, who prefer to wreck havoc to any sensible debate by screaming "Fascists!!", that we may barred from looking at what actually happens and understanding it.

I'm sick of 'fasicsm', and want Antifa banned. The Danish constition has a clause specifically for this kind of movements, introduced in order to prevent national socialists and their ilk from gaining power.