Friday, October 29, 2010

Ajax vs. the Mongols of the EDL


Our Flemish correspondent VH sends this report about an organized group of Dutch football supporters — “hooligans”, according to some observers — who have been roused by the words of the mayor of Amsterdam to organize a push-back against the EDL at tomorrow’s demonstration:

If I understand it correctly, as of the “Nieuwsuur” presentation, Antifa had not yet filed a permit for a demo, and the Mayor urged them to do so. With his “football-hooligan” spin he woke up the supporters of the Ajax/AFCA organization (or at least its supporters’ “leadership”).


Here’s a translated article from the AFCA website. It’s dated October 28 — which is well after the mayor publicly said he had “solid indications” hooligans would show up:

“Because we do not tolerate (violent) racism and fascism in our city, as in the past already has been expressed on our site, we call each AJAX-supporter with some balls on to next Saturday show that we do not agree with this demonstration. Gather at 13:00 at the station Sloterdijk and form there the trip will be made towards Gerneratorweg.

Note: no violence against police and/or ME (mobile unit; riot police), we only plead for our city, and in this case do not tolerate the EDL in our city!

This message does not mean that we as AFCA are ANTI or PRO Wilders, we are only are against these kinds of Mongols who are rousing public feeling …”

Now the mayor has to stop those “Ajax supporters” — or whoever poses as such — from siding with the fascists of Antifa in threatening an officially permitted demonstration.


Homophobic Horse said...

Did the mayor --really-- call the EDL Mongols whilst denouncing them for their "racism" and calling for football hooligans to attack the EDL? Tell me it's just a funny translation.

doxRaven said...

Because we do not tolerate (violent) racism and fascism in our city, as in the past already has been expressed on our site, we call each AJAX-supporter

Mobilise a group of high testosterone young men to come into confrontation with another group.
The irony is this is nothing else but a classic fascist call to action but under the pretence of anti-fascism. This should not be surprising since the true fascists have always sprung from socialist big idea.

orillia chris said...

There is one crime a few years ago that will not make the report, it resulted in the shooting death on a WPC and injury to another. It was a raid on a midlands travel agency, a muslim one. Who pays cash for travel? just before the annual trip to mecca this one was awash with cash (I doubt the IRS sees any of it though) and a gang from London robbed it, the WPCs were rookies and were sent in to a robbery in a travel agents. One is dead because the truth about islam is hidden, the government will nod admit that the islamic world cuts out its host nations tax collection and the police would not have known large sums of cash were likely to be held in the shop, they couldnt really bank it could they?

Baron Bodissey said...

HH --

No no no! Not at all.

The mayor referred to the EDL as "hooligans", and then Ajax were aroused by his words, and referred to the EDL as Mongols.

The mayor didn't call for the Ajax hooligans to attack, but that may be an unintended consequence of his words.

Zenster said...

Mayor van der Laan and all of his anti-liberty fellow travelers will be in for quite a surprise as things like this happen more often.

There is little to no doubt of Eberhard van der Laan's intentions. He is looking to get some EDL skulls crushed by his pet hooligans. What could be more clear? He studiously avoids attributing any of the frequent violence that happens to incitement by Antifa thugs.

In the midst of Mayor van der Laan's delusions of adequacy loom serious consequences for such incitement by proxy. If Dutch law enforcement lacks the ostiones to protect and serve those within their jurisdictions, such inaction − willful or otherwise − will eventually trigger a backlash at a variety of possible levels.

Perish the thought; but one of them is very serious in that a grieving parent of some young EDL demonstrator killed in such proxy attacks could just as easily take it upon themself to administer some vigilante justice to Mayor van del Laan.

Drunk with the smug self-righteousness shown everywhere by Politically Correct Multicilturalists, it is unlikely that this corrupt and unethical bastard will even see it coming.

It would be irresponsible of me to say he had it coming so, instead, I will merely raise the question of just how aware of the potential consequences can these smarmy wankers be?

Europe is well past the point where diplomatic or non-violent negotiation can resolve the internal divisions that widen with each passing day. The fact that these Liberal officials see no problem with employing obviously fascist tactics in dealing with peaceful political dissent foredooms the entire crisis to some seriously kinetic outcomes.

Although not entirely so, this is somewhat apart from the burgeoning Muslim-related problem of crime, shari'a law and Islamic colonization. Yes, these are Islam's fellow travelers but they do not live in parallel societies and haven't the buffer zones or degree of isolation that Muslims enjoy.

Just as open Dutch society rendered Theo van Gogh an easy target, so will it leave the door open with respect to people like Mayor van der Laan. Again, one is obliged to wonder if this pimp for Islam even understands the implications of it all.

Sx said...

The EDL think there's some kind of muslim conspiracy. They're just paranoid. What they fail to understand is that most people just dislike them because they're uneducated thugs who promote violent hatred. That's all. Nothing else. If that's a conspiracy then I'm in.. The EDL is not welcome. Anywhere. Maybe one day they'll get the message? Although I doubt that common sense and basic decency means anything to these paranoid cranks.

toro said...

@Sx: Judging a book after his covers is pretty solid thinking. Not really.
EDL in on the streets for the right reasons. And the fact that they are not intimidated by the leftist, antifa, police and muslim actions is telling more about their character than any clothes they wear. And most people dislikes them because they don't realize the seriousness of the immigrant problem. They don't want to acknowledge the problem, they want comfort or a life without problems. But in one form or another, the violence is on the street even without EDL. Look at France. Look at what is happening in London. No, they are not paranoid. They had enough.

goethechosemercy said...

Mongols-- I like that.
Considering what the Mongols did to the Islamic world and its empires in the 14th century.
And the Pax Mongolica opened much of the East, whereas Muslims had forced Westerners to deal only with them.
Good name. I'm not offended at all.
Now all we need is a Timogen.

Anonymous said...

This is a recurring theme isnt it? Attack the peaceful demionstrators and blame it on the victim.

As far as I can see there is only one surefire solution. It has been used effectively in other places at other times on other issues: restrict the demos to female demonstrators only.

There is a partway alternative: impose on "our" demonstrators a dress code for demos.Adopt a slogan-colour (its green in Iran, was Orange in Ukraine, White in Chile) and make that the dress colour for all anti-Islamist demos. I reckon PINK would be the most anti-fascist and "non right wing" looking colour we could have. Then it would be easy to see in photos and TV coverage who the REAL fascists are, those gangs of anarchists and UAF thugs in black hoods and boots.