Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Successful Counterjihad Demonstration in an Amsterdam Backwater

I just got off the phone with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who will shortly be one of the speakers at today’s demonstration at Generatorstraat in Amsterdam. The police moved the demonstration to the new venue at the last minute, and Elisabeth says it is an awful place — a bare patch of grass in the middle of nowhere, far away from anything.

The demonstration, however is a smashing success, according to Elisabeth and others at the site. The remote open location apparently attracted massive media coverage, and Elisabeth has given four interviews so far. While she was talking to me, Paul Weston was being interviewed by a French media outlet.

The “anti-fascists” had gathered at the nearby train station to try to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the site, but they were not successful. Ruffians reputed to be from the AFCA/Ajax football club were at the station, ready for a fight, but were chased away by the police.

Elisabeth says that there is a helicopter hovering over the field, police on horses, and fifteen to twenty police vehicles on the scene. There are more police than civilians.

The English Defence League’s minivan was smashed by the Antifas, and the EDL was asked (reportedly by the British police, strangely enough) to leave the demonstration early.

For that reason Tommy Robinson had to give his brief address ahead of schedule, and made some caustic remarks about the state of free speech in Amsterdam. He showed the audience that he had to wear a bullet-proof vest while addressing them, and had strong words say about the inability of the Dutch authorities to protect peaceful demonstrators. He said it was a disgrace that the mayor had shunted the demo off into the middle of nowhere.

While I was talking to Elisabeth, I could hear Gandalf (“The Younger”, of VV&D and the Alliance to Stop Sharia) in the background speaking to the crowd and chastising the Antifas who were heckling him for their inability to tolerate real democracy.

There will be photos later, and I hear that there are already photos posted here. There will also be video.

Stay tuned.


goethechosemercy said...

I think that if a demonstration is made in the name of free speech and Western Civilization, it should be called what it is-- a demonstration favoring these things.
I think anything that counters it in the name of or in the defense of Islam should be called a dhimmi demonstration.
Because dhimmi and Muslim interests are all such counter-actions represent. Such demonstrations are an act of submission on the part of people who once were free.