Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/20/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/20/2010Ahmadi Muslims continue to live under threat in culturally enriched areas of southern England. In Kingston-Upon-Thames, the Ahmadiyya — who are considered heretics by their Sunni neighbors — are increasingly being threatened with death.

In other news, parts of the American Southwest are in the midst of such an extended drought, and are experiencing such record demands for water, that it may become necessary for residents in the not-so-distant future to get their water — even drinking water — from recycled sewage.

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

Ankara also urged the Netherlands against stripping Turkish immigrants of the right to Dutch social security benefits if they return to Turkey.

Of course they would urge the Netherlands against that... Just as they lure foolish, naive and gullible tourists into their bazaars in Arab-occupied Constantinople and Antalya to convince them to buy their goodies for 20 times what they're worth, they would certainly like to see no curbing of their taking infidel money in any way, shape or form.

Hugh Fitzgerald once amusingly, and yet accurately, described this little weaselish and plain dishonest mahoundian practice in the following comment:

Anyone who has bargained with someone in an Arab souk knows the way in which the owner of, say, a carpet store will smile, and tell you to come and please have tea, and perhaps take a look at his marvellous carpets, but don't misunderstand, he has absolutely no intention of trying to sell you something, it's just his family's store, and he wants you to meet his father and his brothers, and they are all so proud of their interesting rugs, and hope you will have tea with them, and you, innocent that you are, enter, and have the tea, and then the soft sell starts, and quickly becomes a hard sell, and then you stupidly ask the price of a rug, and you are told that "for you effendi, a special price, because effendi, I love you more than I love my father, I love you more than I love my mother, effendi" so for you the price is -- and then a figure is given that is absurdly high, twenty times what the rug should be selling for, and you demur, and suddenly, right away, the price is cut so that now it is down to only ten times what it should be, and then you demur again, and the price is now swiftly cut again, to only five times what it should be, and this is accompanied by protestations of "this is only for you" and "only because I regrad you as my friend" and "I have never given such a price to anyone in my life" and "my brother is telling me he can't believe I am doing this, he thinks I have gone crazy, he is begging me to stop, he says we will die of starvation if we sell rugs at this price" and you demur again, and so he cuts again, and sells you the rug for only three times what it should sell for, which is about ten times its actual worth, and you leave the store, with your rug, and feel proud of yourself, for having made such a bargain.