Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Second Day of the Kangaroo Trial

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Below is the latest report from our Dutch correspondent H. Numan about the trial of Geert Wilders in Amsterdam, based on Dutch-language media reports.

Mr. Numan’s mention of “Freisler” in his report is a reference to Roland Freisler (pictured below), who was a wartime judge in Nazi Germany.

Freisler’s appointment as president of the “People’s Court” in 1942 gave him the oversight of political crimes in the Third Reich. One of his more famous assignments was to preside over the trial of the conspirators in the “July Plot” against Hitler.

The second day of the kangaroo trial

By H. Numan

Again a fuss over the words of Judge Freisler Moors.

Roland FreislerThe second day in the Wilders case began with rising tensions. Again the president of the court offended the defense. This time with a remark about the movie Fitna.

At the beginning of the court session the movie Fitna was shown in the court. A woman who filed charges against Wilders raised an objection to having to see this movie. Mr.* Moors said in response he could very well understand that someone who filed charges against Wilders did not want to see this movie. He said to the defense that he hadn’t given a judgment, merely that he stated his own private opinion. The woman left the court room.

Challenge request

Monday, when the trial began, Moors offended the defendant for the first time [and certainly not the last time — translator]. This was the reason that defense counsel Mr. Bram Moszkowicz issued a challenge request for the court. The request was rejected. Mr. Moors resumed the session without uttering a word about this affair.

Mr. Moszkowicz addressed the court on the matter, but did not issue a request to challenge the court.


* The title “Mr.” stands in Dutch for “Meester”, not “mister”. It is the honorary title awarded to those who hold a Ph.D. in law.


Ian B said...

Is there a jury in this trial, or is this entirely being judged by the judges?

Mike Courtman said...

Hi, just alerting everyone to Randall Parker's suggestion for a mass blog posting today/tomorrow
on behalf of Gilders. see:


I imagine that the dutch fascist administration wish that they had never begun this farce,our personal freedoms are at stake,but whatever the corrupt "judicial" outcome of this attempted assassination of our democratic values,this "trial" is being conducted in the court of the world,and from what i can see the verdict is already in,a resounding hands off geert,hands off our freedom and OUR right to live as WE choose,not as they tell us.

Gabriel said...

I don't understand this trial. I saw the film and it concerns only thze coran and real acts to illustrate somme sourates. There is no racial attack. This trial is a trial agains y=the libderty of expression which is a basic human right.
It should be necessary to tell the different european people the real story of Mahomet and the reality of the charia.
Le Funambule

Nick said...

'O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason.' - Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 2.

blogagog said...

Hey, they say Meester in Mexico too!

Juniper in the Desert said...

Hell's bells!! Freisler is wearing a turkish fez!!