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The Fourth Dimension of Warfare, Part 1

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends the first of a two-part essay, which he describes as “an attempt to sound a wake up call” to his fellow countrymen in advance of the approaching storm.

Flood in the Highlands, by Sir Edwin Landseer 1820

The Fourth Dimension of Warfare

Part 1: Intelligence, Subversion, Resistance

by Seneca III

Epilogue as a Prologue:

A few miles to the west of this secluded bay the Bens and Glens of the Highlands climb into the mist where, quiet now in safe harbour, abide the ghosts of a shared and frequently violent Anglo-Scottish past. Yet, austere though this landscape can be, and so full of tribal memories, it is strangely relaxing and I find I have the time to try to redefine my time and place. The result is not pleasing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This morning, before me, behind the rain-splashed window, a gunmetal grey expanse of the North Sea disappears into infinity. There, I know, beyond the whitecaps, lays the continent of Europe and I feel quite close to it, far closer than the limitations of my physical perception permit. But not, I must emphasise, close to that grotesque deconstructionist edifice that a Postmodernist leadership has inflicted upon it.

Instead I am drawn to our shared inheritance, the abiding mores, which not even two millennia of spasmodic, internecine conflicts have been able to eliminate or have, alternatively, to a great extent moulded.

In my mind there is no doubt that these Islands of ours are irrevocably joined to that continent. Joined not simply by the tenuous umbilical chord of a railway tunnel, but far more bindingly by the great movements of peoples — both before and after the land bridge was stretched by tectonics and pounded into submission by great waters — and in time these peoples, despite all of their diversity and fractious squabbling, came at length to create a unique, common core of belief, law and custom.

This essential core is a frail, a sometimes faltering yet always thoughtful assemblage of original ideas generated by often painful social experimentation, and was developed at great expense by Europeans from within and amongst themselves.

It was not derived from or by and holds no place for those addicted to the megalomaniac diktats of an acquisitive sociopath who came wandering out of the desert at the end of the hashish season fourteen centuries ago.

However, having said that with such certitude, I must acknowledge that this once strong, once vibrant collection of nation-states, including my own, is facing a bleak future in disarray and uncertainty. When we look down into those seething urban cesspits, the occupied territories wherefrom criminality, gratuitous violence and Jihad are spreading like wildfire, we see the festering result of a policy of permitting, indeed encouraging, an aggressive, theocratic political system to put down deep roots within the borders of a relatively stable and, yes, far more advanced society.

In increasing numbers indigenous Europeans see this rapidly spreading plague for what it is. Either intuition or a resurgent survival instinct leads them to acknowledge, despite a torrent of disinformation to the contrary, that Islam is not a symbiont, it is a parasiticide — an organism that kills its host by slowly consuming it — and one that must be swiftly wrenched from the teats of our culture. If it is not, it will continue to suckle until it has drained us lifeless.

[Interlude: Having written that last paragraph I stretched and looked up. The wind was whipping up scurries of sand on the beach as scavenging gulls hovered above, and I was minded of other demanding moments during the West’s long and turbulent journey. As I pondered these thoughts, a cormorant speared into the waves then surfaced a few seconds later to swallow his breakfast, a process he repeated several times within the space of a minute or so.

Ah! I thought, things have just changed, a consummate operator has entered stage right, and how well he has taken control of his immediate environment. Below him the shoal, now diminished by several of its number, have scattered and fled.

Unfortunately with my increasing years comes also a penchant to see symbolism everywhere, and I frequently have to remind myself that these are not times long past. Since those days whence natural events during times of trial were viewed as omens or the work of Gods and were carved in the ideological stone of some holy book or other, many centuries of slow progress have generated a cultural step change in the quality of the analytical skills of (most) of our species.

“So, it’s just a bird, fishing.” I tell myself…and yet…?]

I digress: When, before leaving for the tranquillity of this holiday cottage, I read the comments appended to ‘Musings on the Winds of Change’, my first reaction was to be seized by a deep sense of unease. What struck me at that time and what has continued to disturb me since were the several references to ‘Civil War’. However, sitting here, with time for introspection, I find myself coming to the conclusion that Civil War is not a particularly appropriate description of what awaits us in those grumbling, flickering thunderheads hovering on our mutual near horizon.

In mainland Europe, the UK and America civil wars have been fought for many different reasons, but in general they have been the domains of two violently opposed groups drawn from the same national population. Certainly some were in part influenced or aided and abetted by outside, foreign interests, but all have essentially been a washing and hanging out of internal, civic, dirty laundry — hence civil, from the Latin Civis, meaning citizen.

This is patently not so in the present case. The approaching dénouement will not be a matter between members of the same familia (although certain fifth columnists within that family will inevitably be involved) but between the original inhabitants, the ‘civitas’, and an invasive, colonising force that has taken a relentless death grip on the present conduct and eventual shape of our singular existence.

Thus, by such a definition, do we appear to move into another dimension entirely, into the fourth dimension of warfare, War of Liberation, more commonly known as People’s War, and if this transition has taken place, or eventuates in the near future, such an enterprise could only succeed if it were waged on a predominantly pan-European scale…and, perhaps, not even then.

Why? Why not even then? Because history teaches us that the outcome of such war hinges upon a precisely defined set of conditions. The preparation for, the initiation, and successful prosecution of People’s War is a complex weave of many threads, the absence or loss of any one of which can unravel the whole process. I list below these conditions…

1. A society must be in a stage of evolution in which its economic and social structure is changing, and when its institutions and control mechanisms cannot cope with such changes — in short a revolutionary potential exists.
2. A revolutionary situation develops.
3. High-grade revolutionary leadership has emerged, and a sound organization has been constructed.
4. Support of the people has been achieved.
5. Geo-political factors are favourable.
6. The philosophy of coordinated action on all the battlefronts is understood and applied.

…and the battlefronts of Peoples War:

  • Cultural/Spiritual; Socio-economic; Political; International; Military — in that order, although in some scenarios condition five will not obtain in a trans-continental sense and hence battlefront four cannot be tackled until victory is achieved. But then, ‘To the victors go the spoils’.

So, where do we find ourselves now? To all appearances only the first condition could even be considered to be in place. Whether or not all the others, or even any one of them, could materialise is a moot point. Such great upheavals in human affairs require a long period of gestation (time we do not have), demand total commitment and great sacrifice from a substantial number of disparate yet like-minded participants, and, inevitably, challenge the status quo that historically has tended to react with draconian ruthlessness in defence of its sinecure.

Consequently, whilst under present circumstances a People’s War in Europe is not impossible, it is highly improbable, virtually a non-starter, and so here we are again, back at square one. Should such turmoil come to pass, it will arise spontaneously, triggered most likely by one atrocity too far or too many. It will do so without preparation or co-ordination, and this imperfect storm will pass everywhere, undiminishing and undirected, leaving a generation-long trail of destruction in its wake.

Damn them all! Throughout the West successive governments have deliberately filled the pressure cooker, clamped down the lid and stoked a fire beneath. Now, driven not by the laws of physics but by the compelling pressure of territorial imperative, it is almost certain to blow.

(Not only that, but these same governments did not even have the courtesy to consult us in the first place and, even worse, those few of us who saw it for what is was and spoke out were mercilessly persecuted. My loathing for our home-grown social demolitionists is arguably more profound than my contempt for the ‘Religion of Peace’; at least the latter have the excuse that they were, mostly, born and brought up within the mind-poisoning ideology that they peddle.)

And meanwhile? Meanwhile the political elites and their apparatchiks, aided by the censorship and selective reportage of a compliant media, persist in sitting on the lid of the pressure cooker in the hope that the votes of the predators and their appeasers will continue to keep them in office. There, concerned only with keeping their heads deep in the public trough, motivated by a puerile faith in miracles and multiculturalism, consumed by the failure of logic and blinded by the rose-coloured light of diversity theology, they ignore the reality that is upon us.

Time and time again they demonstrate that they are either unable or unwilling to take definitive action to halt and then reverse the course of this cross-cultural invasion. These cretins simply do not appreciate the magnitude of the impending holocaust that they are making inevitable by what, in the most generous analysis, could only be described as a policy of positive inaction.

The prime function of any government is ‘Defence of the Realm’ and failure to do so by deliberately denying or hiding the true nature of a threat is treason pure and simple, and needs to be seen as such.

[Interlude: Whilst writing ‘Musings’ I frequently stopped and thought about those questions that must be addressed if ever we are to extricate ourselves from this morass: “Could it be, at last, that we will take our affairs back into our own hands? Do we actually have any longer to tolerate governments that are an impediment to our survival? Are we not freeborn men and women entitled to think and act for ourselves on behalf of ourselves?”

My conclusions were that many times before we have dealt with failed rulers who considered themselves impervious to change and felt falsely secure within the arms of an indolent and myopic public. And, sometimes, in the case of individual countries such as Spain when it expelled the Moors, though, more often united, as at Malta, Lepanto and at the Gates of Vienna, they have been brushed aside and Europe fought together for its lands and future, and together it prevailed, turned back the tide of invasion, and sent the Caliphate scurrying back into its evolutionary cul-de-sac.

As I was mulling over this thought the optimist within me asked “Is there any reason why we cannot do the same?”

“Well,” the pragmatist with whom it shares a space answered, “no. If, and only if, enough of us can join with each other in time to organize and find the courage and the will to proceed. Then what will need to do is to act together, and act swiftly without mercy for the invaders or fear for ourselves.”

“And if not?”

“Two things. First, if any partial or unilateral actions were attempted they would fail and leave an even larger Butchers Bill, both in the immediate aftermath and later when our children would be forced to pay it, by then compounded by years of usurious interest. Second, if there is at any time any attempt at compromise we, as has become our norm, will be the ones doing the compromising. Islam will see it as yet another sign of our weakness and respond with the usual placating smoke and mirrors whilst taking more and more advantage and demanding more and more special privilege.”]

Depressing though the thought of this possible future may be, it need not have been this way. In the 12th century Islam was approaching the apogee of its power and influence where, by adopting, integrating and codifying the sublime achievements of the more sophisticated, less aggressive cultures it had conquered, it led the world in the arts and sciences. It was then that the Imamate, growing fearful at the thought of intellectual progress, rose in ferocious defence of the dogma that sustained its power base, initiated a ruthless policy of orthodoxy spearheaded by the Arab cleric Imam Al-Ghazali, and began to close down this infant Renaissance.

Al-Ghazali championed revelation over reason, predestination over free will, and by the time his campaign was brought to conclusion roughly two centuries later, it had silenced and then eliminated all of its creative artists, scientists and philosophers. The last great Muslim thinker, Abd-al Rahman Ibn Khaldoun, whose potentially seminal work in the field of optics was two hundred years ahead of Isaac Newton, died in the 14th Century as the last of his kind.

With the purging of these heretics — the guiding lights of the Umma’s tentative human progress — Islam returned to the Dark Ages, condemned to a future of backwardness and humiliation, consumed by a feral hatred for and a driving need to eliminate all those who refused to retrogress with it.

Have no doubt about it, intellectually and politically both those bearded demagogues who publicly harangue us and their brothers-in-arms, the shaven, smartly suited, so reasonable peddlers of harmony who infiltrate our Legislatives and Executives pleading innocence and victimhood — these are two faces of the same coin. They are the same bitter tyrants as ever, unenlightened and uncompromising, continuing their divinely ordained policy of subjugation or death… be it our death or theirs they care not, because Paradise awaits them merely for even trying.

We must all understand that the Umma will never deviate from the course it has set. It cannot do so, for if it did it would no longer be ‘Islam’ and there would be no Paradise for them to enter into through the portal of Jihad, no perfect life beyond this real but imperfect existence they are so incapable of sharing.

‘Why?’ you, the reader may ask. ‘Why do they persist in this madness, here, where we outnumber them by such a large margin…well, at the moment, anyway?”

I can only answer that even after decades of exposure to Islam, in its failed homelands as well as here, my Eurocentric mind still struggles to comprehend such a pointless, brutal way of life. I can only suggest that the principal reason they do what they do, to each other and anyone else within their sphere of influence, is because they actually believe that their Prophet’s instructions to carry out eternal Jihad until the whole world submits came direct from their God, and His cause cannot be denied Him.

(This is also why, as we tend more and more towards rational secularism, so many Europeans fatally fail to comprehend the absolute, uncompromising threat that this atavistic monstrosity presents.)

The second reason, one which I am very sure of and which I consider by far the most seminal, is that Islam sees us as a rich orchard full of fearful, soft fruit ready for the picking — and they may well be correct there.

Thus it is that even in the first decade of the 21st Century the crippled minds of the Imams, Mutawas, Ayatollahs and Mullahs continue to slide like cold sludge through an endless night, embalmed in unremitting hostility towards any thoughts of a sunrise that might manumit their slaves or preclude their misogynist, deviant brotherhood from gathering more.

If we, the Counterjihad, are to endow our descendents with any sort of recognizable future, it is incumbent upon us to stand up and be counted today, not tomorrow. Preaching to the choir is all very well but it has gone on long enough, and now we must find a way to move outward and impress upon the whole of our body politic that Islam, in all of its savagery, is coming soon to a street near them.

It is intent on shackling us with the same chains as it has shackled itself. Islam, and those of ours who seek to enable it here, must be brought to task without delay.

Think deep and dig deep, Guys and Gals. Time is running out and our tolerance levels must have a very short half-life if we are to make it through the night.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Prologue as an Epilogue:

Sometimes I am tempted to view Islam not as a different, albeit primitive, culture but as an entirely different species, truly alien as, by its own words and actions, it daily reinforces the rationale behind my xenophobia.

Simply stated, whatever this weird and infinitely dangerous construct is, it must not be permitted to do to us what it did to its own… ever, however high the cost. So, as the Bard might well have put it had he not been so preoccupied with the deserving fate of Lawyers, has the time come for us to ‘Kill all the Priests’?

In view of what the future holds for us, of course, the answer should be a resounding ‘Yes!’ But in the real world where necessary action remains constrained by bleeding-heart progressives who have lost the will to live, we will just have to attempt a gentle process of ‘education rather than eradication’.

However, I am of the opinion that as the reality of what will come to pass if we lose this conflict clarifies in the public mind, and as or if our present policy of abject surrender evolves into a strong defensive posture, the form that education will take will be dictated by prevailing necessity — and that is another matter entirely!

"The issue is now quite clear; it is between light and darkness and every one must choose his side." — G. K. Chesterton

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