Friday, September 04, 2009

Islamic Baby Boom in Vienna

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated a sobering report from Kronenzeitung about the breakdown by religion of the latest birth statistics for Vienna. One look at the graph tells you all you need to know:

Official statistics on births document a trend in the change in society

Islam growing in Austria

Vienna — These statistics are neither secret nor confidential. On the contrary, in schools and on the streets the changes have been apparent for a while. And still: the continuously growing proportion in Austria of newborns with the Islamic faith is handled by the politicians with the utmost discretion. This profound change in society is most glaring in Vienna. This is evident in the official numbers of live births presented by Statistik Austria (official statistics office).

Vienna births 1

Only 25 years ago, in 1984, there were 89,200 newborns in Austria, of whom 78,000 were Roman Catholic and 2,200 were Muslim. This means 87.4% were Roman Catholic, 2.2% were Muslim. However, at that time — in proportion to the general population — there was already a lower number of Roman Catholics and a quite drastically higher proportion of Muslims.

And six years later, in 1990, the statistical changes became even more obvious; albeit not in all of Austria. The proportion of Roman Catholic babies is still at 84%, that of Muslims at 3.8%. However, the ratios have changed dramatically in the capital city of Vienna: 65% of newborns are considered Roman Catholic (following their mothers’ religion) and already 9% are Muslim.

Seven years later, in 1997, the proportion of Muslim newborn in Vienna is at 14.4%, that of Roman Catholics has sunk to 54.3%. Looking at Austria as a whole, the picture may be viewed as more differentiated: 76.5% Roman Catholic, 7.8% Muslim.
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The trend continues in this direction in the subsequent years, definitively and increasingly rapidly. In 2000, in all of Austria Roman Catholics account for approximately 72%, Muslims for around 10%. In Vienna, however, live birth statistics account for merely 48%, while Muslims account for more than 18%. The latest data collected in 2008 shows that out of 77,752 live births only 49,444 were Roman Catholics (63.6%).

Vienna births 2

The number of newborns with Muslim mothers (in all of Austria) accounted for 10,883, or 14%. In Vienna, the numbers are even more profound, in line with the preceding years: 36.7% were born as Roman Catholics (6,374), but already 24.1% were born Muslim (4,194). This trend is similar to Vorarlberg [the westernmost state in Austria], where 21% of all newborns were Muslim. In contrast, Burgenland [the easternmost state] shows only 5.2% Muslims.

Although this growth and the subsequent change in society is becoming more and more obvious, this trend is not really new. The movement of Islam [sic!] towards rich industrial nations has been going on since the 1950s.

In about 1990, an intensification of Muslim immigration was registered. The reason for this was, above all, the war in the former Yugoslavia and the resulting flow of Muslim Bosnian refugees, the second largest group of immigrants after the Turks.

ESW adds this comment:

This article appeared in Austria’s most widely-read newspaper, Kronenzeitung. It is traditionally critical of the EU as well as immigrants. No other newspaper reported these statistics, certainly not on page 3, following the screaming headline of page 1: “Official statistics prove: Muslims births rising.”

I was alerted to this article by a friend whom I had converted from being pro-immigration to immigration-critical. She said to me, “This article proves the need for your (the counterjihad’s) existence.” This statement gives me hope that people are in fact waking up. But I am afraid it will be too late.


Watchman said...

I wonder what kind of an impact white flight has had with these statistics. The steady growth of muslim population was expected but the rapid decrease of christian population is a whole different trend.

Czechmade said...

Right now we run few more fresh and beautiful anti-islamic movements in the Czech Republic. Wait a bit. It grows much more than expected. Stay tuned.

This time we may kill the monster right in the beginning. I know we are much less significant than the glorious "West" or even "very somewhat special" Israel, but it seems we can do a perfectly clean job, the clarity of our performanceor action might shock you soon. Sorry for being absent for a while, I do my duty here.