Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Things are More Important than Sex


Maybe I should have said “Love” instead of “Sex” in the title? Would that have made the comments any kinder?

Considering my gut reaction to what the guys said in response to this video, my initial idea was to just take the post down, even though I don’t believe bloggers ought to do that.

The Baron showed me another option: to hide the comments and close them to further remarks. Thus, the comment thread is closed, gentlemen.

The war between the sexes is definitely not merely theorhetical. Next time I’ll know better.

Couldn’t resist stealing this from…hmm, the blogger has has two names: Peek in the well is his URL (which my astigmatic vision first interpreted as “pee in the ink well”), and his blog name, which is harder to mess up, “House of Eratosthenes”.

I guess you don’t become between a man and his french fries?

This commerical, using the war between the sexes as its subtext, is a tad different than usual. The guy might look bad, but at least he doesn’t lose the argument as well. In far too many of them he both looks bad and loses.

Nice change.

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