Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweden’s Terrorist Daughter — In Pakistan

I’ve written a couple of times recently about three “Swedes” who turned up in Pakistan last month when they were arrested along with nine other Al Qaeda members who were planning terrorist attacks on Western embassies in Islamabad.

A Swedish reader has kindly translated an entry from Thoralf Alfsson’s blog which demonstrates that one of the “Swedish” terrorists in Pakistani custody is in fact the daughter of the President of the Swedish Muslim Council:

Picture Proof!! Helena Benouda’s Daughter Arrested in Pakistan

Helena Benouda 0

Today came information about the other persons who were arrested along with Mehdi Ghezali in Pakistan. They include a 19-year-old woman who two years ago was arrested in Somalia and jailed by the Ethiopian military for a few weeks. Read my post from August 2007.

With high probability (indirectly confirmed by Aftonbladet), this is Benouda Safia, the daughter of Swedish Muslim Council President Helena Benouda. Possibly the child who was mentioned is a granddaughter of Helena Benouda.

If this is true, one may really wonder what the Swedish Muslim Council President’s daughter is doing together with former Guantanamo Prisoner Mehdi Ghezali in Pakistan. That they should have “clean flour” in their bags is highly unlikely.

Will Helena Benouda now start a new site just as she did in 2007?

Why do the media not tell the identity of the arrested 19-year-old woman when they obviously know it? Why protect the President of the Muslim Council of Sweden? The most Honorable?

Look at the image below from Aftonbladet and compare it with the picture at the bottom of the post. Can you call this an actual picture proof?

Helena Benouda 1

(SHOCKED! The mother of the arrested Swedish woman is very shocked about information that her daughter and her grandchild should have been arrested in Pakistan.)

Helena Benouda “beheaded” and daughter pixeled over by PC-media

Look at the image from Aftonbladet and compare it with the picture below:
- - - - - - - - -
Helena Benouda 2

It is time for Helena Benouda to resign as chairman of the Muslim Council of Sweden as she obviously has channels to Al-Qaeda and terrorism.



Zenster said...

If there is one thing, above all, that can hurry along the death of Main-Stream Media, it is their complicity in downplaying and even furthering Islam's assault upon the West.

One need only examine the YEARS it took to marginalize CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), despite its overt criminal support of terrorist organizations and infiltration of America's government agencies.

Helena Benouda’s reputation in Sweden should serve as a bellwether for public awareness of typical Muslim perfidy.

Another equally important sidebar to this topic is the fact that:


It's long past tea to begin deporting all family members and relations of convicted terrorists. Islamic terrorism is wholly dependent upon closely knit familial relationships that contribute material and financial assistance, concealment, moral support plus a host of other ancillary factors.

This would be a much needed escalation in how the West retaliates against terrorists. If only for the fact that such group deportations will increase public awareness with respect to the continuing need for large-scale reverse immigration.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...


The third perp appears to be Safia's husband. His surname is Awad. There has been some speculation if he is related to Cherin Awad, one of the three hosts on last falls controversial tv-show Halal-TV. She was avoiding to answer clearly on the topic if she was against sharia/stonings or not.


The Fruit of Islam

Bill Warner on Tue, 15 Sep 2009 21:01:53 mockingly establishes:

The fruit never falls far from the tree. What are the practical
results of Islam’s political and cultural ideology? What is the fruit
on the tree?

Islam is a complete civilization that rejects every aspect of kafir
civilization as being inferior.
Islam’s Golden Age claim is an assertion that Islam is the superior
The Koran says that Muslims are the best of nations. [Koran 2:143]

How does the best of nations compare at the level of politics,
economics, and culture?

Islam claims that the Koran is the perfect book with the perfect
political and social doctrine that will make Muslims intellectually
superior to kafirs. Remember that the Koran is the perfect recording of
the mind of infinitely intelligent god, Allah, so Muslims should be the
absolute leader in knowledge and ideas.

Islam is the finest, most perfect idea that can exist.

Read further...

Anonymous said...


This has been oft stated but in reality is meaningless. Suppose all Muslims were terrorists, then it would be easy to defeat or deport them. The success of Islamic terrorists come from the fact that they are born of the Islamic community, as well as find safety there, without which they would have no purchase whatever.

Anonymous said...


PS: This statement does have one motive, a liberal one - to absolve Muslims from the charge that all of them are terrorists. But as is clear, Islamic terrorism could never be so successful, were it not for the fact the Jihadis are shielded within the Muslim community. What is happening here, is that the Muslim community is able to shield and support the Jihadis under the cover that "NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS".


As the Arab/Muslim family is an extended one, one sees again, that the oft stated “ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS”, needs a lot of salt to go with it.


The SWEDISH-PAKISTANIANS, as they unisonely were called by all Swedish PC-press
untill they now are mentioned by name -- their identities "have finally been confirmed".
Background: they all (except the 2 year old child!) were detained in similar situations
before. Mehdi Ghezali, about whom El Mundo, August 1, 2002 and wikipedia
(in English) has got a lot to report, is one of the most notable ever Swedes imprisoned abroad.

But also the other two, Munir Awad, and Safia Benaouda, have been involved in a similar situation before, when they were imprisoned -- in Kenya, Somalia and finally Ethiopia. After three months of captivity and the intervention of the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the SÄPO [Swedish Secret Police] they were finally released from captivity.

How has these "Swedes" financed their extencive travelling? Ghezali has not been hired one single day in his life. Which were their companions? What role does the daughter - bringing with her a two-year old son - of Helena Benuoda, chairman of the Muslim Council of Sweden play in this part of the world.

Is the Muslim Council of Sweden, which our leading politicians tend to rub shoulders with, truthful when emphasizing that modern Muslims are counterweights to Islamism?

Now for the second time the daughter of the chairman of the Muslim Council of Sweden has been arrested for suspected involvement with terrorists and mujahideens in the company of others with terrorist links.

Is really the Swedish Muslim Council what it claims to be?
Can we get a comment from Mr Reinfeldt and Ms Mona Sahlin (aka Mona Muslim)?
Here is a brand new video (2 min.) from the (swedish!) jail in Pakistan.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Is there anyone who can confirm if Munir Awad is related to Cherin Awad? For all I know Awad could be a common arabic name as Svensson is in Sweden. I'm just curious.


More than 500 'Awad_s' from all over the world registred on
facebook!Munir Awad is supposed to be of lebanese origin.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munir_Awad (english)
http://www.thelocal.se/22118/20090916/ (english)