Monday, September 28, 2009

No Religion to See Here — Move Along

Cultural Enrichment News

A reader named Perla found the following article in Corriere della Sera and volunteered to translate it for Gates of Vienna.

It’s notable that even though the culturally enriched assailant shouted “Allahu akhbar!” while attacking his victim, the police are certain that there was no religious motive for the crime. Perhaps they have availed themselves of the latest EU surveillance equipment, which not only scans retinas and recognizes faces, but also reads people’s minds:

Sanremo: Tunisian assaults a friar in the street, while shouting “God is Great”

Father Riccardo, age 76, risks the loss of the use of an eye. But the attack was not motivated by religion.

Sanremo — While shouting “God is great,” a north African beat a Capuchin friar with a bottle, furiously kicking and punching him, even when he had already fallen to the ground. Now the friar from Sanremo, Father Riccardo, aged 76, risks the loss of the use of one eye.

Arrest — The police headquarters of Imperia and the police station of Sanremo arrested a 20-year-old Tunisian illegal immigrant for the attack.

The man, an illegal who has been already expelled from the country and then arrested and released for drug possession, may have had a discussion with the friar about religious symbols before the attack. But the police, who tracked down the Tunisian thanks to images from a surveillance camera in the area, deny that the attack might have had religious motives. Instead the friar’s refusal to give the Tunisian money could have caused the violence.
- - - - - - - - -
The Tunisian, who has been arrested for the crime of illegal immigration and is in a security cell at the police station, has refused to answer any questions. The police are waiting for news from the hospital on the condition of the friar.

It is possible that in the next few hours the Tunisian could also be charged with assault and battery. The police have learned that previously another Capuchin friar was the victim of a similar attack, which was never reported to the police.

Contrary to what the police assert, a refusal by the friar to hand over money can also induce a religious motivation, since payments by infidels to Muslims (jizyah) are mandated under Islamic law.

But no need to concern yourselves about such things. There’s nothing to see here. Just move along.

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Anonymous said...

One of the tenets of the multiculti cult is that those wonderful Africans have so much to teach us because they (contrary to us) have a deep respect for old people.

As we can see in this instance of vicious assault of a 76-year old man by a 20-year old one.

Of course, this respect only applies to their own. White old people are fair game.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

From Wiki

The order's rules

the life was to be one of extreme austerity, simplicity and poverty

Neither the monasteries nor the congregation should possess anything

no large provision against temporal wants should be made, and the supplies in the house should never exceed what was necessary for a few days. Everything was to be obtained by begging, and the friars were not allowed even to touch money.

So he didn't have any to give the Muslim, and the Muslims are so up their own backsides about Islam, that it never occurred to him that assaulting a monk in the West is an unthinkable thing - like assaulting an Imam in Tunisia.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Worse - like a Christian assaulting an Imam in Tunisia.

Wonder what the punishment should be? Maybe they should find out and inflict the same on this bloke?

Good idea?

Should we legislate to do the same for Muslims for any individual crime? For instance in Britain, What would be the punishment in Pakistan for any Christian caught raping a 12yr-old Muslim girl? Then inflict the same on those Pakistanis that get caught for doing it to our non-Muslim 12yr-old girls?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

In criminal cases involving Muslims where there is some sort of case law in the country of origin of the Muslim, shouldn't we bloggers find out and report it on our blogs? For each individual Moslem-committed crime that's reported, alongside the actual sentence, also publish what would have happened in the Muslim country.

Why am I being ignorant - my idea so a rod for MY back. It's not "you" bloggers is it? I do it too.

You, Baron and Dymphna, had the idea for GoV - so it became a rod for your back.

Same thing. Is it worth it as another sting for Islam?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Feedback needed.

You've just seen consciousness streaming.

Anonymous said...

SHM posted: Worse - like a Christian assaulting an Imam in Tunisia.

I really don't think one can find an equivalent. Imams are not monks or friars - they are in fact sergeants in a conventional army.

On the issue of Muslims given the same punishment for a crime as they would get in Pakistan for instance - that leads to a back door installation of sharia in the UK in the criminal field. Sharia is now operating for Muslims in family law. The last thing I would like is its implementation in the criminal field.

Anonymous said...

A better analogy

I really don't think one can find an equivalent. Imams are not monks or friars - they are in fact sergeants in a militia.

WAKE UP said...

Actually, the motivation wasn't "religious", it was insanity.

We are dealing with (mass) madness here - including the fact that this madman should not have even been in the SAME COUNTRY as the good friar.

spackle said...

Not that I am a big fan of "Hate Crime" laws. Crime is crime, period. The only way you can even get a hate crime prosecution for a non-white assault on a white is to have two different videographers film the assault from two different angles while the criminal during his savagery says in a clear loud voice (Hopefully in the host countries language as Arabic is always misinterpreted) "I am killing you because you are a white person and a Christian/Jew. I am a racist and I HATE YOU". There should also be a pre-signed confession in bold letters pinned to the back of his shirt. A valid passport or drivers license should be in his pocket along with a copy of Mein Kampf and a signed photo of Osama Bin Laden. Then maybe, just maybe they might choose to prosecute.

Anonymous said...


Excellent comment.

There is a way though that forces the authorities to sit up and take urgent action. It happened in Italy again, when the people, fed up with the crime of the Roma, took the law their own hands.

The authorities took fright, and started to take action. Even the EU did not say much, though the actions were against EU law.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

And that is exactly why they want the death penalty to make it's great come back. So they can execute all that takes the law into their own hands. So that the citizens do not dare to interfere with the ongoing islamization of Europe. The saudis probably demanded it so it could easier pave the way for the coming sharia laws.

Anonymous said...


Many people have written that the EU is really the EUSSR, given its socialist bent.

SIOE was the first that pointed out that the EU were bringing in capital punishment. As is the custom of the EU, it is being done with deception.

I'm surprised though that the EU still pretend that they havn't, as EU countries routinely refuse extradition of criminals to the US, for crimes that may carry the death penalty.

EU's death penalty will ofcourse be for any who try to overthrow the EU/EuroMed.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I wonder how long it will take until they start to execute even small fish like myself? Such as Wilders and Dewinter will be the first off to the chopping block. Then the bigger bloggers perhaps?