Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take That, Vladimir Putin!

Obie Wan Reporting for Duty

When we abandoned Eastern Europe this week, I thought we were in trouble. When we cut defense spending earlier, I was sure all was lost.

But I should have known Obie Wan was on duty. All is safe as long as the One is guarding us from his redoubt at the White House. Hope he keeps his batteries dry.

Whatcha wanna bet ol' Putin is quaking in his boots about this administration?

I asked the Baron his opinion on the apparent incoherenence of White House foreign policy. He said it doesn’t rise to the level of incoherence. What they have is a series of poses, none of which signifies anything.

Here's what went through my head when I looked at this photo:
- - - - - - - - -
Man, I wish he’d just whip around and run that blade through the belted person on the far left. Make it quick and merciful.

A fashionista I’m not, so would someone explain to me the subtle chic involved when our First Lady (who has paid advisors to tell her suggest what to wear) inevitably cinches some sort of belt over her outfits before she steps out the door?

Is this what is called looking “pulled together”? If what I'm seeing is a fashion statement it’s in a language I don’t read. Can any of our readers translate? I particularly expect to hear from you sophisticated Europeans.

No, I'm not normally so catty. But this woman's clothing is don't know what. Anyone who would spend five hundred dollars on a pair of sneakers is not a serious person.


Papa Whiskey said...

AND his cat-quick ninja reflexes enabled him to catch a fly! With (gasp) one hand!

As to Queen Worf's belt, maybe it's a zunnar.

Michael said...

Kudos for your constant efforts Baron and Dymphna. OT, but have you heard about the riots in Brussels.

VH will possibly soon send you translations.

Ex-Dissident said...

That's one of the kids who was featured in the wierd basement video. He was wearing some form of military clothing and marching in formation, while pledging himself to Obama. I guess Obama is teaching his "civilian army" how to use a toy sword. These people are crazier than I first thought.

James Higham said...

It needs a Jedi knight.

Homophobic Horse said...

The American Establishment hive mind will have a deeper reason for canning the Missile Shield. They always do.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that it is America's job to "defend" Europe. What will the Russians gain? Small countries overrun with Muslims? I wish them well. Europe, long ago, lost the will to independently survive. Let Brussels take care of them. On the other hand, how stupid is it to abandon Europe, but then think we can win the "hearts and minds" of Afghans?

Baron Bodissey said...

Michael --

Oh yes, VH sent me translations about Molenbeek yesterday. I just haven't finished editing them.

Look for them within the next couple of hours.

nimbus said...

Oh, Dymphna I'm right there with you. I hear and see all over the media (paid) ppl crooning and swooning how FASHIONABLE,how STYLISH our new first lady is...huh?!?!? It's like I'm living in the fairy tale "the emperor has no clothes on", does no one else see what I see?? I especially dislike her 4 sizes too small cardigans stretched across her midriff and held together by one or two buttons about to pop. No matter what a woman's size and appearance (and btw for what it's worth that woman is NOT good looking IMHO, I'm sick of the media telling me how BEAUTIFUL she is, she's NOT), nevertheless with a good clothier you can work with anything.

FooDog said...

One does not EVER belt a cardigan sweater. I think some one told Michelle Antoinette that doing so makes her waist appear smaller. Sadly, it just makes her bottom look that much bigger.

Anonymous said...

"He said it doesn’t rise to the level of incoherence."

Hahaha. That's a good one.

Rgarding the picture, I had exactly the same reaction : who's that ugly and vulgar woman on the left, with her hideous clothes ?

And, for that matter, what's that fat, stupid, mean-looking kid on the right doing on the lawn of the White House ? Is that the look of our future masters, with hatred splattered all over their faces and their neat, freshly-ironed sportswear ?

There was a report in Le Parisien newspaper yesterday about crack dealers congregating around the train station in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris, with a series of pictures. They wore exactly the same type of clothes : they are so crisp and immaculate, you'd swear they have just been stolen from the shop.

Rocha said...


You robbed the words of my fingers! =] Dosen't it seen a scene to some 80's and 90's family trip comedy? I know that time the actors would have been white, but the fat boy, the dumb father, the über-bitch mother and the daughters...

blogagog said...

This article should be nominated for 'headline of the month'. Hilarious :).

Rocha said...
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Rocha said...

USA, it would be a dream day when you abandon Europe and Asia to their own means. Dismantle NATO. Leave Japan alone (they must rearm) the ONLY place in the world USA NEEDS to be now is North Korea. Iraq and Afghanistan just needs to be helped, f$ck off if ends standing on one leg, they brought it up to thenselves.

In fact USA should turn to Russia and China and tells them that they should FIX north Korea or an american invasion would follow. A regime chance there would do wonders to the region.

Dymphna said...

@Robert Marchenoir---

Please, leave the poor kid out of it. He doesn't look mean, he looks miserable and shy. The big guy took his sword and now he has to stand there while all those cameramen are yelling for a better angle.

I'll bet it felt as though the whole thing lasted for hours while he stood there with his arms by his sides. Not to mention that those are no doubt his good clothes.

I considered asking the Baron to crop him out of the photo because he looks so uncomfortable. But it would've messed up the composition of the image.

That poor kid. I'll bet he got all sorts of pressure when he got back to school from envious classmates who were willing to fisk the way he stood, his expression, etc.

The grown-ups are another matter. They can fend for themselves.

This has so much material it could be expanded into a post all by itself:

In fact USA should turn to Russia and China and tells them that they should FIX north Korea or an american invasion would follow. A regime chance there would do wonders to the region.

While we're at it, we should get out of Afghanistan and let the Indians take care of Pakistan while Pakistan cuddles up to the Taliban.

Russia doesn't have the manpower that India and China do. Both have huge excesses of single men who'll never be able to marry because of their poverty. I expect them both to gear up their military as we continue to cut ours and act like Europeans...

...the future doesn't bode well for any area in the world. I feel sorry for the kids who have to grow up into this chaotic mess.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Are you sure Obi-Ham is a jedi? He sure more like a sith to me.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm definitely with you about Michelle's clothes, Dymphna. I don't know what would ever possess a person to wear some of the stuff she wears.

And I'm so glad you mentioned good old Владимир Владимирович in this post :)

Takuan Seiyo said...

I’d like to refocus the discussion. Dymphna’s post is germane, but I wish comments discussed the causes, not just the effects.

BHO, his regime, and everything they are doing are a plague of pharaonic proportions. But they are the cart hitched to the horse. The horse is Dubya and the rotten GOP Congress. While Dubya’s catastrophic errors were in good faith, and BHO regime is wreaking havoc intentionally, they were catastrophic errors nonetheless.

Among others, consider that two wars simultaneously, missile defense in questionable outposts like Eastern Europe etc. are not just elements of military and geopolitical strategy. They are, saliently, monetary and fiscal phenomena. And when you add to this the largest expansion of government and entitlements in decades, and GWB’s talking up of home ownership for Hispanics (read “subprime loans for anyone jumping the fence”) and celebrating consumption, you get the guns plus butter on credit economic insanity that GWB/ GOP pushed the country into. BHO is just rhamming through things now that would not have been possible had the previous idiot administration not greased the skids.

And I haven’t even touched on multiculti pap, islamopandering, agenting for Mexico and so many other things – all on the Republican’s watch. As to missile defense, GWB was notorious for talking big and carrying a small stick. For those who observed the changes in posture of the GWB administration toward Israel/ Middle East, the eventual cave in of the Eastern Europe missile defense deal was a foregone conclusion.

Our tragedy is not that the BHO regime is terrible. It is that the GWB/McCain alternative has been only slightly better. And do recall that it was GWB’s papa who ushered in “the new world order.”

It’s on improving the alternative to BHO that our energies should focus.

Rocha said...


As you got it the whole point is if you are a republic why having an empire?

As for Korea it stands in THE major crossroad the country have frontiers with 2 major players. So to stop the ranting of the madman the 3 major players will have to sit toguether and send an ultimatum, with the penalty of changing spheres of influence hunger as Germany (1919) and Iraq (1990's)proves only creates hate.

Dymphna i do not feel sorry for the kids now. I grow up in a world who could end in a flash of light! We have a good way to go before things got that dangerous.

Takuan Seiyo,

The actual situation in US is a bless. Believe it! Being in the defensive can make the GOP return to its roots fast. I can smell the change. Lets hope the right one happens in the GOP.

laine said...

My caption for the kid on the right is:

"Can't he afford his own light saber instead of taking mine that I spent good money for? He's the President for crying out loud! I pity the fool, he just ain't got the moves. Awkward much? Must be his white half tripping up the black half.."

And for the women in the background:

"Michelle, we're from "What not to Wear" and you've been nominated for an intervention! To start, all your belts are going in the trash can. Do you even know where your waistline is?"

Afonso Henriques said...

"If what I'm seeing is a fashion statement it’s in a language I don’t read. Can any of our readers translate? I particularly expect to hear from you sophisticated Europeans."

Sophisticated (AH AH AH, as if! Well, I try to... at least mentally...) European says no.

On another note, it is a statement that is made: The First Lady dresses like any other good African-American women with two kids and low resources. She is showing she has not abandoned her roots.

On a more negative note she gives the image that even if the black lady is the First Wife of the USA, she cannot be sophisticated enough. The "enough" I will leave for the Americans, but it is true that many black women are indeed sophisticated, especially in the USA.

Frank Kitman said...

Somehow this image of obama needs to be contrasted with the photo from Medvedevs latest visit visit to a Nuclear Research Centre in the city of Dubna outside Moscow, 18 April 2008.

He is apparently holding a prototype of a psychotron gun

Photo Medvedev

Henrik R Clausen said...

Since 0bama is busy abandoning the US proper, any talk of abandoning Europe is rather pointless...

Seriously: Good people on both sides of the Atlantic need to network and stand together. We have equally rotten elites on both sides - in various ways - and are facing similar problems with uncontrolled money-printing and financial ineptitude.

We're not close to the bottom yet.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@ Henrik R Clausen
You are right. That's why the 2nd proper noun in my multi-part "From Meccania to Atlantis" is what it is. The series would have been finished by now, were it not for the emergency financial self-defense that the money printing and financial ineptitude that my government imposed on me. For I and others like me belong to a species that my government hates: savers who live within their means without borrowing. White males too, the very bottom rung of the New World Order.

Michael_Kuznetsov said...

Hi Folks,

The only (and the last) White Christian country in the modern world -- still extant to the present days -- is Russia.

See this website:

Why not unite around Russia to preserve the Whites, instead of the usual harping on dirty russophobia?


Michael Kuznetsov

Thule said...

Has anyone checked to see if Mugabe is still in Zimbabwe?

Beginning to suspect he disappeared, had plastic surgery, and reappeared at the white house.

Oh well, anything to screw over the white man.

Henrik Ræder said...

I think he's in the Federal Reserve, having changed his name to Ben Bernanke.

Anonymous said...

Michael Kuznetsov, your site makes some interesting points, and it sure has some nice ladies.

However, if it's yours, you should consider breaking up the pages a little bit, because it takes a hell of a time to load. It also seems to try and open Word to do God knows what, and that's definitely suspect behaviour in my book.

I haven't had the patience to read it all, since it scrolls so slowly, but it pretends to glorify the history of Russia without a single word about communism, which is a bit rich.

Notice this exceedingly funny exercise in self-contradiction :

"As our thousand-year-long glorious History explicitly shows, the Holy Russia's sacred PREDESTINATION in the world during the last millennium has been and is to serve as an adamant Rock of Fate onto which the Lord God smasheth the stupid heads of the Proud who have become obsessed by ridiculous delusions of self grandeur, and who have become afflicted with a foolish sense of self superiority."

Obviously, the guy who wrote that totally missed the irony.

Irony, and the ability to criticize oneself and to correct one's ways : that's a major cultural characteristic of the West. Maybe you should think it over.

Kathy said...

I translate her fashion statement as "no class."

laine said...

"Why not unite around Russia to preserve the Whites, instead of the usual harping on dirty russophobia?


Michael Kuznetsov"

Maybe because Russia and its forcibly annexed colonies has the world and historical record for killing and oppressing white people.

Under Putin, it's again more interested in restoring its power at the expense of white people outside its own borders by selling Iranian Muslims the means to nuclear arms.

The attitude is sort of "If Russia's going down (and any objective analysis of its demographics shows this to be the case) then it's darn well going to take Europe and the USA with it."

Some champion for whites.