Friday, September 18, 2009

Wilders is at it Again

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has a few remarks to make about Geert Wilders’ speech on Wednesday:

Traditionally, on the third Tuesday of September the Queen ceremoniously opens the parliamentary year.

Wilders struck hard, deep and fast. During the debate following the government’s plans for the coming year the opposition gets time to come up with an alternative. Wilders proposed the introduction of a kopvodden or raghead tax.

Women who want to wear a scarf in the public space should pay €1000 annually for the privilege. The proceeds would support blijf van m’n lijf huizen; places of refuge for abused women. Which currently are occupied almost exclusively by women of the scarved faith.
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This is of course a political bomb to be compared with dumping a BLU-76 Fuel-Air Explosive in the parliament. All parties are outraged. To say the very least. Personally, I think Wilders could have done much better answering the expected replies. But that is beside the point.

What happens is that Yehudi Menuhin picked up his fiddle, and the whole parliament including the government danced to his tune. I don’t think Wilders expected anything different himself.

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Do a Youtube search on “gouden koets” for some videos. I personally like the Marine Presenteer Mars, which is being piped by the Marine Band just before the national anthem is played, and when the Queen departs afterwards.