Friday, September 18, 2009

All Shields Are Down!

A reader just wrote to us with the following request, concerning the Obama administration’s decision to cancel the missile defense shield in Eastern Europe:

The Iron Curtain
You need to start a thread to give Americans a chance to try to let Eastern Europeans know that we did not abandon them, that Obama and his socialist army abandoned them.

George Soros and the liberal elite pulled the strings that got the Manchurian president to betray us all. Right-thinking Americans are appalled at the stupidity on display this week.

A reader proposes, and the Baron disposes. Have at it. Remember the rules.

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Zenster said...

As someone who contributed personally to the Strategic Defense ("Star Wars") Initiative, BHO's latest move is just another rollover display of his yellow belly to our nation's enemies. If he could bow to Putin, I'm sure he would, too.

Despite my own personal doubts regarding overall efficacy of the SDI project, I also knew that just related "spin-off" technologies alone would make it worthwhile. Knowing full well just how fast high speed computing technology evolves, I am now not at all surprised that such an interception system is presently feasible or able to be made fully operational.

Most stupifying of all is how, despite Putin's recent re-affirmation of his intent to remain a net exporter of terrorism, BHO so blithely overlooks this glaring fact as he tosses Eastern Europe under the bus of utopian and totally unattainable transnational globalism.

All of this will only send even more enabling messages to Iran regarding its quest for nuclear weapons. It will only further embolden their determination, and that of Islam, to deliver such weapons by proxy onto American soil. BHO's moronic delusions of earning Muslim respect or friendship notwithstanding.

This is suicide through malign neglect of our country's national security interests and its most basic strategic needs. It is nothing but a form of incremental executive treason that will leave America defenseless against our most vicious enemies.

May all involved rot in everlasting Hell.

V said...

I'm curious how Zenster seems to think Russia is an "exporter of terrorism". Are you referring to the stand off with Iran? Historically and today Russia has suffered from Islamic fundamentalism, their southern border is just one example that's relevant today... So, exporting terrorism doesn't seem to me akin to shooting oneself in the foot. I think the big brains in the Kremlin are smarter than that. The nuances are in the details though... Russia needs leverage with Western powers so as not to be trampled under foot eventually so they need issues to be unresolved like Iran, Georgia, Ukraine and other areas. Otherwise, what's to stop NATO from completely writing off Russia, negating their nuclear deterrent and expanding East like there's no tomorrow like they have been until now.

All along, you were all trying to convince people that the SDI wasn't targeted against Russia in the first place... Russia isn't America's enemy this is still the old 1960s communist mentality that a lot of people still can't seem to shake off.


Natalie said...

Europeans have been relying on US defending them for too long. They should contribute more, especially Western Europe.

Still, a shame BHO simply gave it up without asking for anything in return.

Unknown said...

To: Eastern Europe
From: Appalled American

I'm sorry the President that 52% of my countrymen elected has exposed his cravenness by betraying you to the Soviets. Please try to remember that 48% of us opposed him -- and many of those 52% are realizing their earlier insanity every day.

They say history repeats itself -- the second time as farce. This repeat of Chamberlain, Hitler, and the Sudentenland (or, if you prefer, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Yalta) is not a farce at all. Like its predecessors, it too is tragedy.

Please hold out, if you can, for three years and five months, until we can kick this fool out of office and attempt to repair his damage. When that day comes, I hope you will give us the chance to work with you once again -- under suitably ironclad verification treaties, for I do not expect that we will be trusted again for generations. Until Jan 20, 2013, you are in my prayers.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Russia sells arms to the same sort of bad guys that the USSR sold arms to. Seeing as how Obama and Putin are supporting the same third world thugs, one can only wonder how much longer before our national name is mud. We can only afford so many mistakes. Half of us (plus or minus a few dead people and double voters and illegal aliens) did actually vote for this guy.

laine said...

What a brilliant negotiator that Obama is. Gave away something big (including American allies in Europe) for NOTHING in return. The Big Zero got zero, bupkus, nada for kissing the Russky posterior.

The Marxist just loves totalitarians of all stripes, communist, Islamist and kleptocrat. He bows and scrapes and bears America's throat to them while giving all liberal democrat leaders the back of his hand.

A grade schooler would have been a better negotiator. Is Obama's younger daughter available?

Putin is probably exhausted from laughing.

blogagog said...

America just flipped the bird to some of our closest new allies. I, as an American, am quite embarrassed. Or more accurately, ashamed. There's no excuse. As we did to the Laotians, Cambodians and Vietnamese, we are doing to Eastern Europe.

There is NO reason to trust America. Although Americans support our allies, American politicians see them as countries to be toyed with or used as pawns. And screw them regularly and royally.

Obama is our new Carter. Apparently, they come every thirty years or so. We suck, plain and simple. And it's going to be three more years until we don't suck again... maybe seven. I hope you don't hate Americans for the lousy politicians we elected. It appears that we just aren't that bright.

Godffrey said...

Thank you, eastern Europeans, for recognizing our role in liberating the world from the Soviet menace and for resisting the multiculturalist/politically correct madness of western Europe (along with the knee-jerk anti-Amercanism it entails).

V said...

I'm not a big fan of BHO but I really have to disagree here. The SDI project wouldn't have done anything except to make the world a more dangerous place. The US would place the SDI in E Europe, the Russians would place their weapons closer to Europe, specifically in Kaliningrad as they've said they would in reaction. It would just cause another arm's race which none of us need. There is a reason why predators in the animal kingdom don't antagonize each other. In this case, I'd say morally BHO fixed a decision based on incorrect old logic, politically, yes, maybe he could of gotten a concession from the Russians.

babs said...

Being the mother of a son that is deployed to the eastern med, I think the USN will be charged with this missle defense. From what I understand the USN actually has better anti missle defense than the project that was intended for Poland and the Chez Republic.
This does not discount that the sailors of the US Navy will have to be deployed, basically bobbing along with no shore in sight around the Med/Black Sea and Israel, in order to serve this defensive shield. It sucks...
Someone on a Navy site said it was a "win win" for the Navy. Yeah, tell it to my son...

babs said...

oh, and Georgia and Ukrane, we just threw you under the bus.
Good luck with that...

Czechmade said...

Good some of you said it and I do not have to put in one comment all.

The general betrayal is already outlined in the adamant repetitive term "Eastern Europe". It implies that what belongs tohether could be kept together for benefit of all left in the West. It implies the border in Central Europe defined by Stalin is still valid and more important than geography, history or culture/religion.

If you become adamant in using the terms Central Europe and Eastern Europe separately you can easily resist any sort of betrayal and focus more on what is important, think more in strategic ways.

Simple things have deep meaning.
We wonder every day about your freedom meltdown and become more resistent. Again - for some it may feel insulting - our voice comes from a mysterious corner after all (Eastern Europe). And a really big truth - extremely inclusive - can be discovered only in big Russia.
Good luck with it.

Real solutions can be found, if someone cares for details long long in advance. These details are now goods in short supply.

BTW I do not think BHO will last long. It would be wise to focus already on what should come after he is gone. He will take with him a lot of useless people. Not bad.

Liz said...

As an American living in Europe, I am glad that the missle shield was shelved. The majority of Europeans disdain the US and Americans. Why we think that it is normal to pay for the protection of a people who think themselves superior to us is beyond me. Anyway, Europe's problem is not muslims in Iran, but muslim in their suburbs.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

What would President Reagan have done?

Reagan's S.D.I. was never envisaged to be a bargaining chip in any case to deploy a defensive weapon that could give a quite obvious offensive advantage given the high stakes is provocative. To risk everything on premature technology is a bluff I believe that even the master of the art would have pored derision on. To take one of President Reagan's mottoes "Peace through Strength" - with this system strength would not have been deployed as a bluff with the knowledge that the card up his sleeve may not be an END game winner.

For America and Russia to again go eyeball to eyeball at this time will only blind both to the mutual threats they both face. The last word must go to the The Great Communicator, when asked by a journalist if he still considered the Soviet Union the evil empire. "No," he replied, "I was talking about another time, another era."

Dice said...

The US' strategic position is currently far too weak to needlessly piss off the Russians. Obama's mistake was in not demanding concessions, but he only gives those, never asks for any.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Liz, as a european I know exactly what you are talking about. I know/knew many who thinks of americans pretty much like that. In fact I wasn't much better myself. What happened to change my mind was a regular internet connection ca 9-10 years ago. Thanks to a game I suddenly found myself to chat with several english-speaking people of whom some where americans. At that time I also hanged out in the Yahoo-chat rooms and later in the MSN rooms. So I fairly quickly changed my mind. Not all americans are stupid. I don't know about the people you know. Perhaps they only hang out on communities and forums from their own country, only using their own language?

Ypp said...

I can't but conclude that many of you guys are still fighting on the Eastern front against Jews and Communists. If that is the essence of your conservatism, it is kind of outdated. It is 21st century outside, with some new problems, haven't you noticed?

Leos Tomicek said...

Obama has nothing to be sorry for because majority of Czechs including me welcome that move. We don't want foreign armies on our soil, whoever they might be. He should rather apologize to Americans for using their tax money on bailing out banks that are too big to fail in his opinion.

Remember that US supports the Chechen al-Qaeda types and created a Muslim state in the Balkans before you try lecturing Russia about weapon deliveries to Hezbullah.

That goes to posters above, you know who yo are.