Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stones for the Zionists, But Not for the Police

We have a backlog of translations from our Swedish correspondent CB, and this particular one is not brand new. Fortunately for us, it’s about Mohammed Omar, and the renowned “Swedish” poet is a topic that never goes stale.

CB includes this introduction:

This is an article from the small but fresh Christian news paper Världen idag. It’s an interview with the Islamist Mohammed Omar and, in a way, a twist on the situation of arson and stone-throwing in Gottsunda, Uppsala.

Mohammed OmarHere we have a radical Muslim who is squarely against the existence of Israel — but, hey; the guy’s all for Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Iranian Islamic revolution, so, what can we expect?

He says it’s wrong to throw stones at the police in Sweden, and that it’s better to educate yourself in anti-Zionism, you see. But it’s OK for the Palestinian youths to throw stones against the Zionists, since they occupy Palestinian lands and rule them.

He also claims that Sweden’s establishment is de facto ruled by Zionists, so it’s OK to throw stones at the Zionists in Sweden also, even if it’s better to study and be active in politics as anti-Zionists.

One just has to wonder, however, how sincere his condemnation of the stone-throwers is. Who’s the protector of the establishment, according to all revolutionary ideologies? The police and the military! Is this a case of dualism in Islam — where it’s possible to hold two contradictory statements at the same time? As in: “There is no compulsion in religion” and “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them”.

So: “It’s wrong to throw stones at the police” but “it’s OK to throw stones at Zionists” and the Zionists rule in Sweden and the police guard the rulers. Let’s do the math…

Here’s the translated article:

The poet Mohammed Omar holds Israel-hostile study circles in Gottsunda:

Anti-Zionism is better than stones

Palestinian youths are very good; the fact that youths in Gottsunda throw stones at the police is reprehensible. That’s the point made by the poet Mohammed Omar, who in recent weeks has arranged four anti-Zionist study circles in Gottsunda.

Omar tells Världen idag that the study-circle moves around among different locations in Uppsala. They even use false addresses to confuse unwelcome guests. But the largest gatherings have been held in Gottsunda.

“We have been there four times now, and one of our gatherings included more than 200 people,” says Omar.

One of the speakers in Gottsunda was Lasse Wilhelmsson, who spoke on the subject “Zionism is a threat to humanity.”

During recent weeks, violent riots have occurred in Gottsunda, with arson and stone-throwing against the police. Mohammed Omar is very critical of the riots.

His hopes are that the stone-throwing youths would instead be attracted to the anti-Zionist study circle.

“That could be a way to draw youths away from vandalism and instead use their energy for changing society through political engagement.”

What is your view about Palestinian youth throwing stones in Gaza and at the West Bank?
- - - - - - - - -
“I think that it’s very good, because it’s directed against an occupation force.”

At the same time Mohammed Omar condemns the throwing of stones at the police by bored youths.

In radical Muslims circles, of which Mohammed Omar counts himself a member, a common theme is that the Swedish establishment is ruled by Zionist powers.

Would it also be wrong if Swedish youths were to throw their stones in protests against a “Zionist establishment” in Sweden?

“In that case they have to throw their stones at Dagens Nyheter and other media which are owned by Zionists. But we do not want to use methods like that; we want to combat Zionism at an intellectual level.”

Världen idag recently wrote about the study circle Mohammed Omar has started together with the society “The friends of the Uppsala mosque”. At the first lecture in August, Ahmed Rami — convicted of hate speech against an ethnic group — spoke on the subject of “Israel’s power in Sweden”.

— Jonas Adolfsson


Anonymous said...

Obvious logical fallacies (otherwise known as impudent, in-your-face lying) are the hallmark of islam. They are beginning to invade Western discourse as well. We are thus disavowing one of the most precious parts of our Greek heritage.

But that's no problem : don't you remember it's islam who brought us Aristotle, ignorants that we were at the time ?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The universities is swarming with leftists and mahoundians like flies to a turd. Colleges are thus no longer a place of learning or deep wisdom but rather of intrepid stupidity. They have islamologists. What the heck is that? Never heard of christologists but then again islamologists are probably so much more necessary. Soon islamology is all they will have to offer to the students. I assume that is halal at least.