Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Driving Out the Swedes

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated an article about an elderly Swedish woman who was recently set upon and beaten by young cultural enrichers. This story highlights a recent trend: “persons of Swedish background” fleeing their homes to escape violence perpetrated by immigrants.

If honesty were possible when discussing such topics, we would refer to this process as “ethnic cleansing”.

If the same actions were carried out in Bosnia by, say, Serbs against Muslims, they would be labeled “genocide”, and the full weight of the UN would be applied against them.

But this is the EU, and these young thugs are part of the glorious multiculture which all must learn to celebrate.

CB had this to say in his cover note:

This is an article from Gefle Dagblad, a newspaper in the Swedish town Gävle, which is situated some seventy kilometres north of Uppsala. Some articles report that the area has a bad reputation, and that people want to leave, but not all of them can afford to. I’ve also read that a lot of people are fed up with the housing agency, Gavlegårdarna. On the one hand, they have a responsibility for how they take care of their area. With bad management, people stop caring for their neighborhood, and unsavory people turn up, too. But this isn’t the first time we have read about immigrants beating up old native people in Sweden and other European countries.

Here we have a senior citizen who was part of building Sweden into a wealthy country, so wealthy that we have taken in a lot of foreigners. Some for good reasons, and others without any good reasons at all. And some of these people now reward senior citizens be beating them up. How noble!

I notice that Gefle Dagblad cut the comments tonight, since they thought they had become to harsh and in some instances racist in tone. I just eyeballed them, very fast, and some went over the line, but many were just plain furious about this happening to an old lady for no apparent reason. It seems that many comments on articles in different newspapers are becoming angrier and more polarized, compared with just a year ago. And more and more often the debates turn plain ugly and nasty.

Here’s the translation from Gefle Dagblad. Follow the link to the original article to see photos showing some of the injuries sustained by Birgitta:

Birgitta was brutally beaten up

She felt at home in Andersberg — but not anymore

Birgitta sits at the kitchen table and looks outside at the children playing. Her arms are covered with bruises and her nose and lip are injured. Last Tuesday she was brutally beaten up outside her home in Andersberg.

“Where shall I go?” she asks .

She does not dare to stay on in Andersberg, even though she has installed an alarm.

No respect was shown to Birgitta for being a woman and a senior citizen. On the contrary, she was brutally assaulted and called a whore. Birgitta’s arms and legs have large black and blue bruises after the assault.

The blood flowed, though Birgitta’s nose bone was not broken after the blow to her face. But as the physical wounds heal, the psychological wounds are worse.

A neighbor has been supporting Birgitta. Both relate stories about stairs being peed in, trash strewn around, and broken storage doors. They are in an agreement that Andersberg has bit by bit deteriorated.

Birgitta actually has another name. She does not want to show her face in a photo or have her name in the paper.

“Then they might kill me,” she says and shrinks back into herself a little.
- - - - - - - - -
Birgitta has lived at different addresses close to Andersberg’s center for nearly fifteen years. The apartment she now lives in is in the red houses. She has lived there for three years.

“The first years were good.”

She has never felt afraid before, even though she thinks that the area has gradually deteriorated.

“I called the management the other night, when the elevator was totally peed in. The manager asked if she should believe that.”

Her neighbor sits at the kitchen table with her. He relates that he had called in about feces on the stairs.

“They asked if it was human or dog feces!”

Birgitta says that someone often pees under the stairs, and there are often broken doors in the basement storage area, with mattresses piled outside the front door, piles of clothes, garbage bags, loose dogs on the stairs, commotion in the meeting room at certain times, and children kicking footballs at the windows.

“Gavlegårdarna doesn’t take it seriously.”

Birgitta contacted GD at the beginning of the week to talk about it all, but then something much more serious happened.

“I haven’t eaten or slept since Tuesday. I’ve received sedatives, but have never cried as much in my whole life and never puttered around this much,” she says before she wandered out into the hallway without remembering what she went to do.

She’s still a little confused and shocked but can relate her story about Tuesday evening clearly and precisely.

“I used to be a merry person, but now have become ten years older,” she sighs.

This past Tuesday Birgitta was invited for wine and food with friends in the area. She herself says that she was a little tipsy, but not drunk. At eight-thirty she went to walk her old dog and at the same time to buy ice cream at Time.

“The dog walked loose at a distance, since I saw no one [there is a law against loose dogs in Sweden]. Suddenly two guys appeared at the health center.”

Birgitta says the men were about thirty to forty, and of foreign origin. They asked if she had any cigarettes, but Birgitta said she had none.

“‘You f***ing whore,’ said one of them and then the blow came. I don’t know if I said something.”

Birgitta fell to the ground; the men searched her for money and cigarettes. The dog realized that something had happened. Birgitta began calling for help and one of the men kicked her hard on one knee before they disappeared. The blood was pouring out and someone called the ambulance.

Birgitta thought that her nose bone was broken, but she got away with cuts to her nose, a swollen knee, bruises on her lip, sore teeth, a large bruise on her thigh, a small cut on her hand, and bruises on both arms.

But even if the physical wound will heal, what is worse is the terror of the soul.

“I want to talk about this, otherwise I’ll go mad. I’ve phoned the psycho-social team, but they are on vacation and the Victims of Emergency Crimes are moving at the present. Will I be able to walk outside when it’s dark? I’m even afraid in the daytime, and look over my shoulder all the time.”

Birgitta has hardly been outside her door since the incident, and she had to get rid if the dog, since she can’t walk it anymore.

In spite of all the deficiencies she has felt at home in the area. Close to services, the green area for walking the dog and to find berries in, and a nice apartment — these have redeeming value. But not anymore.

Birgitta and her neighbors start to name six to seven persons in the adjacent houses who have moved or are going to move away. They are disappointed with Gavlegårdarna, which they think ignores the problems and doesn’t inform everyone in the area about the rules, and doesn’t hold meetings in more languages.

“Fewer and fewer Swedes remain. In the past we had good fellowship and people came to meetings. But it has gradually become worse. I pay 5,500 krona for the apartment, but have no rights. I love children and don’t want to live in 50+ housing. Where shall I go?”

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Cugel said...

There are a number of lessons here. One is that when the citizens of a country give up so much of their right to self-defense and their neighborly vigilance to the government and its agencies, they emasculate themselves. Doom must follow.

Sweden may have passed beyond the point of no return. The USA is at a crisis point, and we the people had better wake up. There are apparatchiks in our government who want either to take away our constitutional right to bear arms or so severely restrict it that it would become impossible for us to defend ourselves and our fellows as free citizens in our communities. Most of them call themselves Democrats and they speak of hope and change, but the poison they are all preparing is called socialism.

Zenster said...

If honesty were possible when discussing such topics, we would refer to this process as “ethnic cleansing”.

This is ethnic cleansing and Muslims are in for a real shock when Europeans finally get belly-full of it and show their age-old enemy how technologically advanced societies set about the task.

It is incredible to think that Muslims consider themselves immune to The Law of Consequences. The Western world did not invent belt-fed firearms and nuclear weapons as conversation pieces.

When the daughters or granddaughters of a few military generals get gang-raped look for some armories to be "accidentally" left unlocked so that the rank and file (whose own families will have endured far worse), can nick off with a few crates of Ethnic Cleanser™. Be it with advanced weaponry or the time-honored pitchforks and clubs, these predatory Muslims eventually will be dealt with.

A note to all of the so-call "moderate" Muslims: Consider yourselves fortunate if the mob-actions give you a chance to voluntarily leave intact. Your thundering collective silence has become more than a little offensive.

Anyone who is unconvinced about this scenario should examine the historical record. No nation on earth has ever thrown off the Islamic yoke without bloodshed on a massive scale. Europe will be no different. I continue to hope that America might prove an exception but will not bet a plug nickle on it.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

As noted in the article, commentors has gotten a lot angrier in just the last year or so. I have noticed the same on free blogs. Scandinavians has a very long fuse contrary to mahoundians who have a very short one. But even a very long fuse will eventually reach the powder keg and when it does, it will BLOW the mahoundians clean off the ground. Even the so called moderates will be affected and rightely so. They have never ever defended the swedes or our culture so they just has it coming.

Anonymous said...

Zenster wrote: When the daughters or granddaughters of a few military generals get gang-raped look for some armories to be "accidentally" left unlocked so..

Something similar happened in Italy not that long ago, prompting the Italian government, and even the Leftist mayor to virtually cleanse the Roma out of Rome (sounds weird). The EU was so frightened that it did not dare complain. Only later, when Italians had cooled down, that the EU managed to utter a few weasel words.

costin said...

i'm speachless... this is really scary. The guys weren't even confused teenagers, they were middle aged men, with families, children and parents.

Cyrus said...

Wishful, but it would be nice if when the invaders are repelled that all their assets would be frozen and seized as payments for their stay.

DP111: sounds like an interesting piece of news. Do you have any links for that story?

Anonymous said...
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One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Yes, Zenster, I have always had some Ethnic Cleanser (TM) around (which, years ago, I used to use for deer hunting) but these past couple of years I've been stocking up on large quantities of Ethnic Cleanser (TM) and I urge all of you to stock up, too!

Anonymous said...


There was no breaking into military arsenals, but I think the wife of an Italian general was raped and murdered. Italians then took the law into their own hands, while the police just happened not to be there, or were late getting to the scene. Though the military was responsible in breaking up the gypsy shanty towns.

Here one one link

Tensions rise over Italy’s gypsy migrants

and in Naples

Italy Cracks Down on Illegal Immigrants

I distinctly remember that it was the wife of a general that was raped and murdered, that really set the light. Cant find the link though.

Will search more.

Zenster said...

DP111: There was no breaking into military arsenals, but I think the wife of an Italian general was raped and murdered. Italians then took the law into their own hands, while the police just happened not to be there, or were late getting to the scene.

The Italianate version of plausible deniability, no doubt. None of the police actively intervened and none of the native citizenry sought their assistance. This sort of in situ problem solving is going to become much more common as European governments continue to protect their new criminal immigrant class.

From DP111's first link:

Meanwhile, an official poster campaign sponsored by Gianni Alemanno, mayor of Rome, is boasting of “6,216 expulsions in 2008” and taking credit for a “20 per cent fall in crime”.

Well, knock me over with a feather! A European politician who is willing to place immigration and crime numbers on the same piece of paper and post it in public, no less.

Here is a link to an article about the rape and murder of Giovanna Reggiani:

Italian authorities say Giovanna Reggiani, 47, died Thursday night. The wife of an Italian naval commander, she was attacked late Tuesday in Rome as she walked along a road toward the barracks where she lived. Police say she was beaten, dragged through mud and left half naked in a ditch.

According to these reports, incidents such as this are inspiring Italian officials to consider requiring that entrants furnish a passport, despite Italy being part of the "borderless" Schengen Area. One measure that might prove useful would be an option whereby anyone who does not speak Italian could be asked to provide passport identification. This would allow border authorities to discreetly profile arrivals.

laine said...

What's the dog that isn't barking in all these stories? The local police.

They have long been useless in preventing crime, leaving the previously disarmed citizenry pretty well defenseless, but now it appears that even after a crime has been committed, there is no robust police investigation nor care for the victim.

The situation where the thin blue line is no longer effectively doing its work and protecting citizenry from criminals because those criminals come from a cultural group that must not be offended is the step before anarchy.

And still the concern is expressed even by a conservative that some comments "went over the line". What words were over the line compared to two men beating and robbing an elderly lady and calling her a whore? I think there are not words strong enough to condemn the perpetrators and the culture that encourages this kind of misogynous and yes racist attack.

If Swedish women will not protect themselves by choosing better in the voting booth and have made their men toothless as well, will they not at least protect their elderly mothers?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for finding the appropriate links.

BTW- I believe the mayor of Rome is a socialist. Which just goes to show that when the people rise up and threaten to remove the politicians from power, the politicians quickly come to the public POV. The EU also did not interfere, even though EU law was being openly broken by state and city authorities.

Anonymous said...

laine wrote: The situation where the thin blue line is no longer effectively doing its work and protecting citizenry from criminals because those criminals come from a cultural group that must not be offended is the step before anarchy.

This situation applies in spades for the UK. It is not the fault of the police. A multicultural state is impossible to police as the police have to take into account cultural sensitivities. Inevitably this leads to anarchy.

Unknown said...

This attack is pretty disgusting. I wonder if the authorities are keeping stats on the 'enrichers' attacks on the elderly in the same way the Norwegians record the ethnic origins of sex attackers.

Robin I know the blogs you referred to are Scandinavian but are any of them English language. It would be very interesting to take a pulse check on the Swedish mood right now. Could be the seeds of an electoral or political movement.