Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stone-Throwing and Arson in Falkenberg

This translation by our Swedish correspondent CB is from last week — I’m catching up on some of my backlog — but it’s still relevant. It concerns a Swedish coastal town that is experiencing a wave of culturally enriched violence.

First, this note from the translator:

And the disintegration of Sweden proceeds unabated. Now coming to a town near you!

This report is from a medium town on the Swedish west coast, and after a week the police deem it necessary to call in reinforcements.

How many towns in Sweden need to be on fire before some hard questions will be asked about the leftist ideals that have been shaping Sweden for so many years?

And the translation from Göteborgs-Posten (the original was here):

Extensive unrest in Falkenberg

Extensive unrest befell Falkenberg on Friday evening. Hallands police requested backup from Västra Götaland and from Skåne.

Around 22.00, a group of about twenty persons threw stones in the housing area Falkagård, just north of downtown Falkenberg.

Also a number of fires were set.

At 22.45 Hallands police had seventeen patrols in place and requested backup from neighboring police districts: Västra Götaland and Skåne, says Commissioner Andreas Bengtsson of the central command of the police in Halmstad.

“We went in with a big force to secure the rescue service’s work, and to stop an escalation,” said Anderas Bengtsson.

Stone-throwing has, according to the police, been directed against buildings, amongst others a day-care center.
- - - - - - - - -
The fires have been lit in trash bins and in the undergrowth.

Those behind the unrest are said to number not more than fifteen to twenty persons.

“I would think that they are in their twenties,” says Commissioner Bengtsson.

No personal injuries have been reported.

During the past week there have been car fires in Falkagård.

“There have been cars burning just about every night.”

Around 23.00 the squad cars from the Gothenburg police were on their way to Falkenberg.

The show of strength by the police seems to be supported by information that the police received in tips.

“There were tips and indications that violence against the police was being prepared,” says Mikael Fridbrand, assistant officer of the watch at the central command of the police in Halmstad.


ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I don't care what the elite thinks as long as ordinary people manage to connect the dots. This didn't happen 20 or 15 years ago. It started to become common about 10 years ago or lesser. The common demnomination i all these cases, no matter what country is cultural enrichers. Cultural enrichers with a common religion even. You can all guess which...

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The blog Politiskt Inkorrekt has solved the helicopter heist in Stockholm a few days ago. The did what the pathetic police failed to do. The helicopter pilot is a native swede and his name is Alexander Eriksson (b.1975). This guy has been involved in reality shows like swedish versions of Idol and Survivor! Another involved is a martial artist Reza "Mad Dog" Madadi (b.1978) of iranian descent.

I'll give you the link, perhaps google can help you translate it.

Anonymous said...

"How many towns in Sweden need to be on fire before some hard questions will be asked about the leftist ideals that have been shaping Sweden for so many years?"

I am sorry to say this, but I really think that Sweden is beyond that point now. When the questions finally will be asked Sweden will have passed the point of no return. Hell, as I see it, they already have! Even Denmark, where the questions have been asked and discussed openly since the 80'ies and a certain level of recognition have evolved, we are balancing on a thin red line. Denmark will not escape the war, we will only be better prepared.

9.28.2009 said...

Cultural Enrichment in Portugal

Tourists beaten at the door of police station which was closed down

The night was of fun for the two British tourists in vacations in Albufeira but ended up beaten and robbed in the early hours of yesterday. It is another case to add to other events of violence in Algarve which led the British authorities to raise the warning level for Portugal.

The violence was such that the two victims, 30 and 50 years old, «had their faces disfigured and their clothes soaked in blood» a witness reported. It happened in front of the door of the Republican National Guard (GNR) in downtown which is closed down after 7pm since the end of Summer time. The assistance from authorities reached more than half an hour later which made other tourists angry «Where is the Police? Isn´t there Police in Portugal?»

The people who watched it saw 4 or 5 youths kicking and punching the faces and heads of the victims. It started outside a bar frequented by British people. The night before a female Dutch tourist was assaulted in the same area.

The perpetrators are between 15 and 21 years old.


ellamontgomery said...

Really!!! Where are the police? Are there no police in (fill the blank with a European country)???? Are there no balls that the people who were watching were asking this and not trying to assist the victims in any masculine way?! Is this in the European water? Just asking.